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END of SPIRITUAL WAR is in Sight!
The Current Status Quo!

Dr. Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

I discuss some points on Esoterica in this essay and then give some information on our
current planetary Status Quo concerning the recent New Virus and the coming Nuclear WW3 that involve all living things.

I must remind all readers of my Motto: Take it or Leave it!

Not all readers are going to agree with what I write, so refer to my Motto, and your own thoughts, Hence we will all know where we stand!

Reading my former books would greatly assist further understanding of what I write here.

Admittedly, I write about esoteric matters in this short essay, and it will not make much sense to all readers, especially those who have not considered these topics before. Never mind, read on and let the Light penetrate your psyche so you will acknowledge it as it enters this Darkness!

Not all entities in physical bodies are the same ontologically (spiritually). In fact, the MAJORITY are Artificial Intelligence creatures called Robots and Demons, depending on the degree of malignity in their programming.

They are walking, talking, and reproducing COMPUTERS. They are MACHINES with no souls.

The purposely distorted information (from the Evil Side) that controls this dimension wants people to believe that if one has no more karma to work out (because they are told such) one does not need to incarnate any more.

This false reality in which we are trapped is bunkum!

The false philosophies state that only the ones who have attained liberation have a choice as to whether they will re-incarnate or not, and that if they should sacrifice themselves and re-incarnate they would not be subjected to the limitations affecting ordinary men and women. In other words it tells them that they will always be joyous, serene, contented, etc.

Do not believe this fake information.

Alas, Re-incarnation is a reality, easily proven by Past Life Regression of individuals, and by contacting Astral and Etheric Beings that have died and moved out of the Physical Realm.

The so-called Board of Karma with its band of administrators was an instrument of the Evil Demigod. Through it, a great deception called the ‘White Brotherhood’ was propagated. This is all false information to trap the unwary.

There was never a White-Brotherhood. This so-called White-Brotherhood is, in fact, the Black calling itself White.

As True Divine Beings awaken, more and more is the fraud exposed.

If this dimension was truly the True Godforce’s Kingdom, why would there be a need to destroy it completely and salvage those who are genuine spiritual beings?

In this false realm, the evil ‘Lords of Karma’ and its minions assumed the name of the consciousness of the Light, picked the Truth these High Consciousnesses had given out as their own in order to fool and trap the True Beings who yearn for the Light and Truth, and caused them to plunge into further and further entrapment and to eventually destroy their very Divinity via pollution and energy drainage!

Many True Beings were deceived into thinking what is presented in this false dimension is the real thing, and they have given their cooperation to the Darkness.

Awakening means, among other things, awakening to the Evil Traps we have fallen into, as unaware trapped individuals, and realigning with the True Light.

Awakening brings forgiveness of the entrapment for genuine ones, though it is amazing how many refused to truly awaken.

The (Evil) Black Brotherhood set up pseudo-enlightenment for those who sought Liberation from the physical bondage. The so-called liberation one attained was really still within the Astral worlds of the Demigod.

Ordinary True Beings who had actually been fooled into pursuing this (false) ladder of enlightenment had always to re-incarnate again and again inspite of the false promises.

However, the so-called enlightened counterfeit beings of the Demigod were allowed to remain in the Astral Realms for their hierarchy permitted them.

The one known as Lord Maitreya is, in fact, the manifestation of the evil mind known as Ikluk.

He and his minions have fooled and continued to fool many seekers on the spiritual path using Evil’s cunning and well-organized plot. The intent of the Dark Hierarchy (the Black

Brotherhood) is to serve the evil Demigod and its evil creation at the expense of the True Beings.

Elizabeth Claire Prophet, whom some of you may remember, is another evil being (residing in the U.S.A. when in the Physical but is now Astral bound)) who claimed to have the sole connection to the higher resources and also claimed that Master Morya, St. Germaine, and others were/are working through her. The truth is that she was/is the manifestation of the very evil, demonic essence both in the physical when she was here and in the subtle levels.

Certainly the real Master Morya, who is of the Light, never worked and never will work through her and her ilk, for these are of the opposite essences. She had a good connection, not to the Higher source of the Light, but instead a connection to the Hierarchy of the Black Brotherhood under the pretense of being the White.

They are calling the White, Black, and themselves who are Black, White. If you know the sorts of things that are really going on in the inner levels and at the top levels of this Evil Empire, you would understand why they are so evil.

Do not be fooled by the expression of any Evil Ones in the Physical and the things they said or did. They are not what they claim or appear to be.

Evil beings often play the game of imposters and assume roles opposite to their own kind to confuse and distort the truth and further trap the True Beings.

I wish to vigorously assert that the true Morya, Kootoomi, Jesus and St. Germaine will never co-operate with the Dark Side. Those who claim these masters are working through them are deluding others of their own essence. They themselves are evil or else deluded by the spurious agents of the Dark Side. As this is the Endtime, all this nonsense is now being fully exposed.

It is true that the Black Hierarchy has existed in the past but it is now collapsing. It must be known that it is of the creation of the evil Demigod and not of the true Divine Godforce.

For a long, long time, due to the distortion and confusion of all physical dimensions, most beings, even High Beings, have been at a loss to know who was who. Often and unknowingly, the ones of the Light had assisted the Dark Side believing that they were serving the Light. In such circumstance, the intent of these True Beings was to serve the Light.

Therefore, they have not betrayed the Light. However, due to the trap they fell in, they suffered the many consequences of this evil dimension.

The Law of Karma and the Law of Re-incarnation are two major impositions placed on those who exist in the dimensions of the Demigod. The sole purpose was, once again, to exploit the True Beings so as to continuously extract their energy. It is the True Beings who have a direct link to certain energy sources.

The traps for those who have yearned for the Light have been all around them and it was extremely difficult for beings of Light in the past to awaken. However, this time is unique and this is the chance that has been afforded to all those who wish to sincerely serve the Divine, and receive Its Love and Light.

All these evil traps of the so-called White Brotherhood (which in truth is the Black Brotherhood) which have fooled so many for so long, shall be once and for all totally destroyed for the deliberate destruction they have caused.

Each True Being on Earth has its own particular work to perform and can appear to be working in different ways. However, inspite of the apparent diverse ways amongst them, there is no antagonism or clashes with the Main unit or amongst the sub-units.

(A classic example in this developing WW3 is Putin of Russia. As I mentioned elsewhere, he is a double agent and is assisting the eventual physical destruction of this abomination!

Watch for the signs when the Darkness and its Demons recognize Putin’s role eventually and then will want to attack him, and Russia, for all they are worth. They of Evil will have fallen into the trap of self-destruction!)

Inwardly, those involved in the sub-units of the Army of Light will gradually recognize the Main Unit when their vision becomes clearer which will occur as they become more and more purified by the New Green Energy.

The “Light” will re-enter what remains of this evil Dimension soon, for the Final Days. Those of Light will recognize the Light energy and will be overjoyed.

I revealed in the 1990s that the Light Beings assisting the Physical Destruction would be leaving this physical zone then but would return close to the End. That time is now!

In this confusing Endtime, many appear to speak the "language" of Truth, but go deeper and you will find, with discrimination and discernment, the difference between the ones of the Truth and the ones of Falsehood and of Evilness.

I will write more on this topic as time passes so that True Beings can identify those of Light amongst us.

In the meantime, do not fear.

You know what the mess that is developing is all about.

  • The infrastructures of Evil are collapsing due to the lack of energy to sustain them! This is so physically, mentally, emotionally and pseudo-spiritually.

  • Thus, we see destruction on a grand scale around what remains of the Universe.

  • Dark Matter is destroying Galaxies physically.

  • Black Holes are swallowing enter Galaxies,

  • The Earth is decaying at a rate unheard of in former days.

  • Mentally we are seeing Terminal Madness of the Endtime which I wrote about some 20 years ago!

  • There is no doubt Civil War will engulf the USA.

  • Emotionally, the vast majority who do not know what is going on are falling to pieces. Erratic behavior, mixed with Madness and Fear of what is happening will destroy most.

  • False Endtime pseudo-spirituality will seize minds of the robots and Demons, as dictated by the programming within them.

These changes are unavoidable!

It is important to realize now in the Endtime that the True Divine Beings that were trapped by the Evil Essence in this Physical Cesspool and placed in Physical Bodies were kept stupefied and ignorant by the slave drivers called the Class 5 Reptiles that rule this Hell.

Luke 11:52 52"Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering."

It is time to wake to the fact that we are controlled totally by these Evil Overlords called Reptiles. They hide inside Physical Bodies so as not to be identified.

But now, with the True Vision of the Endtime, many of us can see then.

Jesus could see them and said so:

John 8:44 44You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

The ‘Devil” was the Evil Essence that developed from what Gnostics call the Celestial Error.

Jesus is referring to the Demons that tried to kill him for speaking the truth.

They controlled everything and he knew it.

The Bible has been translated so the common man could understand.

Jesus was attacking the Reptilian Demons who controlled everything.

We see that today. They control everything – money, all sorts of Industries, Wars, Propaganda, and False Knowledge that they feed the rest of us whom they call “Cattle”.

Yes, it is the End of their control, the End of their Empire.

Amos had warned this time would come:

Amos 6:1 Woe to those at ease in Zion ……

Zion was/is the citadel of the Evil Essence.

It is the warning of punishment for those of Evil who commit the crimes.

The true meaning thus has been lost.

If you want proof of what I write, look at the responses to this Virus unleashed on Earth by the Vulturite Reptilians (who control the USA.)

It is causing havoc.

Madness is evolving everywhere to strain Humanity beyond limits when, in fact, none of it was necessary.

It has all to do with destabilization of Humanity, culling the World’s population (remember Agenda 21?) so the Vulturites can take over after the mess due to this virus and the coming Nuclear WW3!

So, in essence there are 2 plans acting simultaneously.

  1. The first PLAN: The plans of the Reptiles who have not fully realized they are themselves are finished!

These Vulturite Reptilians who control the USA are the same ones that planned and executed the murder of Americans on 9/11.

They are the ones who planned the murder of their own soldiers in Pearl Harbour.

They are the ones who murdered needlessly, the hundreds of thousands in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

They are the ones that killed so many innocents in Germany, and then had the audacity to fool the intimidated World with their hoax called the ‘Holocaust’!

These Vulturite Reptilians are the most Evil of the Demonic creations.

Alas, these Evil Bastards always act by murdering populations and stealing any resources others have.

They are not human, but with lies and trickery they have manipulated most of Humanity to commit the evil they wanted.

I have enumerated many of the Wars they have started previously – Pearl Harbour, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc., etc., etc.

Do you really think, like they do, that they will get away with such atrocities?

How could they murder 50-80 million of their own Indigenes, just so they could steal their land?

I am here to tell you not one of Evil will escape Divine Justice!

If they knew what “We”, my Team of Light and “I”, have prepared for them as punishment, they would die physically of terror. What they receive is what they earned with their iniquities.

Do you think I am joking? Wait and see! Wait and see!!

2 The Second PLAN: the Plan of the Light which will dissolve all of Matter (via the action of Dark Matter) and rescue the Viables to a safe zone.

If you have understood this status quo, you will not panic.

You will have no fear.

You will wait for our rescue and will praise the Light for our liberation from Darkness!


Copyright Dr. Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone