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On the Edge of Discovery


By Jim Kirwan


Now that this pathetic national-election has entered into a fictitiously flipped “dead-zone” maybe the time is right, for anyone that actually gives a damn, to explore the past more seriously: The past, that too many have ignored for centuries.

What are the dark powers of today still hiding from u,s that was originally

given to us by the Ancients from the Past?

One aspect of this begins with a first hand exploration about the greatest mysteries that have baffled mankind for centuries, which deal with how the Great Pyramid of Egypt was actually built. Take some time and follow this mini-quest, which might well surprise anyone with an open mind.

What the Ancients Knew ­ Egypt

49 min 33sec VIDEO

With this as forerunner, take a new look at what has been discovered in this 37 year long professional study, that outlines virtually everything from the ancient world that points directly to what is about to come into being ­ in what's left of the world as we know it today.

I've been studying the questions of origins, since1980, along with the universal-zodiacal influences upon the planet and our everyday lives. When the suppressed-knowledge from the past is unmasked, we can see how often the ancient knowledge was kept from the world. The Catholic Church, a made-made construct, has been one of those organizations that has worked tirelessly to keep this knowledge from the public - worldwide.

Velikovsky hit on various parts of this in the 1950's and he was viciously attacked then by the so-called “Scientists” of that day, without proofs of their disagreements with his findings. In this second video, everything that anyone might have wanted answers to, becomes far more clearly defined ­ than anything I've found before I saw this presentation,

Watch and listen carefully: The more you know about the history of the past ­ or at least that part of it that we've supposedly “studied” - the more interesting this presentation becomes ­ because of how it so clearly shows the connections between Egypt and the rest of the entire planet ­ which is all directly connected.

When seen this way it's easy to see that the planet has been giving us a pivotal-warning about impending natural-cycles that could impact the earth in a very dangerous way. Again, but this knowledge has been deemed too complex for the common man to “understand”.

This could give some people a lot more food for thought today, rather than to bother with the cacophony of twisted political fantasy's that this last week has dragged us all into...

The Best Ancient Egypt Documentary

1hr 41min 46secc VIDEO

This involves the reversal of the poles and the shifting of the plates of the earth. I realize this isn't for everyone, but for those that want to know

this could be mind-blowing.

It did not need to be this way, if the real knowledge had been available to the people of the earth from the beginning...



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