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Dr. Bruce Cornet


Bruce meets Maya in Amsterdam, August 1963.

Ted Rice at Ozark UFO Conference, 1995.


Ted also met Shirley Maclaine at the Sun Valley Ski Resort while he worked a summer job there in 1962. That raises an interesting question about Shirley talking about Maya in her book. Did she realize Maya and Lyra were there at that time?

2) Is there already a Secret Space Force, and Trump/Pence are just unveiling it?
3) Who were Maya and Lyra, who Ted Rice met in 1962 and I met in 1963? Was my abduction in front of my High School Marching Band members in our changing room related to preparation for meeting Maya and Lyra ten months later?


1) Why were Pine Bush UAP designed to mimic our conventional airliners?

2) Why did these aircraft mimics lack external engines on the wings or fuselages?
3) How are they powered and propelled?

4) What messages do such aircraft mimics tell us about who built and flew them?  Are they ETVs (ET Vehicles) or ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles).  Are these craft using alien technology?

5) How deep does do Black Project cover-ups actually go?

5) Why did the Pentagon give Skunk Works (Lockheed Martin) orders to have their TR-3B put on a spectacular performance for three public cameras?

An aircraft engineer told me that if the Black Projects had been able to reverse engineer an alien antigravity propulsion and lift system, they would have probably tested it out in a conventional aircraft frame before housing it in an exotic vehicle.
How does one explain aircraft mimics?

1) An all black Boeing 707 look-a-like with no external engines and no visible windows, even for the cockpit area up front; capable of flying below stall speed and stopping in mid-air. 24 September 1992. 

*** ENLARGE THIS IMAGE BELOW to double its size

2) An all white DC-9 look-a-like with no external engines on its fuselage; capable of making its fuselage glow white. 25 January 1997.
This DC-9 mimic paced me just above the trees as I drove along Albany Post Rd. I was traveling at only 35 mph.

Anomalous strobe patterns (not FAA approved) in video for white DC-9 mimic.

3) A Black Triangle putting on a performance for three civilians with cameras; making acrobatic stunt maneuvers. 17 May 1997.

TR-3B banking right and rolling over onto its back while producing a variable pattern of strobe firings.

Bruce Cornet - Triangluar-shaped Craft, Wallkill River Valley, NY

The Manta Ray lifts up from an underground base in eastern New York State, and flies towards Billy McNamera and myself on 20 August 2003.

Red cones show location of underground base where Manta Ray hides during the day near Salt Point, NY.

Actor Billy McNamara, who is working with Craig Campobasso on his movie about Valiant Thor, featured in book, Stranger at the Pentagon.
Underground base below field.

http://www.sunstar-solutions. com/AOP/Millbrook/Millbrook. htm

Who was putting on these performances and why?  
Who built these ARVs and who flew them?
How much alien technology do humans now possess?

From Bruce Cornet

Thank you all for this most interesting discussion about how EM fields can be manipulated and controlled on AAVs.  I had the opportunity in 1993 to document such control with a spectacular performance by a BT over Ellen Crystall and myself on 28 April 1993 at the dogleg bend in West Searsville Rd., Montgomery, NY, which we captured on video and time exposure.  

What the data show is the ability for the pilot to control the EM field to such a degree that he could make plasma lights move off of the vehicle and appear separate from the vehicle.  The data also implicate telepathic capability, perhaps technologically assisted, which allowed the pilot to know when I was opening and closing my camera shutter.  To signify such knowledge, he timed the anomalous movements of lights to correlate with my camera action just before I closed the shutter and then just after I opened it.  Quite a capability, and a little scary if this is our reversed-engineered technology in action.  Study the following images.

Image of BT on approach captured from Crystall's video.

The images above were taken from my 35mm negatives under a microscope, which is why they are reversed.  Note that the pilot turned off the outer red and green plasma lights before the two central bright white lights began their dance, then turned them back on once the dance was complete and the headlights had been moved back to their original position on the vehicle.  Note also that when those outer red and green lights were turned back on, they spiraled down to solid lights, indicating a spinning EM field. uk/b_cornet/Vol_1/figures.html

Indexes to color plates, Black & White Plates, and Charts by Steven Vincent Johnson Note: All images are in jpg format, large and small versions.

The BT made a jet-like sound, and Ellen Crystall saw a triangular shape with stuff sticking out the front and back of the triangle.  Listen to the attached audio wav recording.

Spiraling and looping EM field causes plasma lights to spiral and loop also.