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Dr Russell Blaylock On Not Taking The Flu Shot

By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.


Here is Dr. Russell Blaylock's article I had referred to about not taking the flu shot. 
https://globalpossibilities. org/dr-russell-blaylock-warns- dont-get-flu-shot-it-promotes- altzheimers/

Remember the two stories I told you?  Probably it was at least about 12 years ago  Don and I went to Italy and shared a cab with someone who had weeks prior taken the flu shot.  I told them, "You will probably get the flu and you have now probably given it to us."  She replied, "Yes, we did get the flu after getting the shot, but its been weeks now and you won't get it".  Famous last words, as Don and I both came home with the flu. 

The other story I told you was when I was in the hospital with pneumonia and the doctors were going to send me home because they said no antibiotic would work and the hospital clearly have ruled if you can't help a patient you can't keep them in the hospital.  That's when Dr. Blaylock called and said for the doctor to give me 10,000 units of Vitamin D.  The doctor was a fine man and was willing to give it a try.  In two or three days I was over the pneumonia.  I was on oxygen because of my lungs but then Jeff Rense sent me some Allicin C ( www.rense.com ) and the lung problems were gone the next day.  I sent back the oxygen. 

Then you go take the flu shot anyway.  No wonder you said you felt like you were dying.  Nobody to take care of you with a 103 temp!  I was just about to buy some more Vitamin D and K2, so for the first time in a dozen years I have a  sore throat.  Don't worry, I know enough about supplements to have a clear voice by tomorrow.  But just forward these two articles to friends, family and neighbors. I feel sorry for medical employees who are pushed to take vaccines.   Below my signature is the article recently published on the benefits of  Vitamin D.

All my best,

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Vitamin D Might Just Save You from Getting COVID-19

Published November 3, 2020

My Comment: My wife and I have been taking vitamin D3+K2 10,000 IU in jell capsules for years. We never take flu shots and never get the flu. (Those that have gotten the flu with this regiment have mild system if getting the flu.) I have always given credit to D3+K2 for giving us a defense against the flu and not taking a shot that can compromise the immune system, let alone being loaded up with toxic substances in the vaccine ingredients. Of course, everyone has a free choice to decide which direction to go. But one should study and investigate all avenues to make an informed decision. If you take any vaccine, you should at least ask to see the ingredients.  You may be incredibly surprised, if not shocked. Also, heavy use of sugar and products with sugar lowers the immune system and could restrict the effectiveness of vitamin D or any other vitamin supplements. Compare it to someone drinking a diet soda and eating a Snicker Bar in the other hand. ~

Tom A.


A study conducted at the University of Chicago and published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association claims that vitamin D deficiency may have been factor in the infections of COVID-19 patients. In fact, patients that had a vitamin D deficiency or those whose deficiency were not treated were almost twice as likely to test positive for the coronavirus relative to those that had enough vitamin D. Why is this a major breakthrough? This means that those that are already vitamin D deficient, and this is a majority of the population by the way, may need only to take vitamin D supplements to boost their immune system to prevent from getting the coronavirus and successfully battle it if theyve already been infected.

COVID-19 , JAMA , The Vaccine Reaction , University of Chicago , Vitamin D

https://thevaccinereaction. org/2020/11/vitamin-d-might- just-save-you-from-getting- covid-19/