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One Shooter With Assault Rifles?
Time & Bullets Don't Add Up
Proof 'Lee Harvey' Paddock Did NOT Act Alone

By Jeff Rense


Note - The exact number of seconds elapsed is unclear but it is commonly stated that the shooting lasted about 'four minutes'.   Let's work from that assumption…240 seconds. On that basis, the case for multiple shooters becomes extremely compelling. This is not exact science and you are invited to do the math yourselves.

Keep in mind the current casualties are 59 dead and 527 injured (a small number from being trampled, etc, trying to escape.)   That's 586 but let's work with the figure of 560 total SHOOTING casualties, and in most cases, one bullet per casualty. Keep that number in mind.  560 casualties…560 bullets.

It remains unclear if Paddock is alleged to have been firing rifles in full automatic mode (and where did he get them?) or was firing in the standardized rapid-fire single round or selected 3-round burst mode.

US military M-16 and M-4 assault rifles could potentially shoot 90 rounds per minute at 3-roundl auto burst under range conditions that did not exist in the Madalay Bay hotel room. The audio on videos is that of a machine gun not an assault rifle. In several places, two weapons are heard firing simultaneously.

Here is a note from firearms pro…

However, as anyone familiar with firearms will tell you, that 90 rounds per minute would bring most rifles to 'red hot' temperatures which could melt the gas tube or even damage a barrel. And we are just talking about ONE MINUTE of shooting at 90 rounds.

If Paddock fired one or several rifles at an aggregate of 90 rounds per minute, that would add up to a potential total of 360 rounds in the approximate four minutes (or 240 seconds) of shooting… with NO TIME for him to change magazines, change windows or change rifles.

However, Paddock could NOT fire 360 rounds in the four minutes (240 seconds) because he HAD to stop and change magazines…either 20 or 30 round mags.   If he had 30 round mags, that would be TWELVE magazine changes in the four minutes.  And it is reported he fired from both broken out windows in the room/s…meaning he was moving around.  And if he stopped to change rifles, there is more time lost.

Survivors state there were shooting pauses and that is when they would run.

Let's say Paddock managed to get off an amazing 300 rounds in 4 minutes (or 240 seconds) and hit someone with EVERY SINGLE ROUND.  That's 300 dead or wounded people.

Remember, there were 580+ killed and wounded according to late statistics and we are using 550 killed and wounded for the sake of this example and those hurt in the stampede.

WHO, then, fired off the other 250 rounds...also without missing a single shot ?

550 (our example number) killed and wounded from TWO windows in a little over 4 minutes (240 seconds) and Paddock could only have fired off about 300 rounds as we are projecting.

So, once again, WHO fired off the other 250+ rounds, without missing a single shot, to fill the out our guesstimate roster of 550+ dead and wounded from gunshot?

In other words, one person could not have done it alone.  The 'Lone Gunman' story makes no sense.

Although we weren't there to watch and listen, the numbers don't add up.  A group of highly trained terrorists might have done it, firing from both windows and, perhaps, other locations. There are likely many muslims working in the hotel, so helping several shooters get out of the hotel would have been easy.  From the time of the first 911 call to the arrival of police at the Paddock hotel room took, we are told, was 74 MINUTES.  A lot can happen in 74 minutes.

Here is one reply to this article by an M4 firearms owner…

This article is spot on.  I own a Colt M-4 carbine chambered in 5.56x45 NATO.  Last time I was at the rifle range ( in cold weather ), just two 10-round mags in 2 minutes, and my 16" barrel was smoking hot.  NO WAY one guy did this that quick.  I'm waiting to see the list of rifles allegedly found in that room.  Is it possible that other shooters were on adjacent roofs ???  You bet it is.  Wish I could find out the entry points of the wounded & dead as well as if more than one type of bullet was found.  However, with a carbine round, it could easily well pass through the body.  Note:  My late father was an Army Sergeant & Marksman.  Started me shooting .22 long rifles at the age of 5.  So, I have nearly 55 years of firearms experience.  To me, this smacks of a 'black op' false flag, with perhaps a little MK-ULTRA thrown in for the patsy ('Lee Harvey' Paddock).


How Many Rounds Does A Semi-Automatic Rifle Fire Per Minute?

Chris Everett, gun owner, extensive knowledge in technical and legal issues related to guns.
Answered Jun 22 2016

The rate of fire number is fairly misleading. From an engineering perspective, yes, the rate of fire could be classed as 180 rounds per minute, or even higher. But just because that’s the rate, doesn’t mean that you can actually fire 180 rounds in a minute.

The rate of fire is going to be slowed by the fact that you have to do mag changes every 30 rounds or so, by the fact that your finger won’t be keeping up for that long, and probably even by heat in the rifle.

Realistically, an experienced shooter can probably fire 3 rounds a second, at least to start. But every 30 rounds (ten seconds) they need to stop and reload. That reload will take about five seconds, unless you are VERY fast. So that’s 30 rounds in 15 seconds (effective fire rate of 120 rounds per minute, not 180). Few people will retain that fire rate through the a full minute, probably slowing to closer to two rounds per second by the end. My guess is that an experienced shooter (though not a professional) is probably looking at around 90 rounds a minute of effective fire. You might be able to speed it up a bit if you sacrifice all accuracy and normal use of a firearm.

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