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The Dogs Of War

By Jim Kirwan


Tomorrow is the 73rd Anniversary of the global unleashing of The Dogs of War. Like so many attacks before, like the false-flag attack on Pearl Harbor was carried out by the Imperial Japanese Navy and protected from interruptions by Washington’s silent awareness of the imminent attack.

(Before you go ballistic, look it up. The government had to release the truth and open the files: After 50 years had passed since the event happened and today).

Almost every major war throughout history has usually begun in a similar way, almost always prefaced by a preemptive attack that was designed to use surprise and brutality to do whatever had not been reached through normal political channels ­ prior to actual “WAR” being declared. The creatures above have been with us since Bosnia and the UN mandates.

What most Americans are not aware of is that these same criminal elements have been operating in secret, since the UN was created in1950. These ‘forces’, sometimes called “peace-keepers” have been used around the world doing what they do since long before their global-crimes became public knowledge. Haiti was invaded and raped three different times by the UN, and Clinton alone. The unofficial reason that Haiti needed to be keep in abject poverty was because of what the revolt of the slaves had cost French slave-owners, in the millions of dollars in “lost profits”. For something like a hundred years Haiti has been paying off that “debt” to the French, but the white and powerful owners of the planet were also making certain that the proper example of those who dared to rebel would never be forgotten.

In the end of the GHW Bush reign Tito of Yugoslavia died. Yugoslavia had been at peace both inside and outside that nation until Tito’s death. Almost immediately the different factions within Yugoslavia declared their independence. “Poppy” instantly recognized some of them which set the tone for the wars that followed: Those events were similar in many ways to what USI so recently engineered in Ukraine.

In the Bosnian wars the UN and NATO were clearly revealed for who they have always been. Slavery, sex-trafficking, drugs, stolen body parts: everything that was usually part of Mafia or global criminal cartels suddenly began to appear under the protection of the United Nations or NATO auspices. That was on top of the preemptive bombing raids, the rivers of blood and the torture that was basically part of the illegal-wars on the several sides, or so it seemed. I don’t remember any charges ever being formerly filed against any Western nation, the UN or NATO, at that time or since: It “just happened”, in much the same way that Ukraine has started to eat its own and what used to be their economy alive…

“Lawlessness” has played the leading role in the rise of the fake American Empire. Now several nations have begun to place themselves “In Harm’s Way” by challenging USI (And Israeli) Hegemony on the global stage. It’s this fact that’s behind the global-disinformation, the lies and the Deceptions’ that the West is determined to cram down the collective throats of the blackmailed world today.

Russia has Western Enemies not Partners

After the wars over what was Yugoslavia, it was more than clear, to anyone who tried to follow those wars; that the United Nations and NATO were and still are global-outlaw forces. They were clearly privatized-pirates being used as mercenaries by United States Incorporated, to begin the destabilization that has now spread across the Middle East (Via the twenty-something color revolutions), going all the way to Ukraine: And this heavy handed bludgeoning has only “just begun”.

Game On: U.S. Congress officially declares New Cold War

The language used by the tyrannical actions of those coming from the US Congress leaves no doubt that USI now wants an all-out punishing war against Russia in order to protect their self-announced globally-privileged status as the only truly “Exceptional Nation” not bound by any laws anywhere!

This entire scheme is a massive farce underwritten and supposedly enforced by the filthy dogs of war worldwide—which is why all the thugs in uniform, regardless of the nation-state, all look and act in exactly the same way.

Ironically only the old United States has decided to make her streets resemble the military-occupations launched by the old USSR when they invaded Hungry, Poland or any of the other rebellious nations which the Communist Hammer & Sickle needed to crush—long before there was ‘a Putin’.

The “problem” now is that the United States is supposed to be “free and democratic”, so how come we have so many military psychopaths being directed by Zionists thugs roaming our streets and dressed for World War Four?

It looks like the entire government “failed to get the memo”, but the rest of the world has now clearly read every word of this non-declared war upon America and all ordinary Americans…

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