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Dump DHS & Prosecute Them All

By Jim Kirwan


Janet Napolitano & Michael Chertoff, her predecessor, are two of those at the heart of this at DHS, who manufactured & protected the illegal-back-scanners from which Chertoff personally made millions, while he was officiating at Homeland Security, that we now know was a total lie, because the system captured no-one from 2002 until today.

What these two and hundreds of other managers did - was to force millions of Americans and others who tried to fly inside the United States to subject themselves to having their most private parts be fondled, fingered, and preyed upon by sexual-predators in US government uniforms ­ all of that under the guise of supposedly hiding bombs inside the most private parts of their bodies: This included toddlers as well as the elderly and disabled. This produced a total field day for sexual-predators that's lasted for 14 years of unobstructed official-sexual predation: For which millions of DHS 'agents' got paid royally, to enjoy officially sanctioned sex-crimes that the public was not allowed to refuse.

No one was ever charged or has ever gone to jail for any of this.

We must immediately disband DHS & prosecute everyone

from George W. Bush, all the way to Obama for these crimes:

Committed against everyone that tried to fly for the last 14 years, with the exception, of course, of all those creatures that used private or goverment planes.


The government killed 22 separate agencies of the government to create “The Department of Homeland Security” making it the largest agency of the federal government ever created ­ and in all that time the government accomplished absolutely nothing by way of “security” - while they made massive inroads and assaults into the private lives of millions upon millions of citizens ­ and all of this is still secret, including the “No-Fly Lists”.

During the last fake election cycle many of the same people that created 'DHS' - the criminal-agency ­ were extremely quick to throw out charges about potential sexual-crimes and indecent comments ­ against active candidates, while knowing exactly what the government still does each and every day: Even though it is totally clear that the only terrorists that are flying into the USA, are being brought in by Obama and the leaders of dozens of other quasi-government programs ­ that have now reached hundreds of thousands of undocumented creatures that hate America and are determined to end both the Constitution and the nation ­ with Sharia Law.

Don't forget the rapist-gangs that are being imported privately by several churches here, who are already converting American religious churches into Mosques ­ and guess what:

None of these 'Enemies of the United States' ever have to pass through Homeland Security scanners or background checks!


In fact is that it's the government itself that makes certain that

the invading terrorists are never subjected to Homeland Security Scanners

All of this has been clearly brought to us all by US politicians.

This high-treason by this government has clearly been designed to create the outright death of the nation, yet Americans continue

to say absolutely NOTHING!

In This War Minnesota's Twin Cities Are Lost

Trump was supposedly running to put an end to the crimes of this government, but his beginning has been seriously flawed, by not doing anything about Standing Rock.

Acting Against DHS would not require the Donald to get into his gold-plated private plane, or to confront hostile government forces, all he would need to do with this one is to issue another one of his 'statements' and review his lists of possible creatures that are already in-line to join the gravy-train ­ as if none of their previously illegal activities matter at all.

Trump and his 'planners' could start by making certain to prosecute everyone involved with DHS, right after he dissolves that whole obscenity from the ground up ­ with special attention paid to the sexual predators, Janet Napolitano, Michael Chertoff and everyone else that was involved in that 14-year long RICO-crime that created THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY ­ and while Trump is thinking about that, he should drop anyone from consideration for any position, in his administration, that had anything to do with covering up 911 or the creation of the totally criminal department of DHS: Dumping this entirely criminal-colossus would save billions for this nation that's still starving to death.

Moreover this would also show the world which side Trump is really on and whether or not he really want's to “Drain the Swamp” as he clearly said he would...


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