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The Dustbowl & The State

By Jim Kirwan

When San Francisco began life, the renters of the city created Rent Control, to protect tenants from landlords and carpetbaggers. The result was that owning apartments was a long term investment that would pay off big, if and when the owners maintained the properties for many years: At the end of that time the landlords could convert their investments back into cash with huge profits, when they sold the buildings, while their tenants had been able to afford to live many years in the city and prosper as well.

Yuppiedom saw the advent of selling buildings and properties within weeks of buying them, to flip the properties for quick profits and huge rent increases. The only thing that stopped this power-grab was the fact that over 70% of the city lives in rental properties, which is still the case.

When Reagan came into office in California, as governor, the United States still had public ownership of the key parts of this society. Reagan and the bankers changed the whole society. As president he altered the equation between public ownership of transportation, energy, health, food and the water supply along with virtually everything else that the public requires to live a real and decent life.

With Ronnie’s frontal attack’s upon the public’s ownership of the mechanisms that govern the everyday parts of this society: The nation switched from protecting its people from things like the return to the DUSTBOWL, into a system that turned virtually every public service agency and endeavor into nothing more than an endless row of privately owned cash-registers.

We’ve reached the end of life because we chose to dump survival into a dollar & cents equation that outlawed the needs of the public. Those needs were why the public once owned transportation, power, energy and water supplies. Reagan called this privatization ­ free trade, but ironically it all involved privatizing everything the public built and owned.

Incidentally, whenever and wherever the public’s properties and ownership were privatized ­ their new owners seldom paid more than 10 cents on the dollar for whatever they stole from the public. Those companies were built with public money, but the corporations were able to steal them at fire-sale prices and none of those takeovers were ever seriously challenged.

That was the mismanagement of all of what we used to own, before these resources were PRIVATIZED, which made the current Dustbowl possible. When the public owned the power & water companies, the public benefited from those services, in small but rock-solid blue-chip profits. But what the real purpose always was was dumped, to allow only corporations to profit, while the public lost the public-protections which government ownership had once provided.

When the public owned those basic human services the people could afford to travel in hard times and the water was not controlled by private corporations but by the people who actually own that water, and the electricity that’s used when those life-sustaining resources are needed the most.

So when hard times came, people didn’t need to fear the loss of their ability to obtain water or public-transportation because those needs hadn’t yet priced themselves out of the reach of the many. None of that is true any longer: Now that we have uncontrolled private-ownership of everything including some governments in this place, we’re now looking at a massive drought with no water, and virtually no food to keep the public alive!

California is in the midst of what experts are calling a “mega-drought” which could lead to sky high grocery prices and even food shortages this year, experts say.

The farms that supply much of the nation’s produce are literally running out of water.

Maps indicate that the areas of California hardest hit by the mega-drought are those that grow a large percentage of America’s food. Those regions include Monterey County, which produced nearly half of the lettuce and broccoli grown in the United States in 2012.”

kirwan: Could be why the Feds have outlawed growing your own food on your own land or in your own house.

It’s not just vegetables that will be affected; nuts and fruits will be hit just as hard or harder.

There will be thousands of acres of fruit and nut trees that will die this year because of lack of water,” David Sunding, a professor of natural resources at the University of California at Berkley, told the San Jose Mercury News. “The reduction in yield will drive up prices.” (1)

There are things that can done about this!

What’s fascinating is that so many people just shrug and look away, believing that there’s nothing they can do—that’s a flat-out lie!

The farmer’s know where the taps for their water are located. They need to go down there and open the spigots and leave some family members to keep those taps open. We had huge range wars over water when this “Republic”, the California Republic, was being born.

It’s time to go back to those times because all our lives are on the line: We cannot allow the bloodless state to keep the public from the life-giving water and power that everyone needs to survive the current dustbowl conditions.

Nobody needs to die over this. Four flat tires have a tendency to keep company trucks away! All of this has been done to us by HAARP and by the privatized-government forces that planned this drought. We have the technology to fix this ­ it’s called people power!

There are hundreds of government facilities that depend on water to keep their god-damned computers running. The reason that the government isn’t worried about that is because they privatized the water companies long, long ago. But the switches that control the life-saving water are accessible to interested parties. If the water is cut off to those government computers their computer systems will melt in record time ­ if there is a sufficient interruption in the water going into those facilities.

Think about that and think about what you are not going to be able to eat or drink for then next 200 years!

In southern California there was once upon a time something called “The Big Red Car”. It was a trolley line that went everywhere, quietly and efficiently. But General Motors wanted the land for their “right-of-way’ to build freeways throughout the southland, so they bought up the line that served the public cheaply and efficiently and ended that transportation system, and then they built the freeways.

In San Francisco in the 1970’s the bus system was a marvel of clean, efficient and on-time bus service, throughout the city. It was owned by the people and affordable to everyone. The drivers were human beings and service was dependable, before it was privatized. Now we have the nightmare that is a cross between a traveling war-zone and a slum that is never on time, and filled with rude and filthy people that make taking a bus an experience better left to others to “enjoy.”

The San Francisco Municipal Transit District is wall to wall filth, late or absent service and usually accompanied with sneers and growls.

"By 2004 here’s what our “Police Department” had begun to look like under the Political-Correctness that brought us a Lesbian police chief (2004-2009) and a confused upper echelon in “Law Enforcement” that rapidly became a joke upon the whole city. ‘The chief’ has the microphone and aren’t these creeps just the very image of professional “officers”? "(2)

The public needs to take back our transportation system and fire the Political-Correct Communist Corporations and go back to publicly owned services that have to answer to the public for their short-comings.

BART is a federal-fiasco, so ripe with rampant graft and abuse it can barely function at all. Its cars are over forty years old and its services have no station-agents in the city and no bathroom services in the underground stations; supposedly because of terror-threats that never existed. But of course since the public is terrified of anything in a uniform now, ‘changes’ are not going to happen anytime soon.

The thing is that Americans once had a real country here and not some 4th world state where nothing works and no one questions any of the failed services, on any level. That won’t change by itself ­ we’ll have to make the changes ourselves or just go quietly when they come for you in the dead of night!

If we want to survive the MEGA-DRAUGHT that’s just beginning; we’re going to have to participate in physically-changing the way things work in this broken place. If we won’t do that then we shall deserve the slow death that will soon become our lot in life!

1) Sky high Food Prices Ahead Due to California Mega Drought

2) Stealth Warfare in Urban America



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