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Doyle's Solution To End Muslim Tyranny &Terror Before
It Gets To Be Completely Out Of Control In America

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff ...  ISIS knows that the West is so scared of being called 'racist' that the West will continue to flood itself with Muslim sub-humans.

Of course, there will be more attacks until all whites are dead or until the people rise up and demand the Muslims be deported and no more come in.

I am afraid, however, that it will be too little, too late and the first option will be reality.

At the same time, Trump continues flooding Muslims into the US, just as he is also doing with primitive, arrogant, dangerous Sub-Saharan Black Africans whose IQs average about 55 according to hard science.

So, those two populations are rising drastically (Muslims and Black Africans) and add to that the massive Hispanic population of illegals, Haitian and Jamaica blacks, and we have all the makings of open season on white people.

So, what are we to do?  Should we take up our tent and wander to another country like Iceland?  I have read that Muslims have even invaded as far north as the Arctic and Greenland.  It would be difficult because most Countries won't take whites.  Look at South over 4,000 whites murdered because of the color of their skin.

Do we put on burkas and take the abuse?  Not in my dictionary.  I will take the gun and defend myself.  I will set up booby traps and fight to the death.

Or, there is another option - we STOP the invasion, NOW.    Just as Trump got elected and failed miserably to stop the the flood, we will vote out every lousy swamp rat DC politician.

So, my thought, Jeff, is that as long as we keep taking in muslims that the UN and ISIS pick out for us, yes, there will be attacks. I would close all Mosques if we are attacked here.  I would let the Imams and Muslims know that ANY attack on US soil by Muslims will cause the government to shut down ALL Mosques (which are really just command and control centers for training and terrorism.

It would also necessitate the stopping of all refugees coming in who are Muslim.  Even if we use the wording 'stop all refugees from Muslim countries', they will still take them from countries like Germany, France and the UK etc.  So, we word it as stop ALL refugees who are Muslim.

We will have to start random deportations of any Muslims who are not gainfully employed.  That eliminates the Muslims with free time on their hands and plenty of welfare money.  This is the group that has the time and money - thanks to us - to head for the Mosques and plot attacks.

Any Muslim who gets in trouble with the law, is deported.  WE also stop all 'honor killings' and ALL FGM.  Any child that shows up in school or hospital and is mutilated, that family gets deported and the little girl should be considered to be allowed to stay here with non-muslim foster parents, if she so wishes.

We will not and should not tolerate these people.

They come here, they get plenty of tax dollars and they kill us.  So, Trump needs to roll  out those flyers and have them pasted on every Mosque and every telephone pole. Yes and send some to Islamberg.

What do you think of Doyle's solution to end tyranny?  

A step in the right direction, I hope.