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The Empire of Chaos


By Jim Kirwan


Has been wrong on everything they've predicted

Released on 15 Nov. 2015 @ 15:09

A movie displayed by an Arab news website showed that a long convoy of the ISIL terrorists’ military vehicles was going on a Highway towards battlefronts with the aerial back up of a US military Apache helicopter.

The UAE-based al-Sa’a displayed a video clip of over 200 Toyota vans carrying the flag and members of the ISIL terrorist group driving on one of the main highways of Syria while an Apache chopper of US military was accompanying them in a friendly manner.”

The U.S. Military personnel on board the Apache, will rue this day

before this month is out...

The Arab media reported that the ISIL convoy did not open fire at the US chopper, which was flying in a very low altitude.

Early in October, former CIA counter terrorism officer and Senate Foreign Relations Committee senior investigator John Kiriakou said the US congress armed the ISIL terrorists by providing weapons to the “moderate” opposition.

The FSA is an armed Syrian opposition faction, considered “moderate” by the western countries, fighting the Syrian army loyal to President Bashar Assad since the beginning of the war in 2011. In 2014, the US Congress allocated $500 million to create FSA force of more than 5,000 men by the end of 2015...”

Terrorist ISIL Sends Long Military Convoy towards Battlefields with US Chopper’s Back Up

The people of the world can no longer “blindly trust” anything that any 'government' continues to say about anything that “happens” in or near any war-zone, because of the spread of the global-infection of Political-Correctness that has just swept up Europe in its international claws.

Busted: Totally Proven Beyond All Doubt: The French Government
Staged The Attacks | Alternative

The global scene is working it's way up to bombing Syria, without Syria's permission, and in-spite of the facts on the ground which the Russian Air Offensive has only halfway completed: Which is what sparked the supposed “Terror Attack” in Paris: As the West's justification for continuing their war on Assad, while continuing to support the terrorists we have paid for and created every step of the way.

Once the farce gets going once again, to justify US bombing raids, despite the fact that they've been a total failure for the entire year before the Russian's arrived in Syria; The new state of Terror in France and elsewhere will continue to drag Europe and the rest of humanity ever-deeper into that hopeless hole that “The Empire” will try to sell the global public on, again, just like they did to America on 911.

The only thing that will change, because of this false-flag operation in Paris, will be the massive loss of freedom in France and throughout Europe ­ especially now as the full force of the invading hordes have already gotten inside the gates of Europe, that now sees the point behind the 'migration' and is trying to keep them out, but for too many 'nations' it's already too late. So what have we learned?

All Victims of Terror are Not Equal”

And only the truth will be able to push back

This global attack on civilization.

Smoke & Mirrors

All of the terror on display of late was created to obtain a NATO license to make war on Syria, in the same way NATO, the UN, US, Britain, France, Germany, and others obliterated Libya, but because of Russia, and the fact that the shitheads from Amerika and Israel just got caught trying to stage this false-flag to the nines... So maybe, just maybe, the world might finally reject this latest false-flag event before the illegal bombing of NATO can get off the ground...




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