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End Of The Earth
...And All Physical Things
Part Two

Dr. Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

What am I trying to do with these essays?

As best I can, I am trying to prepare those of you who will listen, and are Viable for Eternal Life, to cope with massive changes (Physical, Etheric, Astral and Spiritual) in the next few years and to also allow you to mentally tune in to what is about to take place beyond the Physical.

I discussed Viability in previous essays and will do so again in the future.

You cannot pretend to be a Viable if you are not.

And the Energy of the True Light within will not allow you to deny your Divine Heritage even if the Evil Programming forces you to think otherwise...

So, have the confidence to know that what you truly feel within is the Truth of your worth.

There are many 'mockers' who will think they are of Divine Value. But one can sense, from their energies that they are impostors. Leave them be. Time will consume them soon enough.

No one can cheat the Divine System, no one!

The Journey to the End is no easy task for me or for you or for the Failures.

So, before going further, let me address 2 points that may assist our understanding of the Darkness we find ourselves in.


1                    We, of Divine Origin, are IMMORTAL! But, we are trapped in these Human Meat Bags which have no understanding of Time and Infinity.

How can we understand them when our consciousness is segmented – purposely – into little slots – little lifetimes that end before we can begin to understand what the hell we are and what we are doing?

 We are ETERNAL UNITS OF CONSCIOUSNESS placed in temporary compartments, including the Physical, Etheric, and Astral, which are dispensable and meaningless in terms of what we truly are.

 Thus, we have total loss of our True Spiritual identity.

 We just do NOT know who or what we are.

 In this ignorance, we think we are a living organism that may survive for a few years, even up to 120 (rare) and then expire. Was that us?

 Of course not! That was the pre-programmed carcass in which we were purposely placed to abuse us and drain us of our divine energy!

 The Consciousness which we are Eternal as long as the 'Godforce" allows us to exist!

 But, what does that mean?

 Once we are created from the Primary Pool of Consciousness and made individually aware, we are infinite and immortal. Those two words mean nothing to us in the Physical because we cannot comprehend them.

 As Humans, we are neither infinite nor immortal. Is that not so?

 But, out of this Hell (the temporary Physical Universe) it is a different story. No matter when we were created, we are infinite and immortal from the moment of creation!!

 That cannot be so for the Artificial Intelligence beings for they are MACHINES with an expiry date. The same applies to the Physical Universe. It is a MACHINE TO HARNESS, ENTRAP, ENSLAVE AND DRAIN True Beings.

 Now do you see why there must be an End to Physicality?

 " How can we be Immortal?" one would ask, seeing every one dies very soon after birth. 100 years is very soon on the scale of infinite! What dies is the artificial meat bag (Physical Body) that we wear, not the Divine Spirit.


2                    Secondly, we cannot fully understand that we are Units of Consciousness that existed outside of the Physical and will exit again outside of it, even though our lower consciousness is segmented to think we live one short physical life at a time.

 We cannot project our Consciousness beyond the Physical Limitations of the Universe. This restriction has been implemented on purpose by the Evil Essence so that we became enclosed, entombed and stupefied into submission.

 We are PRISONERS of our own Meat Bags, of our own artificial Etheric Bodies and the artificial Astral Bodies.

 Some of us have made contact with the Consciousnesses outside the Physical Universe but that has been a rare occurrence.

 Once such communication was established, (A VERY RARE OCCURRENCE) lines of exchange via Holographic transfers have been established and we have a direct Line to the Primary Source.

 That contact is what has allowed the knowledge of Finality and Rescue to come to us.

 Do not be concerned if you cannot grasp these concepts.

 The points I want you to remember are these:


1        We (the True Viables, not the AI Machines) are Infinite Beings of Light, forced to undergo this ridiculous cycles of death and rebirth which mean nothing but ignorance, pain, sorrow, exploitation, more ignorance and misery for us, just as the Evil Essence which set it up wanted.

2        No matter how often we are 'recycled' in this absurd Physical System, an END must come and we shall be liberated.

 In fact, the End to it is here and we, having understood the Process of Finality, must rejoice as never before.

 There was never any doubt the End to this Evil would come.

 It is now here.

 But most forget this due to the Evil Programming that affected us. We thought this was the real creation which it is NOT!

 Do not see yourself as the suffering, weak, aging human derelict.

 Rather, realize you are the eternal being that is indestructible, wrapped inside a decaying meat bag and its appendages created by a very foolish ERROR – Evil.

 That way no one can erase the smile from your face now that you know what the Endtime means, and no one can destroy the Joy that flows from your heart.

 That is what awakening to the Greater Reality means.

 Once awakened, no one of Light can accept that this horrible, horrible Cesspool of pain, suffering and never-ending misery is the projected benevolent handiwork of a Benign Godforce that has our best interest at heart.

 Let the Demons created by Evil believe that. They are dust particles in this Cesspool and will be extinguished with it very, very soon!

 Knowing these things designates the fact that you fully realize and comprehend that, AT A SANCTIFYING LEVEL. YOU ARE A DIVINE BEING AND NOW YOU ARE GOING HOME!

 (So, who am I?

 Well, you have been waiting this long for my identity, waiting a little longer won't hurt to get the answer.

 Besides, a more personal and important question is NOT who I am, but rather, who you are - a Viable or a Non-Viable!)

 I know who I am (outside of the meat bag of course But as yet you may not be too certain of who you may be. Patience; all in good time!)




It is an unprecedented Time we are entering and those unprepared will suffer the most.

The sequential specificity of my writings since 1985 should alert you to the veracity of their contents!

It is for these reasons of wanting to prepare you that I repeat my information continuously.

As I have said often enough, if you are a Viable, you will receive my information and the News of the End with gladness, for you appreciate the fact that we have been suffering in an Evil Cesspool that is of no worth whatsoever to those of Light and its Truth.


By realizing this, you are admitting to yourself that you are a Being of Light, a Viable, and a Citizen of the Divine Realms, unlike those who have

          Failed to turn to the Light, or

          Rejected the Light, preferring the temporary rewards Evil promised, or

    Have never been of Light.

         They are AI Robots and Demons of NO worth! They simply have no souls. They are robotic machines sustained by artificial intelligence and artificial electric circuits.

 Many times have I written that the Physical Universe is an experimental ERROR!

(If you think such a concept is far too way out for you to accept, realize that aspects of Humanity are already attempting to create another Artificial World with Machines and pseudo-human Robots that would dictate to us, rule us, abuse us and eventually destroy us for their benefit, not ours!! (Many Alien races have done just that!)

The Robotic Plan for AI is artificial and would soon end if it got off the ground even if the Endtime did not abolish it! No matter how long it lasted, it would eventually fail and collapse within itself, as it is now doing, for it would run out of energy.

As I have said many times, this PHYSCIAL UNIVERSE is a spiritual Cancer on the face of Creation and must be totally obliterated, along with the cancerous cells within it (the AI Robots and Demons and those who dedicated themselves to Evil for its temporary rewards!

These AI Machines multiplied, spread and attempted to destroy the True living organisms whose energy they require at all times for their source was terminated when it was realized how malignant they were. Is that not what cancer does – drain the energy of healthy cells till they die?

Besides, as we can examine the rapacious moves of some Western Countries over the centuries, especially of late in the Middle East, these AI Machines are driven by an insatiable thirst for Energy, Power and Wealth, all signs of the Demonic Essence.

This has been the case since the Physical Universe entombed itself in order to feed on the Trapped Viables. Disgusting, is it not?

You are not going to get much Truth out of the distorted texts such as the Zionist Old Testament, and other books such as the Talmud and Torah, etc., for the ideas in those texts have been stolen (mainly from older Sumerian writings) and modified to misrepresent the Truth.

If anything, they want to misrepresent the Truth and tell us BS tales of who is on charge and who is nothing but a cow or bull.

In reality, it is all bull, as we can see from the stories of Adam and Eve, and the Garden of Eden, and the Flood of Noah, etc.)

The fatal blows for these tests which MUST be exposed in the Endtime are these


1                    Jehovah is their 'god'. Jehovah was a major War Machine – an AI ROBOT!


2                    They have Jesus, the Christ, in Hell, boiling in excrement.


Can anything be more vicious and malicious than such a notion when in fact the Christ Light is a Hologram (of Divine Energy) from the 10th and 11th Levels of the Pleroma? There are 13 levels by the way.

Just to set the record straight a little: The Christian – rather I should say the pseudo-Christian – New Testament is no better. It is BS in a big way.

Its greatest flaw and travesty is to claim Jesus was killed (sacrificed) for us.

I will go into detail later if time permits.

That murder of Jesus is a GRAND LIE to give significance to the blackmail of saving us by giving ourselves up to the Church. What grand baloney. It's all phony!!!

Thus it is that close to 2 billion people are deceived by the Falsehood of an event that never happened – namely, The Murder and Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

What villains they are that play such hoaxes of the gullible!!

The Hologram (Consciousness) arising from the 13th and Ultimate has been conducting the Endtime here on Earth and in all the 98% of the Universe that has been liquidated!

Going back to the rapaciousness of the AI Robots and Demons, we have no clearer example than the USA and its thirst for oil and control of others. Realize it is not the people of the USA but the Reptilians (the Demons) that control the country who have sent the national victims (the military) into disaster after disaster, citing nonsense with their lies.

But, they of EVIL will pay the price. There was never any doubt of that.

Close examination of the murderous progress of the USA since 1776 will clearly demonstrate to you, if you are of a clear, evil-free mind, the modus operandi of the Evil Essence – murder, theft, rape and mayhem!

Don't worry, no successful Empires on Earth and elsewhere have been any less EVIL!

We, the trapped True Beings have had to live in this murderous Cesspool since the time of our entrapment.

But now, it is time for our LIBERATION!!

Liberation of the True Beings means total and absolute destruction of the AI Machines. Nothing of worth will be lost!!

It was to such cases of Demonic Destruction and Mayhem in this World that Amos, a being of Light gave the warning long ago:

Amos 6:1 " Woe to those at ease in Zion......!

The USA has been 'Zion' since its inception.

It was dedicated to Jehovah (EVIL) at its inauguration. Did you know that?

It is a 'miracles' that Amos' warning survived to be included amongst the BS of Evil's indoctrination pages!

But, as Evil would have it, the commentaries about his warning have diluted it into nonsense. Not for me! It is clear. He was warning the Zionists that the End, with all its PUNISHMENT, for them, would come for all their evil!

(BTW, as I have explained often enough before, Zion means the Evil Essence!

It does NOT have racial or genetic connotations.

It does not mean Arab, or Jew, or Hebrew, or Persian or Middle Eastern, etc., etc.

Any person of any Race, Colour of skin, Religion, Genetic Profile, etc., can be a Zionist, simply by accepting the Evil Essence.

There is one infallible, and immutable symptom that allows an accurate diagnosis of Zionism, and this applies to Popes, Priests, Princes, Patrons of Arts, fanatics, etc. , etc.


Thus, as you well know, the LUST FOR (LOVE OF) MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!

Amos' comment is just as clear as Jesus' warning in John 8:44 of who rules this World - " Liars, Thieves and murders like their Father 'Jehovah'.

That Final Judgement and Punishment if which I write I guarantee!




Within this Universe have been trapped true Divine Beings who must be salvaged. They have been used as 'fodder" , as batteries, to supply energy to the Robotic entities that have no energy of their own. Such detail is NOT really important.

That is why this malignant and murderous Universe (and Error) is being totally destroyed!

Compare further what I have just written to the nonsense given to us by False Religions. Admittedly the have some truths in them with which to ensnare seekers of Truth. But generally speaking, they are cauldrons of Evil with BS as their Truth.

They state a benevolent " God" created this Cesspool and that we must suffer as much as possible in it in order to be rewarded and reach a higher place in Heaven.

It is by such nonsense that they not only brainwashed those trapped here, but they also managed to drain their victims of as much energy as possible, making them weaker and weaker until, in fact, some of them expired.

Thus, we can conclude this Universe is a very dangerous place and must be eliminated a.s.a.p.

It is only to be expected that, with the Truth I am now revealing, being so far removed from the BS we have been given by those that hold us prisoners, that some of you are going to struggle with what I say and write.

We know 'our betters' – our jailors really – hid the truth so they could exploit us more easily!

Luke 11:52 52"Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering."

Just take a deep breath and pray your mind will expand to reach Higher Levels if you have the Power and Capacity to do so! You will have that Power and Capacity of you are a Viable – a being with a true " Soul" and a spiritual Heritage.

The Filtering Mechanism placed in our Anatomical Structure by Evil that created these bodies we use is the mechanism by which we are blinded to the Truth we have within us, to the power we possess, to the Heritage that is ours, to the Divine Knowledge that is our right, and so on...

Using this Filtering Mechanism we all have, Evil has made us forget all that we are and have, and instead has given us the spurious notion of its reward in its heaven.

Alas, what Evil promises is false, it is all bunkum, for Evil and all its props and promises will soon be no more. It can promise everything but it can deliver nothing, as we shall see.

(Obviously in writing this, my biggest enemies are Evil - in all its forms - and its sycophants that rule this depraved Universe!!

All religions are dedicated to Evil on this Earth, even if the basis began as deluded Truth!

Many Races are also thus dedicated.

I will write in detail in due course.)

Most Humans that we see daily, walking around all over the globe, buying, selling, eating, enjoying the sunshine, looking for fornicating mates, absorbing the vomitus Hollywood puts out, and the trash from the controlling Reptiles do not have that ability to expand their minds and re-connect to Higher, Purer, Divine Levels.

The " Soulless Ones" whom elsewhere I have called " Mock Beings" , " Non-Viables" , " mechanical AI Robots and Demons" , are doomed, soulless, Moronic AI creatures which I have classified as FAILURES.

Some of the robots have turned to the Light for they could no longer stomach the abuse and depravity of Evil.

All the Demons are spiritual failures for they had no choice, no flexible mind, no Freewill!

They are Robotic Killers of the Worst Kind and I can give you many examples in our Modern Day History. I have in the past.

At ALL times, remember My Motto. If what I write does not fit into the paradigm you accept as Reality, relax and wait for another day.

If you ae meant to break through the barrier placed around you by Evil, you will sooner or later break that barrier and be set free.

I intend to give more detailed explanations of what is happening to us, as Humans, and to Earth and what will happen in the near future. If you have not done so, it would pay you to read my earlier essays.

I want to demonstrate that we are living in an artificial Illusion created to keep some of us trapped in that Illusion so we will lose as much energy as possible for the benefit of the Illusion and for those that prosper in it.

Some of you have realized this " LIFE" is grossly abnormal and unfair.

It's more a case of 'dog eat dog'!

The most evil, malicious and lustful, despotic, fraudulent 'bastards' seem to prosper in a system that caters for them.

Examine the Monetary System, the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Entertainment Industries, and you will soon know what I mean!

The fact that those in control of those industries are themselves controlled by the Zionist Essence is no coincidence. After all, who is the Master on this level? Is it not Evil?

Even if you are of Truth, Honesty and Love, into the Evil-created sewers you are forced by necessity to go. It is a system of anarchy, exploitation and malevolent subterfuge!

The happiness to be derived from these sewers is ILLUSIONAL!

You don't believe me?

Look at who runs this world and how.

Who profits most in this World?

Is it not he murderous, demonic, exploitative Tyrants that take every opportunity to exploit the weak, the poor, the sick, the homeless and the hopeless? And do they not rip off whatever resources the poor have in order to enrich themselves?

Statistics on American Poverty and how the sick, homeless and poor are treated is horrifying. And yet, that nation is supposed to be the LEADER. Leader of what you may well ask? Leader of massive exploitation is the answer.

Read and weep:


Can you not clearly see that the foundations of this existence we are forced to be in and the very basis of our existence in this evil Cocoon is EVIL?

How can a True Soul even breathe in such putridness?

How can a Being of Love and Light prosper and be happy in this Hell?

Is this a benign Godforce effect?

No wonder Frederick Nietzsche, on reanalyzing many things on this Earth shouted rather anecdotally that " God is dead!"

If you think you are happy stuck in this Hell-hole, you have fallen for Evil's TRAP to think you are happy.

In other words, you are deluded. The delusions were accept as normal in this illusional subsistence are all due to subliminal Mental Programming which begins in the DNA strands long before you were born!

No sane Creator would build such a cauldron of nauseating abuse as this Earth and entire Universe are, believe me!

And none did! This Universe was built as a prison for us by an aberrant, Evil, accidentally-created Artificial Intelligence. It is now being harnessed and destroyed in order to set us free.

That is why Earth and all the Physical Universe will soon be no more.

AS I said earlier, over 98% of the Universe is already liquidated.

Let the fools who won't accept what I write argue till the cows come home!

Soon enough they will see " Le Stelle sono spente!"

Isaiah 34:4

All the stars of heaven will be dissolved. The skies will be rolled up like a scroll, and all their stars will fall like withered leaves on the vine, and foliage on the fig tree.

It is the REAL, Loving, Benign Godforce that is doing the destruction of Evil and all its failed Robots and Demons, its sycophantic apparatus, and liberating us from the Darkness of Evil.

If you can't accept those assertions, you may find the other revelations I make rather hard to comprehend!

I want to give you details by which you will come to the realization that this World, the entire Physical Universe, is Evil and must be destroyed totally, as it truly is.

I give dates and times of the total Destruction of the Physical Universe. Remember, minor variations are a part of life!

It is not important if I am out a little with regard timing. After all, nothing to do with Electro-magnetism is static, and what travels at Light speed today may slow down, or contrary to the FALSE Theory of Quantum Mechanics (as postulated by a thieving idiot called Einstein) speed up to upset the timing of prognostications.



SIX groups will emerge from society in response to what I have to say.


1                    Most will NOT believe anything I say until the very END!


2                    The great majority will be a very frightened group when the SHTF.


3                    A small number will be overjoyed as they realize this is the News they have been awaiting for a long, long time.


4                    Many will be confused and will need time to reflect on all that is going on and all that I will reveal.


5                    Many Obfuscators will come forth - mainly from the Religious, Science and from the False Historians as they will want to argue that the Dodo is not dead!


6                    This sixth Group will be the Demonic Liars who will deny anything and everything that I will prove to be correct. They are doomed, as doomed as can be!!

Bear these groups in mind and realize that if at first you may be confused, or disappointed or angry, it may be a passing phase, and as more Higher Divine energy flows through you, you may connect to the Higher Mind and see the Light that shines on all Viables!

Be patient.

Don't despair.

If you are Light, you will NOT miss out on Rescue!

Since 1985, I have released a great deal of information about

  • Our existence on this planet,
  • Future changes to our lives.
  • Why there is a MALIGNANCY on this plane
  • Why we are so downtrodden by our 'Masters" .
  • Why we are kept as prisoners in an evil Cesspool where true knowledge of anything is almost impossible to find!
  • Why we suffer at every moment,
  • Why physical death, physical, mental, emotional and intellectual destruction, abuse, rape, malice, prolonged misery, pain and suffering destroy our lives as much as possible so our innocence often turns to thoughts of revenge...


Some of us sense there is more to the World than we are told or that we can decipher with our physical senses. (The cases of the existence of Aliens and other dimensions are classic examples.)

Some of us reason that this is not a Godly state at all,

Some can go a step further and realize that what we are experiencing in this Generation is the End to all Physicality!

That is a major achievement for anyone to realize, for then the Path to the Future opens up, with all the Love, Joy and Glory we could ever wish for!

Indeed, this is the Period when Evil shall End!

We suspect this is not a good dimension.

It is ruled by Evil as far as we can see.


Some go further then and say no " God" exists that would create such a harrowing, punitive abomination.

Religious Doctrines are insane and benefit the few rather than the majority.

The Religions themselves are all about exploitation of the masses also.

Some religious individuals claim it is OK to rape a female child less than 3 years of age because the child will not remember the incident.

How sane is that?

As I pointed out above, they go further and tell us that they have the one most see as their Lord and Saviour locked in Hell, being boiled by them in faeces.

But, come one, how despicable can these DEMONS get?



Hey? What the bloody Hell is going on?

Who in their sane mind could accept such ridiculousness?

There are far more absurdities we need to explain on this level before we can lift the veil to the One True Reality!

If there is one thing I can guarantee you 100% in this essay is that Jesus in NOT in Hell being boiled alive in feces.

In fact, He is wright here on Earth conducting the Endtime with Liberation of the Viables Sons and Daughters of the Divine, and eradicating all Evil and its AI sycophants, Robots and Demons!!



The never-ending questions we all have in our minds include these:

Why do we suffer so?

Why should little children and wonderful animals starve to death in this " supposedly God's Kingdom?"

Why are we born in pain to die in pain after a life - short or long - of unjustifiable torture?

Who gains from all this?

I have giving in the past, and shall continue to give, every answer that is applicable.

Why is there a need for Robots, and the most Evil Demons, if this is 'God's Kingdom?

Ah, it can't be God's Kingdom if people like me are here to destroy it all!

This Universe is abusive and evil.

It is controlled totally by EVIL.

Only those that have the ability to see such realities will see them.

The others (the Majority) are blind to the Nature, Quality and purpose of this Evil Cesspool.

They will NEVER understand why the world is the way it is - Evil and exploitative to the max.

Thus, they will never understand why this Planet, Galaxy, and entire Universe are being destroyed totally and forever.

I had already mentioned these actions in other writings, but the moronic fools created by Evil cannot comprehend this need for elimination of Evil, for they are EVIL and gain from this horrible, horrible " Error" .

I am not going to argue with any idiot about the fate of the Universe.

I give you data. Take it or leave it.

That is MY MOTTO.



To be continued......

Copyright Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone

January 15, 2020

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