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Dissolving The United Nations

By Jim Kirwan


The latest report on Syria condemns the United Nations to violations of all the nations that admit to having invaded the sovereign nation of Syria—which is in direct violation of every aspect of the Geneva Conventions and the supposed Rules of International Law that have never been enforced since the UN set them up. The so-called nation of Israel is the motivating dark-power behind the current call to expel Russia from the Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) or Human Rights Commission.

Of course everyone conveniently forgets that the Vatican actually owns the United Nations

The overwhelming number of criminal NGO's & corporations that are demanding the removal of Russia from the supposedly Humanitarian Effort surrounding the global attack upon Russia by these imposters, that are definitely not nations, and therefore should have zero standing in any “ruling” for Israel, inside the UN's attempt to outlaw Russia from any effort inside the besieged nation of Syria.

The actions of these NGO's is Against Human Rights across the board in Syria against Russia and the Nation of Syria which are the only two nations that have any “rights” to even be inside Syria, because only Russia has been invited in ­ to assist Syria in driving out the invading forces that have been trying to commit “REGIME CHANGE” & overthrow the legally elected Syrian government for over five years.

Consequently all these 'actors' from 86 Human-Rights Organizations that are currently and illegally bombing inside Syria and are demanding the ouster of Russia from the UN Human Rights Organization at the behest of Israel - with their illegal support of the U.N.. The Turk being interviewed claims he has evidence but shows us NOTHING. This latest effort to censor Russia, in addition to the illegal UN sanctions against Russia ­ must be confronted by the American public that is sponsoring the UN. Americans are paying for these crimes with US tax dollars ­ from every pending UN sponsored illegal takeover, of the rights of every American in the Republic, regarding the mandated taking of our guns, all the way to REGIME CHANGE IN AMERICA, which thanks to Obama's illegal activities has already UNCONDITIONALLY SURRENDERED the United States to the United Nations ­ thanks to the illegal intercession of American Vice President Joe Biden.

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RT News - October 28, 2016 (12:00 MSK)


The lies are unending in this interview with no evidence presented

More on who the NGO corporate players really are...

White Helmets Really?

The White Helmets are just one of the fake NGO's

Without the UN and the Blue Helmets the rest of the planet might finally be able to get
some much needed rest from these outrageous criminals,
wherever they are called-in to plunder & rape after every crisis.



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