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Divide & Conquer Is Complete!

By Jim Kirwan


INNOCENCE awaits inside the flower of the Devils’ Claw; which is about to close and end the remaining ‘order’ on the planet. That will leave EVIL as the only arbiter, which was the design for all of us from the start.

The ceasefire in Ukraine was just another lie that was declared to grab headlines for the NATO conference, while improving the positions of the badly demoralized Ukrainian army and its mercenaries. However the real target all along has been achieved.

Divide & Conquer!

Everyone knows that all of this has always been about “Divide & Conquer”. What many did not know is that all the figureheads around the planet have already been paid off, in cash, to sell out the counties they supposedly represent.

This sell-out has now been successfully completed in the EU and the United States. Therefore, just as Porky was able to disband his government: All the countries in the West need to end their ‘Parliaments’’, or, as in the case of the US the top-heavy government, the courts and the entire congress.

There is no longer any need for any of them:

Especially now that they’ve all been paid to end their fake representation of their ‘former’ countries in the newly declared Fascist World Government that will be self-enforced by NATO & others.

This was the reason for the outrage, announced yesterday, by Rasmussen to create NATO’s “lightening spearhead force”

The point was not to Divide & Conquer nations and other people:


It was to divide the people from the earth and from their own governments: Leaving every nation

To the mercy of NATO. UN, EU, USI & Israel:

None of which even pretend, any longer,

To represent the people that NATO is about to slaughter, wholesale!



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