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Donald “Free Speech” Trump vs
The Rat-Faced Media Liars


By Rex MacInnes


With the absence of values ­ society begins to decay.” - Vladimir Putin (1)

If You Let The Clintons Back In The White House, America, As We Know It, Will Cease To Exist. We Will Get The TPP, We Will Lose Our Second Amendment, We Will Be Taxed Into Oblivion We Will Have Wide Open Borders And We Will Be Overrun With Muslim Fanatics, Like Europe. This Is It…We Are At The Final Crossroads” - Jeff Rense

God created war so that Americans would learn geography.” - Mark Twain

Donald Trump has withstood a snarling storm of rat-faced media lies that makes sailing around the tip of Patagonia in a rubber dingy mere child's play by comparison. The media knives are all out against Trump the outsider, just as they were against Huey Long, David Duke, Barry Goldwater and John F. Kennedy, which resulted in assassination in two cases.

No one can doubt Trump's sincerity and unbounded optimism to fix the broken American dream and prevent dispossession from the third world invasion into the United States culminating in white genocide.

White Europeans that founded the United States of America are under demographic threat due to the 1965 immigration act, which allows practically unlimited numbers of foreigners from non-white countries and cultures to invade the US.

Honest people have made reasonable complaints against Trump both before and after he began his presidential run (who among us is perfect?). But America is now in a state of cultural-marxist psychosis where even the smallest joke or snicker is interpreted as unacceptable violence.

Trump's approach to destroying political correctness is rhetorical and not based in careful, scholarly arguments of logic. He doesn't want to bore his audience and uses catch phrases to grab their attention. Trump is not a professional politician (whom are all liars) but an articulate man who has reached the hearts of many Americans that sense that something is very, very wrong with their country.

Trump has an absolutely amazing level of energy, intelligence and dedication. His goal is to revive the American economy for everyone, not just the Wall Street fatcats. Day after day, Mr. Trump travels the country giving three hour speeches in cramped and hot auditoriums with overflow crowds and thousands of cheering supporters.

Hillary Clinton has to hire enough actors for her staged appearances which are deceptively made to look much larger than they really are. That's why when Hillary announces that “we are going to raise taxes on the middle class” the paid actors and liberal dupes in the audience cheer wildly for their own destruction.

Handsome, intelligent, courageous, The Donald.

Trump's steadfast message to secure the borders and rebuild the country resonates with mainstreet because of his honest, gritty, John Wayne no-nonsense interpretation of the world. Also, the man can be very funny. His sarcastic barbs against opponents (2) probably makes the legendary comedian Don Rickles jealous.

Tribal Brethren Media Thuggery

Hillary Clinton receives fanatical media support and follows a political agenda set out for her from Wall Street and players like George Soros (said to be the Rothschilds banking cartel's right-hand man) (3).

It has long been documented that the Jewish controlled corporate media, with few exceptions, hates Donald Trump because he cannot be controlled through blackmail and bribes. As the brilliant columnist Ann Coulter describes, media hatred for Trump is now fevered at a temperature that even Satan would find unpleasant (4).

In 1985, the book “They Dare To Speak Out” by congressman Paul Findley documented how the Jewish Lobby was able to control congress by expelling any politician with the tiniest sense of fairness regarding the Israel/Palestine issue. Two decades later Jimmy Carter's book documented the same phenomenon and he was never invited back to speak at the DNC.

Trump has a commonsense plan to rebuild the economy (this is not rocket science folks) but the global elites and central bankers and the Jews that run America are not going to allow this.

America must be destroyed, just as in the book of Acts 2,000 years ago, as with Christ, the apostle Paul's primary enemy was the Jews who refused to cede their power and accept his message of hope (5).

Today all you have to do is turn on the internet or the TV to see the flood of Jewish names in the field of “journalism” attacking Donald Trump in print or in person, spewing their anti-Trump vitriol of lies and deceit (6).

There is one kindly-looking fellow, perhaps Jewish, a Howard Kurtz, who has taken exception with his tribal brethren and called them out for their unfair media attacks. His rare commentary is well worth watching and much closer to the truth that Fox News is used to airing (7).

Vicious Rat-Faced Media: “Do as we say, not as we do”

Trump recently came out with a statement which was slightly ambiguous leaving the possibility of “a call to arms” for those who defend the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms) against a tyrannical state (8). This was portrayed by the media as a clear death threat against Hillary Clinton. However, Trump has three points of defense:

1. His “2nd amendment” reference could have been interpreted in two ways, most obviously as a call to voters, not as a call to take up arms;

2. However, we need only refer to Thomas Jefferson (one of America's founding fathers):

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Put another way:

The Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights so that in the event that the government became oppressive, the people could stage a coup” (9).

The second amendment supporters are true American patriots, and Hillary Clinton is a Bolshevik, a scoundrel and a tyrant. In this sense, Trump's statement would not be immoral even if interpreted as a call to arms, just the opposite, silence in the face of evil is cowardice.

CNN went so far as to create a hoax news story in order to promote their fantastic narrative:

'CNN story a hoax': Secret Service held no formal talks with Trump over 2nd Amendment remarks” (10).

3. The hypocrisy of the media is overwhelming:

In the general historical perspective, It is perfectly OK for the Jewish led Bolsheviks to kill millions of white Christian Russians during the reign of terror of the Soviet empire (11), but the news and entertainment media remains silent on that irrefutable chapter in history. However, daily reinforcement of the mythological role of Hitler and evil Nazis in “murdering six million Jews” is not considered biased (12).

In regards to the presidential race, there are numerous examples of politicians and celebrities making jokes about “disappearing,” “cleansing” and out-gunning their rivals, but these “jokes” are never examined by the mainstream media. It's just “ha ha ha” isn't that so funny when it comes to liberals disparaging and libeling conservatives, independents researchers and patriotic Americans. It is OK to call for the extra-judicial assassination of liberal whistle-blower Julian Assange for leaking information about government wrong-doing, on the air, with no legal ramifications (13; 14; 15; 16).

Thanks to the 1996 Telecommunications Act passed under the auspices of Bill Clinton, six Jewish owned companies now own 90 percent of the US media (17; 18). That's how CNN can publish fake news to support their sinister, anti-European American, anti-Christian agenda, and not be held accountable to any journalistic, logical or moral standards (19).

What about the actual assassination attempts against Trump? There were two attempts on the campaign trail, one where a man tried to jump the stage, and another where a man tried to use an officer's gun to shoot Trump. Investigative journalist Yoichi Shimatsu has written two in-depth articles about an apparent assassination attempt of Trump which would have occurred in Trump Tower, a high level intelligence agency, criminal-network type of operation (20; 21).

No mention or worry of these things incidents to any degree in the media, if someone shoots Trump he deserves it because he's a “racist,” a “fascist” and a “sexist,” so the narrative goes.

Media Hypocrisy: Black Lives Matter Others Don't

Real violence against Trump supporters is downplayed and apologized for by the media. Rallies in Chicago and California were disrupted by violent anti-Trump thugs (ie., Black Lives Matters and other Leftist Thugs hired by George Soros). Intimidation and violence against Trump supporters is out in the open but the media position is that it is Trump's fault due to his strong stances on immigration and security issues involving Mexicans and Muslims-- “he's a racist.”

When I grew up in the 1970s we had a garden in our large yard, barbecues in the summer and listened to the radio. Living in the Michigan area, Detroit was the industrial powerhouse of the state and everyone had a chicken on the grill. It was a pretty pleasant time compared to today. It was not until the auto industry began to decline that Black neighborhoods in Detroit also declined. As workers gradually lost jobs Detroit turned into what it is today: a desolate wasteland of unemployment, hard drugs, crime and murder. Blacks now take out their frustration on Whites.

Here is a typical example of how times have worsened to the verge of race war:

Man beaten with crowbar for wearing Trump T-shirt” (22; 23).

According to the TV news report, the black man called the man “white trash,” which according to the smarmy attitude of the black reporter, seemed justified since the white man was wearing a “Trump For President” t-shirt. When the white man responded in kind calling the black man the “N” word, this however, brought the white victim's credibility in doubt (blatant double standard). The black man proceeded to beat him with a dangerous metal object.

Imagine the opposite case where a white man had insulted a black person wearing an “Obama For President” (made in China) t-shirt. The story would have warranted major headlines in the New York Times and hundreds of hours of TV coverage on CNN and CSNBC. The liberal media echo chamber would have gone berserk denouncing whites for their undeserved “privilege” in society.

Today, black on black crime and black on white crime continues to skyrocket under the race-baiting President Obama (24).

Hillarious Clench'em The Queen of Corruption

“For the wages of sin is death...” - Romans 6:23

Hillary has been spending millions of dollars on ads portraying Trump as a nuclear madman. Apparently the message is resonating with voters like moderate Republicans who may be swayed if they think Trump is a dangerous madman. Hillary, according to this scenario, who is now supported by the Republican defectors, the Neocons, the RINOs (Republican in name only) and what is now referred to as the “Cuck-servatives” (someone who allows their role in life to be usurped by a hostile outsider), would be the better choice (23).

Hillary's crimes are too numerous to list. No matter how bad and how numerous the crimes are-- the media is practically silent: Email scandals, DNC crimes, Clinton Foundation embezzlement, suspicious murders of anti-Clinton activists etc.

See: “44 Reasons to NOT Elect Hillary Clinton” (26).

None of this matters when the Jewish power brokers have selected Hillary over Trump, no matter what, to be the next president. You vote, but the Khazarian Mafia Jewish Power Configuration (KMJPC) through the use of blatant media bias, along with a few more tricks up their sleeves including agenda driven polling data, Google social opinion manipulation, and vote rigging (Diebold) will decide (27).

Here are just a few examples of media manipulation, grotesquely biased in favor of Hillary and against Trump:

* “CNN, MSNBC use graphics to fact-check Trump, not Clinton”

* CNN Admits to Giving Hillary Clinton a "Free Ride"

* Compilation of CNN & MSNBC Cutting Guests Mics to Protect Hillary Clinton (28; 29: 30).

It's OK for the media to spend days nitpicking a point about the 2nd amendment in a Trump speech, but the glaring hypocrisy of the “Taliban Father of Orlando Mass Killer Endorsing Clinton” is not worth a mention? (31).

I never thought the day would come when I would have to rely on Fox News for reliable reporting, but that day has come. To be sure, most of Fox is filled with anti-Trump propaganda, but a few commentators such as Sean Hannity and a variety of his guests like the good man Ben Carson are allowed on the air. Note that Fox owner Rupert Murdoch (whose mother was Jewish, by the way) endorses Jew York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for president-- you could not find a more left leaning Bolshevik if you tried. And Fox is the “conservative” network?

Fox News analyst Laura Ingraham said it well, referring to CNN and the rest of the liberal media scum-buckets:

the Hillary Media as I call them are really post America...because they really don't care...whether America goes down the tubes.”

What Ingraham fails to mention is that the president of CNN, Jeff Zucker is Jewish, and CNN is owned by Time Warner, one of the biggest donors to Hillary Clinton. The Jews WANT America “to go down the tubes,” as part of their divided and conquer strategy (see: Kevin MacDonald, The Culture of Critique; David Duke radio archives,

Blood Clots And Brain Dead Zombies

Only recently has the media picked up on the Hillary brain problem, with a few stories on Fox covering what has been in the social media for some time now.

Hillary has blood clots in her head and is appears to have early signs of dementia, including possible seizures and brain freezes. This is no doubt connected to the evil that has possessed her for many years in her quest for total power, but her body cannot handle the stress and is collapsing like a house of cards in a hurricane (32).

For the wages of sin is death, and according to the Holy Bible, one who is engaged in constantly evil behavior is vulnerable to demonic possession. Note the many internet cartoons of Hillary making fun of her as some sort of possessed demon, but what the parody-makers may not have fully realized is that Hillary exhibits all of the qualities of a fully possessed satanic demon (33).

Trump Toward Saner Foreign Policy

Trump recently stated that it was the Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton, that was responsible for the rise of ISIS due to the power vacuum created when the US military evacuated the region after the illegal war in Iraq (34).

A Hillary Clinton anti-Trump advertisement barrage portrays Trump as threatening to cause nuclear war. In fact, Trump's foreign policy philosophy is to walk tall and carry a big stick, negotiating from a position of strength and maintaining peace through cooperation in the world. Hillary is the true Zio-con war monger.

We need to see an end to our foreign interventions and use morally sound diplomacy and economic incentives in order to work with those countries where common ground can be found. Since the end of WWII the US has resorted to a CIA bag of tricks including coup de tat, assassination, proxy army invasions (ISIS) and all-out bombing of civilians (see: Killing Hope by William Blum).

Trump's indications that he wants to leave a lighter military footprint in the world is somewhat reminiscent of the 2012 Ron Paul campaign.

If we had not fought the “war for Israel” in Iraq by poking a stick into that hornet's nest whose religious factions were carefully controlled by Saddam Hussein, the Middle east region would not have been destabilized, the refugee crisis into Europe would not have happened, and ISIS would not have been born.

* (Saddam was the CIA's choice as leader during their intervention in the 1970s; similarly, Tito's Yugoslavia was blown to bits by the Zio-globalists causing ethic turmoil in an otherwise stable country)

Although Trump originally offered conditional support to the Iraq war, he quickly become a strong critic of it after it began, whereas the psychopath Hillary has consistently supported US mass murder around the world (eg., Iraq, Libya and Syria). Trump was a businessman and not a foreign policy advisor at the time and probably did not know then, but we at think he knows today, that the 911 attacks were a blatantly suspicious, false-flag operation carried out by the shadow government: CIA, British Intel, Israeli Mossad.

The Election?

Will the establishment stop Trump? Perhaps, it appears that even if he could muster enough votes, they will be stolen from him (as he has already warned) through electronic election rigging. Election Fraud through phony polling, agenda driven polling, rigged voting machines, and brainwashed, dumbed-down voters is what we should expect.

Whether or not Trump wins, the soul of America is badly diseased. Win or lose,Trump, though not a perfect man, has done a great service for those of us who still care about this world, and for that we should all be grateful.

Highly recommended books critical of Judaism, Jewish history and power:

A Greater Miracle Than The Lost Ten Tribes - Brian Alois Cleraubat

The Controversy Of Zion - Douglas Reed

The Biological Jew - Eustace Mullins

The Israel Lobby And US Foreign Policy - Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer

The Power Of Israel In The United States - James Petras

The Transparent Cabal - Stephen Sniegoski

Peace Not Apartheid - Jimmy Carter

The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine - Ilan Pappe

The International Jew - Henry Ford

The High Priests Of War - Michael Collins Piper

They Dare To Speak Out - Paul Findley

Guilt By Association - Jeff Gates

Truth Is A Lonely Warrior - James Perloff

The Culture Of Critique - Kevin MacDonald

Mein Side Of The Story - M.S. King

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit - E. Michael Jones

Jewish History Jewish Religion - Israel Shahak

Judaism's Strange Gods - Michael Hoffman

The Synagogue Of Satan - Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Holy Serpent Of The Jews - Texe Marrs

Conspiracy Of The Six Pointed Star - Texe Marrs

Jewish Supremacism - David Duke

Breaking The Spell: The Holocaust Myth & Reality - Nicholas Kollerstrom

The Holocaust Hoax Exposed - Victor Thorn

Churchill's War - David Irving

Russia And The Jews - The Barnes Review

History Of The Jews In The Soviet Union - Alexandre Solzhenitsyn

* Rex MacInnes is a supporter of WAR: the White Advocacy Right


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