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The Elegant Theory Of Everything?

By Jim Kiran

The problems we’re facing today come back to some very basic questions that have been massively ignored by the global community. I think of these problems as the Dark Side of the Moon, because while they exist, we cannot see them so we tend to believe they can’t or don’t exist.

The reason for the existence of so many of these questions happens because for the most part we routinely fail to employ cross-generational cooperation between all the major disciplines. Because this is the case we have denied ourselves many of the answers that are staring us squarely in the face. For instance I had a conversation yesterday with someone about the number of dimensions in which we all live every day.

By way of trying to explain this I sent out parts of this three part video of The Elegant Theory of Everything. When I played them again this morning I discovered that beginning @ 49min in this 66 min video: The answer to how and why we have been crucified by HAARP has been there the whole time. But because the answer was encased in the refinements of science and in the frequencies most of us failed to realize; then what we should have known about HAARP from the beginning was just overlooked.

Part Two

The answer to how HAARP works is simple. Those antenna arrays scattered all across the planet are manipulating the natural frequencies in nature to frustrate or alter the weather worldwide. Watch the few minutes of the video above and it’s very easy to see.

Beyond just that one example, which Incidently was brought to us by the same people who created HAARP in the first place: All the other questions which the NOVA series brings up can each be addressed: If instead of keeping all the various human professions isolated inside their own professional approaches to every question: What if we approached our problems from several different directions at the same time?

If the human race could stop limiting ourselves to each separate discipline by itself and instead present our problems to the range of disciplines which could lead to greater knowledge and to the solutions we’ve all been looking for from the beginning: Then maybe we would not continue to be victimized by Greed and hatreds too numerous to mention?

This active cooperation happened during the Italian Renaissance when art was combined with the sciences being discovered by Leonardo Da Vinci and others; which is what gave the world the most productive era in European history, to date. That ‘experience has never been repeated, which is partly why our problems only continue to get larger while we degenerate into everlasting wars that have manipulated most of recorded history that was created to supposedly prevent the fall of human civilizations.

Part Three - Welcome to the 11th Dimension

M.C. Escher

Illustrating parts of how multiple dimensions sometimes work.

Dali and others have also made inroads but were

Dismissed because they weren’t scientists.

When people dream all the barriers between the familiar traditional dimensions disappear. Flight and instant movement from one side of the planet to the other is possible, along with all types of things which cannot be done in this world, in an eyeblink; yet no one questions these bizarre occurrences, because they’re ‘just dreams’?

But if we are living in one of the eleven dimensions, instead of just being here in the familiar world we think of as the only reality—then perhaps we could learn a great deal more about the mysteries of life, which most of us have never thought to credit for anything that happens in our everyday lives?

What if everything is part of this music of spheres which the world of String Theory imagines to be true? What if our failure to understand this mystery is the problem and not the question of how or why these ‘invisible’ strings could actually exist?

The older we get the more clearly we are forced to realize that all of us are only here for a micro-second in the life of this planet, if current knowledge has that part correct. That’s what makes this short video so potent, because if “nature” could speak this is what she might say:

The NOVA series is concerned largely with science and only science, in these three videos. This is why, in part, that science has continued to fail to understand that some mysteries in this life will never be discovered because that has never been the point of living.

What if the mysteries behind our lives were meant to simply be lived, as opposed to being scientifically solved?

It that’s true then maybe that’s why

The Twi-Light Zone’s, within every life, could also be real?


Don’t forget these greedy bastards have massively suppressed both the knowledge and the understandings of this world that could have kept us free and prosperous—had we not become spell-bound by the monomaniacal and mentally deranged creatures that are trying to steal the planet…

Clearly I don’t pretend to have the answers to any of this, but the way the world has been going about, ignoring everything that’s happened here for the last hundred years, suggests that maybe it’s time for us to move into much higher dimensions’ if we’re going to ever “DO ANYTHING” about this continuing nightmare which most still refuse to face…

Just my two cents for a Saturday afternoon…


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