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Embedding Terror 


By Jim Kirwan


Created for Ronald Reagan.

Before 1978 there was never anything like this...

This cover won a Golden Quill Award in 1980 commissioned by George Deukmejian & the California Chamber of Commerce

for the Reagan Campaign

Many were used as cover-art for the National Prosecutor's Brief

to spread the word about what was coming to America.

Several different categories were created using the state's presses to print

Deukmejian's campaign-messages & embed terror illegally behind my images, in many different areas.

These 'publications' were covertly done, to profit

Duke & the Reagan Campaign for their 1980 elections,

which was in direct contradiction to the terms of my agreement

to assist The State of California, not politicians.

During my stint, this was the symbol for the District Attorney's Association

When I demanded payment for the work that was clearly political

they sent in IRS & the FBI for what became a 23 year war

that ended in a draw.

This 'con' was planned and carried out long before America

had any idea that we were all about to be manipulated

into believing in this totally FAKE-TERROR

that was actually created from the start, until this moment.

Running for Governor

Advisory panel for 'Duke' on my immediate left.

In 2005 I turned the first image into this

because this was not about me, it was always about conning the public

into believing this pack of lies - 23 years before 911


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