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Born into a civilization in the distant future, Beatrice is a teenager who learns that her unique cognitive skills make her useful to the authorities. Over time she discovers that she's a Divergent, and thus slated for elimination by the government.” Netflix ad for the 2014 film, from the best-selling book, as part of a trilogy by Veronica Roth.

A subtle but futuristic look at a variation on how today’s society might correct the thousands of societal crimes that have brought us to this point. The public was mildly interested in the Hunger Games, but many left that interpretation of our problems, unsatisfied.

Divergent takes a different tact entirely. Its part of a three book trilogy, based on a future created after the war we’re waiting for has ended. The film assumes that we’re not just the children of the ignorant; rather it explores what we could easily fall into, if we don’t excoriate the causes of our current political problems, worldwide. Where ‘Hunger Games’ leaned heavily on N.W.O. tactics, ‘Divergent’ explores the actual mental side of the soft-sell version of everything that’s keeping this society in chains today.

In many Native American tribes, children left the tribe on a personal-retreat when childhood died. The individual could then discover who they were. After a personal vision-quest to find their newly created self, the individual returned to announce his new name to the world. This conveyed how the newly born individual would live his life. The idea was borrowed for Divergent.

In the film the sole exception revolving around choosing a life-course, for the characters, was that they could only choose from among five choices.

The reason this is a must-see, is that the film graphically shows people and events on-screen, and the way Divergents react to events as only a Divergent would in life. Divergents are those that will never accept the idea of being just one kind of person—for life. The ancient Native view of everyday life included continuing ergonomic changes which most people continue to experience throughout their lives: Whereas in the authoritarian view, ‘the personal need to make ‘final choices’ is made for them at an even earlier age now, which of course skews each subject (including ‘us’) for life.”

This is the current goal of the massively successful USSA educational system. It failed massively for us, but it’s working for them. The current ‘system’ seeks to force people to accept dictatorship, via Rothschilds’ pre-programmed agenda. That goal that has largely been met. It was created to outlaw both thought and choice today. Because of these realities, ‘Divergent’ could easily become a pivotal-film because it visibly deconstructs the “new psychiatric affliction” which has currently been classified as “ODD”. (1) This film is worth a look.

A further application is defined by this attempt to deny reality, in this article today. Why are we expected to “respect” a sworn-oath in the cover-up of this crime in Sandy Hook, when at the same time no member of the government; administrative, legislative or judicial, is expected to “honor” any oath which they all took when they assumed their offices’ as officials or employees of the United States?

The answer is simple:

No-one in authority will ever go to jail ­ until we try them!

In less than two months, it will be the one-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre — the shootings on December 14, 2012 by alleged killer Adam Lanza of 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

And yet we don’t know any more about the killings than we did six months ago. Why? Because the authorities are determined to keep the massacre enshrouded in secrecy.

In the United States, death certificates — like birth and marriage certificates — are public domain documents that serve as a mechanism for upholding the integrity of information in which there is a public interest. As an example, death certificates can be and are used to maintain voting integrity by removing dead people from registered voter lists.

But Newtown’s town clerk Debbie Aurelia — with the support of the Connecticut state legislature — refused to release the death records of those killed in Sandy Hook, despite Freedom of Information requests from the New York Post, the Connecticut Post, the Associated Press, the Hartford Courant, and other media. The ostensible reason is to protect the “feelings” of the parents of the child victims.

Of course, what Aurelia and the Connecticut state legislature wouldn’t explain is how and why the “feelings” of the parents would be “hurt” by the release of the death records of alleged mass murderer Adam Lanza and his mother, Nancy Lanza…

Now the same excuse is given for gagging the workers and contractors who are tearing down the Sandy Hook Elementary School. (The school has been empty since the shootings, its students and faculty were moved to a school building about seven miles away in a neighboring town which has been renamed Sandy Hook Elementary School.)” (2)

The Associated Press reports (via Fox News), Oct. 15, 2013, that contractors demolishing Sandy Hook Elementary School are being required to sign confidentiality agreements forbidding public discussion of the site, photographs or disclosure of any information about the building where 26 people were fatally shot last December.

Selectman William Rodgers said officials want to protect the Newtown school where the 20 children and six educators were killed because “It’s a very sensitive topic” and “We want it to be handled in a respectful way,” The News-Times reported. “We don’t really want those who are there somehow releasing information or recounting impressions of the site, given we are trying to move on, so to speak.” (2)

To hell with the criminals and their coverup of Sandy-Hook!

The way out of our nightmare presents the public with seemingly impossible choices: In reality there is only one real choice. We must fight these outlaws to the death, as the cattle ranchers are about to do in Nevada—because if we do not then the entire nation will have admitted to having already unconditionally surrendered to the police-state that’s been growing like kudzu since it was unleashed and has continued uninterrupted since 12-12-2000.

Cliven and Carol Bundy are the last ranchers in Clark County Nevada and if the environmentalist controlled EPA and Federal Law Enforcement have their way the Bundy’s will lose everything, maybe even their lives. Please help the Bundy’s in their fight against tyranny.

Just before the round-up began this weekend, Bundy said federal agents surrounded his 150-acre ranch. His son was arrested on Sunday in an incident involving the agents. “They’ve been bringing men in and equipment and setting up a compound,” Bundy told Monday. “They got helicopters flying low. They got snipers around the ranch.

Our access to public lands has been blocked.” “We’re not pointing guns at anyone but we’re sure getting a lot of guns pointed at us.” ­ Carol Bundy, wife of Nevada rancher.

Bundy said he is worried BLM might try to turn the situation into another Waco or Ruby Ridge. “Yeah, there’s a little fear in me,” Bundy said. “They’re definitely set up to do that.”(3)

One reader said this:

One of these days the public will get completely fed up. Something small will trigger it and then WHAM, every cop even the good ones become instant targets with bulls-eye on their heads and many years of anger towards big brother gets transferred to them and any visible fed.

When it actually starts it will spread like lightning and there will be a complete split inside DHS and any military unit that turns against the people. Many who make bad Unconstitutional orders will be instantly shot-down by their own who are also fed up, specially as the attacks and murder of American families and children and infants with drone warfare begins. It will be the bloodiest saga in American history, far worse than the Civil War.

The feds and the militarized police will eventually all be killed. those that will survive will quit and go home to protect their families and go YOYO (official secret DHS term for desertion of post and they know this will be a super big problem).”

The core issues beneath all these lies is centered on the fact that the current supposed authorities want everything they do to be unconditionally accepted. And when they decide to shatter every law known to mankind, then the public must accept that too, without a whimper. But when they’re caught in mega-lies, then the public must ignore whatever happened in favor of letting the ‘authorities’ have everything they do become acceptable behavior: That way the international outlaws can have everything they continue to do - both ways!

Ironically this is exactly what’s happening in Ukraine, Syria, Iran and Palestine as this is being written: But it’s not going down any better “over there” than it is here in the ruins of the USA.

Cliven and Carol Bundy are correct and the illegal secret-government unilaterally broke the agreement which the US signed in the 1800’s to lease the land to the Nevada ranchers which they’ve been using for grazing since that time: No notice was given and with weapons pointed and cowardly snipers in-place, this government is clearly an outlaw agency that needs to pay for what they’ve already done. On top of that if the ranchers have no choice, then this line in the metaphorical sands, will run red with the blood of a lot of people that do not need to die—if and only IF the government backs down immediately!

In Ruby Ridge and in the slaughter that Hilary Clinton ordered on behalf of the AWOL Attorney General Janet Reno ­ in the standoff in Texas: The government lied about the nature of the people they murdered in the end. In this world, no one is any longer in any doubt that what’s about to happen in Nevada is a total lie. On top of that, unlike what happened before, no one in the country, who’s awake, will back the governments’ position this time. What that means is that the comments of the reader above are about to come true…

It’s Decision-time America and only the Divergent will survive!

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2) Workers tearing down Sandy Hook School sworn to secrecy

3) Nevada Rancher Prepares to Die as Feds Invade


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