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Dominance In The Night Sky


By Jim Kirwan


The new European Central Bank Building in Frankfurt Germany. The intended global standard for fake-power in the world ‘today’.

If you look back in history from Medieval Times to the twenty-first century you will find that the tallest buildings in every era were always meant to dominate the skyline of any given era. Just as the City of New York’s skyline once featured World Trade Center One and Two, as definitely the highest structures in that city until 9-11, which was part of why they were targeted and why they were not replaced; because global-trade is not nearly as important as global-corporate banking has become today.

In Medieval Europe the most imposing structures vacillated between cathedrals and castles because that was where the real ‘powers’ of those times thrived. In today’s skylines many of the most imposing structures are bank buildings now that the trade-centers have been destroyed: But none of the current banks can hold a candle to this latest obscenity in Frankfurt, Germany above: Any child can see what’s absolutely the most important structure in that city today ­ especially at night.

Will the world wait until the global-cabals do the same thing to every major city on earth, before people decide to shred the fake “institutions” responsible for creating this monstrous ode to the brutality of naked power?

Power of the kind that was able to steal the money through lies and deceit that robbed people of jobs, food, housing and their national identity. The money they used to build the above edifice to greed and avarice and naked power has even exceeded the old Catholic Church; along with all the Mosques, and temples from times’ past present or future…

So say hello to your new bosses, same as the old bosses, but these miniscule-monsters are far greedier than any human has ever dared to be: Because never before has humanity witnessed anything this blatant, or this expensive throughout the entire history of the human race.

And they dare to call this rape something as disingenuous as


The key to having any real “VISION” has always been the willingness to “SACRIFICE” to reach a given goal. But in this case that hole in the stylized human heart, upon which real dreams are built, has nothing to do with the filthy rich that have not sacrificed anything at all: In fact their outlaw-codes’ require that all sacrifices must continue to come from those they plan to murder, after they’ve stripped every slave of anything that might ever be of value. Even the Earth, the Water the Fire and the Air of this place is being sacrificed and poisoned with global radiation thanks to these imposters that must be ended if this world is ever going to survive.

What the colonial-slave-masters that created “Amerika” began with did not even come close to the level of the lies, brutality and hatred which the current Kazarian Mafia has now created, as their worldwide standard, of course.

Yesterday I mentioned: It's a complex world that we almost destroyed, but there are other options: All we have to do is use common sense and rise to the occasion that demands that we free ourselves from this treachery that will end soon ­ because they've exhausted all avenues of escape: Now it's up to us!”

And that’s true. It will come to pass far more quickly than most could ever expect. For instance: NATO is almost bankrupt, so how powerful will they be when it comes to funding the upcoming war on Russia? For that matter The IMF, the World Bank and most of the EU are all walking on very thin ice.

"NATO’s budget is too small to not only purchase Russia-ordered Mistral helicopter carriers, but to even compensate France half of the penalties in accordance with the contract,” a military source in Brussels, Belgium told TASS news agency.

NATO’s military and civilian budget for 2014 amounts $ 1.6 billion, while the penalty for non-delivery of the two Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia could reach $ 3 billion, the source explained.

Moreover, NATO simply doesn’t have a structure that could receive the ships. The Alliance has almost no military equipment of its own. So there would be no use in the helicopter carriers even if the money to purchase them is found,” the source said.

The idea of buying the Mistral vessels is “absurd from a military point of view” because the ships are “custom-built in accordance with Russian standards, which makes their use by NATO highly problematic and will require additional, expensive refitting,” he stressed.”

NATO Unable to Purchase Russia-Bound French Warships


In the first two World Wars, the money to fight those monstrosities always had to be discovered, as the participants always seemed to run out of everything before they could conclude them. That’s why the USA became involved, because they were about the only nation that wasn’t broke—back then.

But today the planet has already been bankrupted, except perhaps for Russia and China, but that still leaves the war hawks without enough backing to do what they say they want to do by starting WWIII over their fantasies which they say amount to “Russian Aggression” ­ when nothing of the kind has yet happened.

This might sound trite to some, but this is largely the case:

Running Out of Targets?



There has never been a mystery about any of these things ­ anyone can see what’s been going on here and now for at least the last fifteen years. When children ask their parents about that building in Frankfurt, what will anyone say it will be used for? What could possibly justify anything that big, that it literally dwarfs the entire city of Frankfurt, Germany ­ for starters?

Then how to explain to children how it is their families have no jobs, no food, and no money when the largest temple on the horizon seems to worship all that money that ordinary people no longer have any right to ever have?

Even these “Children of the Empty Promise” might wonder why their parents haven’t gotten together and gone into that place to take what they need from the banks that so obviously have way too much for them to ever spend ­ while their families and their friends have nothing at all on which to survive…

If children can see the crimes that are going on today, just as they did when LBJ created his War on Poverty along with the Great Society that were both total frauds ­ then when will the supposed adults get involved,




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