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Do NOT Send Food Or Anything To Puerto Rico!

By Patricia Doyle


Hello Jeff ... I want to warn people NOT to send food or bottled water to Puerto Rico.

Authorities from the various charities have found that MASSIVE amounts of food meals and bottled water have been found in land fills in Puerto Rico.

A majority of Puerto Ricans are on US welfare.  The country looks like it did the day after Maria hit.  Trees, poles and debris are still laying where they fell during the hurricane.  Evidently the local people do not want to work clearing the debris. So clean up is at a stand still waiting for workers from the US to arrive and clean their country.

Sadly, 22% of victims of Hurricane Sandy that hit NY and NJ  extremely hard, are still not back in their homes.  Insurance just did not pay enough to finish making homes livable or rebuilt. If people want to donate to hurricane relief then give to Hurricane Sandy relief or give to Texas/Louisiana relief or Florida relief.

Why send food, water or money to people who do not appreciate it and the food and water ends up in land fills.

I am afraid that Puerto Rico will end up like Haiti after the Earthquake 2010.  Seven years after that quake people are still living in tent cities.

The US citizens have enough to do on limited budgets and giving food and water to people who will throw it into land fills is the wrong way to spend it.


See this video for the full outrageous story