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By Jim Kirwan


A continuance from

Americans in the Crosshairs”


I kept thinking about the revelations in ‘Who’s Running America’ and the more I thought about that video, the more information continued to surface.

For instance: I remember FEMA, under Clinton’s reign during Hurricane Andrew in1992, FEMA was there, over 5,700 people died.


Then Katrina hit on August 29, 2005, ending with the horror of Hurricane Sandy that struck New York and New Jersey in 2012. For over 20 years FEMA has not provided anything to Americans by way of actual relief in any of the various hurricanes, fire-storms throughout the Southwest or the tornadoes-nationally, throughout the entire period: Why not!

How Does FEMA justify itself?

When Disaster’s happen, FEMA eventually arrives. They are never the first on any scene, but when they do arrive they pass out insurance-forms then disappear. No food distribution, no physical help, no fresh water, nothing but forms and red tape. However, FEMA soars at placing notices on destroyed property: Demanding that the owners clean up the devastation or vacate the property in 30 days—despite the fact that major disasters were what caused the damage and that the owners might not have food, water, shelter or a job any longer. FEMA is only concerned about property, not people. That’s because FEMA is working for the private-corporations and the criminal-banks that make a great deal of money from every disaster, that’s why they’re there!

How different things might have been if the public had known what FEMA does, before the disasters hit? Even now, how many people care that FEMA is nothing but a fraud that should be charged for conning people into believing that they are there “to help”. I’m thinking about the people who lost loved ones or friends in those HAARP created disasters! FEMA was not only at 911, they even arrived the day before! Doing nothing as usual while nearly 3,000 people died that day.

About the only thing FEMA is good for in terms of people, is that if you keep track of where they do their “practice-drills”, you can usually avoid the next big false-flag, because FEMA probably gets their orders directly from HAARP and DHS!

Nothing ever happens by accident in Amerika!

FEMA does not work for the American people. They are owned and operated by the same outlaws that now own all the villages, towns, and cities in every county and state in this so-called nation. And they are criminally negligent because FEMA has been misrepresenting themselves since Hurricane Andrew in Florida in 1992. That’s over twenty years of preying on the victims of our disasters, with absolutely nothing to show for all that time and money, except for the frauds they enabled in the aftermath of every disaster!

Beyond all that I was thinking about the dreams of mine that I keep trying to get back to doing: Which is where the title above comes from. The true DREAMSLAYERS in this world are the politically-incorrect, soul-dead communists who have stolen the dreams of millions of Americans, secretly in the dead of every night, by stealth and deception while claiming they have come to save humanity and not to kill us!

When I first arrived in San Francisco I was dumbfounded by some brass plaques I found embedded in the streets surrounding the Embarcadero Center buildings, downtown. The plaques informed the public that we were walking on PRIVATE PROPERTY and we were allowed to pass only with permission of the owners of the City Sidewalks. I naively thought that if the city owned the sidewalks, then the sidewalks were the property of the public, since the city belonged to the citizens and not the government. That was back in the 1970’s before cities all over this nation had become private-corporate-entities which no longer belonged to the people who live here or there.

San Francisco went further than most places splitting off civic center

into a separate but private-corporation that now owns the civic center of this city. This means that technically the people of San Francisco need the permission of that private-corporation to even get to City Hall: Think about that for a minute…

In my world, everything I need to do my work will be prohibited by the Green Police. I use special lighting for sometimes twenty-four hour periods that are required to finish parts of the paintings. According to the new rules my aging lamps and I have already been outlawed. The toxically hazardous corkscrew bulbs that are now required; will need a hazmat clothed worker just to change them and they burnout far too quickly, to be useful.

The materials used in painting, drawing, and sculpting are not cheap, and most of them involve materials that have been or will soon be classified as hazardous or dangerous to human health. Some of the materials come from many countries around the world and as happened with Gibson Guitars, some of the parts of what I need to buy, might come from other countries, which according to the various third world nations might easily violate the permissions lists of items that can only be purchased now, by private corporations. Never by self-employed private individuals: We, in the creative arts, as individuals have been banned by Agenda 21 as a totally unnecessary waste of human and natural resources.

I’ve spent the last fifty years in sharpening my artistic skills for one last hurrah; a summation of what I’ve learned how to do, as only I could do it. I might have ten good years left to work on that project, at my own expense. But that too has now been outlawed by the Politically Correct and the Zero-Tolerance traitors whose ranks are filled with spies and creatures that have no lives of their own to bother with. Consequently these social-pariah’s spend their time destroying the lives of those that do have lives and purposes to work on, despite how hellish things might become.

What I realized today is that basically if this censorship and the takeover of America is not stopped there will be no future for me or my field of endeavor. That will mean that I’ll have “NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE”.

Once the facts in ‘Who’s Running America’ become known in depth, a great many people will also soon arrive at exactly the same conclusions about the work or play which has become their way of life as well. (2)

And here’s an entire universe that involves a great deal more of the natural world that will also soon be outlawed, because people in the US will no longer be allowed to grow their own food, or even retain their own rainwater. Not that it would do much good since that too is poisoned now ­ but you get the idea.

Just look over this fantastic series of ideas and creations and you decide if humanity should be denied these wonders or any of the hundreds of other choices that are about to be banned, because a bunch of self-appointed outlaws have decided to try to steal the entire planet. (3)

As the number of denials against everything that’s been done to us with more to come, continues to grow: The creative and resourceful people in this place, with nothing to left to lose, may decide that a lot of those in the nanny-state will soon have to pay for that and believe me it won’t be pretty!

This is not a threat it’s a promise: And anyone who knows me knows that I always keep my promises…

1) Americans in the Crosshairs

2) Who’s Running America and the CAP ­ 1hr 35min 24 sec VIDEO

3) Journal of Quantum Botany



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