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Drunk On Self-Absorption

By Jim Kirwan


PC outlawed Liquor, free speech & thought

but the public's still drunk on the Nightshade poison's in today's politics.

We've let the treasonous congress shut down our voices

over and over again,

In so doing we've blindly marked ourselves for public-suicide.

When we turned our backs on freedom and accepted

the fact of our impending premature end to life.

Correcting the Treasons

Without the ability to SPEAK, we fail to comprehend the complexities of what we need to LISTEN for. When we stop Listening, there's nothing more to say.

Memorial Day Morons

Unintended Consequences:

It is my belief that Apathy and her subsequent mythologies have in recent years woven a web over the eyes of previously intelligent people. To dispel this delusion requires the ferocity contained within the vision and consideration in these political illuminations.

(And views by other artists as well)

These emotional indictments were created; that the unspoken could be voiced ­ the censored thought explored - the vague uneasiness solidified: That mankind may again enter into thought and come to look upon these United States as a proud free land of self-determined men and women ­ with purpose and once again with dignity.”

kirwan 11-7 1966

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In 1978 I tried again as a volunteer in a program called “Forgotten Victims of Violent Crime”. The point was to bring the plight of those without a voice to the attention of the public, while supposedly providing resources that had not been available before ­ through the California District Attorney's Association in tandem with the Reagan-Deukmejian political movement for the 1980 election cycle.

The project was extremely successful, as a political tool for both Reagan and the Republican party in California: But the outcome contained a totally unexpected 'consequence'. It created a stir, but the point of this effort nationally, produced the unexpected consequence of millions of creatures that claimed a massive interest in “VICTIMHOOD”.

That effort became the basis for the California Victims Bill of Rights ­ which took me by surprise. The issues raised are still out there and much worse today than they were before the project began. The elderly, children, rape victims and on and on all were used and have been further abused by the state's that have now become criminal. Instead of helping the real victims, the state used its powers to seize the children and ignore both the elderly and the rape victims to the point that the circumstances today are now an almost total abomination.

We can't fix 'Stupid' but we might be able to

move beyond enslavement,

If we can destroy those webs that have blinded millions to everything

that's needed to survive in what's left of the world today.


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