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By Jim Kiran


The human Genetic Code is replicated in global politics

In that this continuous and interlocking code

Contains all the building blocks of life.

In this case “8” is symbolized

As a stand-in for all of us.


It also stands for the fact that we have just 8 days left to act.


What’s been going on throughout the last hundred years is that we have defaulted to “selective memories” for the truths that any people have always needed to live by. Instead of that truth, however, the human race has become dependent on a completely re-written version of history in what has become this nuclear-contaminated world. ‘We’ cannot survive these global-challenges which are about to engage the planet in global-chaos. Action is required.

Buried beneath the bad-news regarding the global explosions of earthquakes and volcanos worldwide are also the coming total changes in the global-water-supply for the planet. Something fantastic is about to free us all from the poisons and contaminations which the current Outlaws have decreed.

“Water Wars and What You Don’t Know” 45min VIDEO


All that remains to “be seen and acted upon” is whether or not the global population has enough left of itself to undertake the hands on-removal of the global-traitors that have remained unchallenged for a thousand years.

The global-insiders know who they are and that the time ‘to act’ is now. But will they chose to act in time…

What the real-people know is that the fake-powers are not immune to the result of a totally angry global-population, in rebellion, that is determined to take-back this dying world.

All the evidence is there ­ if we reject the total evil at its core. That action requires people that back their words with what it takes to cause the turncoats to turn upon each other in an eyeblink: Then and only then can we begin to rebuild this mortally wounded place.

The rejuvenation of the global water supply, courtesy of the movements within the earth, as described in the link above, will allow fresh clean water to flush out the toxics and the poisons worldwide. The proofs for that are touched on in that video that could spell the first of many changes that we cannot see at the present time.

On the practical side there are actually enough people, globally, who are close-enough to do damage to the traitors now: To start the global-resistance. All it requires are those first few takedowns, of the Bankers, the Outlaws and the Global-Corporate Cartels which are propping-up the entire charade that must be ripped out from under them, and they all know that, for the fact that it is.

If that happens maybe global-nuclear-war can be derailed. If this doesn’t happen then there will be no one left to tell ‘anyone’ anything about “What’s Next” for this almost totally corrupted universe.

These global-traitors are determined to End the Human Race.

The Fall of the American Empire - 18 min VIDEO

The United States of America is beyond being able ‘to fix’ itself.

The USA cannot fix itself because the traitors have made certain of that. The entire framework of bi-partisan politics where no objections are ever voiced must be terminated. Just as every facet of the fake-government at all levels has to be overthrown while at the same time the fraudulent national-international oversight “authorities” must be stripped of all their funding. The survivors of this impending series of changes to the formerly ‘settled world’ will then need to go back to being ‘responsible’ ­ in a world where natural law is the ultimate authority that can provide a global framework, where human-life is not only possible but which is actually the point of all natural law in the first place ­ because if we lived in harmony with nature and women, then none of what has been happening for the last thousand years could ever have gained that pivotal-foothold that’s left us all to be strangled by greed, addiction and the now global obsession with all this fake-global-power in the first place…

Eight days left to begin the global-rejection of the fake-global-empire.

Embrace your human DNA and learn to live again!



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