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Darkness Illuminated

By Jim Kirwan

We’ve left the light behind us now to explore those limits that will end if the corrupted powers make that one huge-mistake that will trigger something that no one will ever forget.

We’ve heard a lot lately about how hopeless everything is right now. Mostly people seem content to accept whatever the invisible-ones choose to show us about their supposedly all-powerful-might. But there are a few key components to this equation that could dump everything into the streets and leave the Emperor’s naked in their empty threats.

All that has to happen is that one major-overreach that could tell the planet exactly what is planned and that there is no longer any point in waiting any longer - to act against them all.

If the dark-powers decide to flip their kill switch on the web, or if they decide to institute a bank-holiday that results in the inability to have access to our money, there will be problems. If they decide to interfere with cell-phone operations, or they block enough web-sites at the same time, to make it crystal-clear to people that the end is near-enough to warrant real action to stop them—then all bets on any possibility of a future will be permanently off! Right now they just might be dumb enough to try something like one or more of the above potential actions—because they’re growing very impatient with the pace of what they fear the most: Losing control of what they are determined to direct to their own preferred outcomes.

The problem for the dark-side is trying to maintain the terror and the fear, while maintaining their supposed control over any real changes in the way this world functions.

Their first problem is beginning to surface now. This entire escapade is predicated on being able to continue to rape, pillage and plunder the middle class, in order to keep the hypothetical shell game going. But without a middle-class then all bets are off. What’s begun at last is that the hyper-targeted-middle-class has run out of money and have ceased to continue to spend what they no longer have.

This has forced government at all levels to raise rates, fees, taxes and everything else—but it’s not working because they’ve killed the main resource of the nation—the now defunct middle-class. This means that nothing can work, going forward, for any of the so-called businesses they have depended on to carry their corporations to this point.

Corporations can only function if they have a client-base. Without a client base all those filthy-rich creatures that supposedly own the corporations, cannot continue to rake in the profits—because without people here to buy what they’re selling, there can be no profits to manipulate. That’s business 101, but the bandits here were never business-people; they’re just outlaws living off the sweat of everyone else.

They can make all the fake laws they want to: But if there is no profit coming in, they’re dead in the water. That’s where America; that once fantastic-creative-engine of commerce and production is today: Idle and in the ditch and they have only themselves to blame. Moreover the more people they arrest, and thereby remove them from the workforce, the less possible it is for any of them to meet their quotas. As this continues to happen the Golden-Goose continues to die in every sector. What good does it do them to hijack prices and extort payments when people have nothing with which to buy whatever is being sold; whether it’s bogus heath-care, fake education or shoddy products—without trained and dedicated workers, with secure jobs, there is no real point in any of this because everything will go to hell at the end of every workweek. That is where this place is tonight!

That’s also what happened to San Francisco as a global-destination.


This city used to be alive and active 24-7 and its people were actively involved in every aspect of everyday life, as well as in the nightlife that San Francisco was once famous for. That’s why people came here for “the life” that people who lived here had created for themselves and for everyone else that wanted to be here.

Today San Francisco has to roll up the sidewalks by 9 pm, just like Boonville in anywhere land. There is nothing to be part of any more, because there is no longer any interaction. That part of the city was murdered by the nanny-state that mandated how everyone now has to behave, in every aspect of this city’s life.

What made this city GREAT was not the goods or the food that you could get; it was what the people brought to every activity. When the people were prevented from living here “the life” died immediately. Without the fringe people, without the talented people and without the creative individuals, this was nothing special any more. People went out not so much to buy what was offered, they went to be with “the people they found” in so many diverse situations. That’s why the techies have no life and no real following because they are not involved in anything that’s alive. They don’t understand involvement or music or art or conversation, especially conversation about the whole wide range of subjects that those diverse public gathering spots created.

Those places were murdered to keep people from talking and comparing notes about what went on in this city: Across the whole range of occupations and interests which was possible before the city began to commit suicide by taxing and pricing the most necessary individuals out of this city and it’s real and vibrant way of life.

Mayor Brown kicked out over 70% of the black people who lived here. He personally was responsible for killing Jazz in San Francisco, by making the city unaffordable for musicians, artists and street people who were able to live and work here until the politicians and the nanny state took over and killed everything that was available to everyone, back when San Francisco was alive and well.

The smoking ban is and was a total farce. It could easily have been managed so that the people who were opposed to smoking could have their own places, just as those who smoked could have their places too, which allowed smoking: Instead a state wide ban was imposed to end smoking throughout the state—to protect us from ourselves, which just happens to be illegal and massively-unconstitutional, given the amount of deadly-exhaust fumes that move through the streets and alleys in the city each and every day and night. But that was how they managed to severely reduce the variety of people in the city. And from there everything went straight downhill.

By altering the bars, restaurants and coffee houses so that they discriminated against certain classes of individuals, the mix of people was directly affected and diminished. Rich people only mix with their own kind and bums tend to group together as well. What was charming about the city was that you could mingle with people from all different backgrounds, each of them with different tastes and preferences—but people at that time were all “out for the same adventure” and it was that surprise and interest level that was totally destroyed by the state!

The people who worked in menial jobs knew their customers, from the wealthy to the insignificant and all of them could depend upon being served and remembered. Your drink or your food was part of what they ‘knew’ about you just as you got to know them and the mutually shared experiences in the city did get talked about, and actions were taken, because people cared about each other and not just how much money they made.

In my neighborhood bar there were lawyers, politicians, street people, musicians, writers, reporters, actors, and entrepreneurs. The whole panoply of life got together for some conversation and sometimes a bite to eat or drink. There were flamenco guitarists, dancers, producers, film-makers, and hacks as well as professionals. There were also cab-drivers, part time social workers, cops, day-laborers, everyone was welcome and people remembered each other and kept in touch then—now everyone can see just how much was lost.

No one trusts anyone any more. The streets aren’t safe to on. And everyone is suspected of something unhealthy, which is no way to live a real life…

People didn’t “just stop-caring” ­ that situation was created by this state on its way to becoming the police state that it has become—because we no longer talk WITH each other.

What made so many different places memorable was not the food, the drink or what was being offered, it was the other people that you found there and made friends with, sometimes for decades. It was a whole way-of-life, and we let that die when we failed to fight the nanny state to the death…

We deserve everything we’re getting now because we would not defend OURSELVES or any of the things so many got to know to be so valuable. That was when we really became The Ugly Americans that the world has come to hate for all our crimes against humanity around the world—while here at home we have divorced ourselves from every other person that could have helped, us with out troubles and maybe made many of our problems lighter, in that process…

While this was definitely true of San Francisco, it was also true of thousands of other cities across this country ­ and that’s why we’re all so terrified to call this what it has become…

Real people were not meant to live as islands totally separated from each other—that’s the wasteland where slaves exist, because it’s never been a fit way for human beings to live!




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