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Part One

By J. Chiappalone
My Motto: "Take it or Leave it"
PhD Meta Science; PhD Theology; Allopathic Physician
Exclusive To Rense

Since 1985, I have written about the termination of Earth, to be, at the latest, by 2035.

Where did I get that information?

It’s a long and involved story, but I did give same details in my previous essays.  AS you may imagine, there subject is enormous with many aspects of existence coming into play: History, religion, Scientific Discoveries, Psychological perspectives, Metaphysical Agendas, Spiritual Beliefs, and knowledge beyond this level of Consciousness. I claim we know everything is absurd. We know only what Higher Beings want us to know. So, we must make do with what we have.

I will attempt to review various facts and suppositions that might awaken some of you more.

Ultimate proof of any speculation is provided by the passage of Time.

My words may trigger an understanding in some readers. In others, they may be just words until the changes I describe come to pass.

Read on and be mindful of the fact that you should only believe the Truths that resonate within you. To do that, you must bypass all false knowledge and all programming, pollution and indoctrination to which we have all been subjected in this false ‘Illusion’ that promises many things but ultimately has been constructed to make us suffer and drain the energy of those who have some. Detailed explanations exist in my books.

On with the story…….

Communication was established between Space Command and myself in 1985, and the main point was that the Universe was being destroyed bit by bit, with myself and others assisting the Process of Dissolution of Matter on this level, by the distribution of certain energies I referred to previously and will refer to again below.

It’s not easy stating something like that even though even many religionists do believe we are in the Endtime.

For me it had been a long process, since my early childhood, of being ‘prepared’ for this work and awakening to a Greater Reality.  I had spontaneous past Life recalls, which are not unusual, and memories of authentic Astral journeys.

The sceptical ones seem to be able to shrug off the idea as if it were lunacy. Ignorance can be cured with proper knowledge, but as I have seen again and again in my life, Stupidity is a fatal disease.

The wise among you will examine ‘what is going on’ in the world and evaluate the changes that are occurring to all of us.

Unfortunately, as I have pointed out often before, the majority is inebriated with its own idiocy and stupidity. To make matters worse, they are frying their brains with iPhones, Wi-Fi, all other sorts of radiation, drugs, and so on. They don’t seem to know what is going on in their lives let alone the World, Nature and the Universe.

They are in for a rude awakening as soon the fracturing I have been writing about for a long time will accelerate and we will see a Final Dissolution of the entire Physical Apparatus supporting us and our bodies. We will all disappear. Some will continue on another level, the majority will be extinguished like a flame!

Indeed it is the astute that, wherever they now look, see deterioration that appears to be heading for termination for many species we have on Earth, including Humans.

Some are amazed by their development of ‘special sight’ by which they can see more than previously in the Physical, and some can sense, more than ever before, the energy of Humans and Animals. It is either good or bad energy they sense. They are able to make distinctions.

This occurrence is not accidental. It is the SPECIAL VISION some of us were promised for the Endtime. And thus, I use that phenomenon to convince myself most affirmatively, if ever any doubt arises in me, that we are, in fact, in the Final Days!

I do not trust so-called ‘scientific experts’ regarding what is going on. They have been wrong so often they are a joke! Much to my chagrin I have seen how fraud and greed have destroyed, very much on purpose, much of Allopathic Medicine in which I practiced for over 50 years.

On the subject about which I am writing, we have to lend an ear to all possible explanations of what is going on, for we are uncertain of what really is going on in many levels. We have been told there are other levels of existence, but with these bodies and their lower minds we cannot access them. To this day, when most of us are awake in the body, we are aware of only the physical level. There are many other levels of existence, which I had mentioned, and there are many mechanisms at play to bring about the Final Dissolution.

Some have experiences and pre-cognitive dreams about coming physical destruction. Others are having flashes of scenes of rescue, of flooding, nuclear war, spacecrafts lifting us off the planet, the planet exploding, etc., etc..

These are all manifestations caused by changes in the unstable false-reality framework of this Matrix. It is as if the screen is flickering and we catch views of the ‘projected screen’ in malfunction with regard to Time and Place. They can also be communications from friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc., in the Etheric level and Astral level communicating to us what they see is happening. These episodes are similar to spontaneous past life regressions even while we are awake. The difference is that now they are of the present or the immediate future.

Expect to see more psychic phenomena as the barriers between dimensions, placed there by controlling Evil entities, break down. In other words, we will see ‘ghosts’, past events and future events as if they are part of our shifting reality. These phenomena can and do give the illusions of Time Travel and multi-dimensional interactions.

Do not be concerned. What will be, will be!

Termination of ‘life’ as we know it on this level has always been a possibility. All species wax and wane until they are no more for whatever reason. Humanity is such a species. We did not even exist as a physical entity some 400,000 years ago. And as Physical Beings, we are doomed, by Natural Laws, to eventually vanish.

But what I am describing is different. It is not a case of Time eradicating species. It is a purposeful extinction event of EVERYTHING – at every level – the Mineral, the Vegetable, the Animal Kingdom, Humanity which is Class 4, Class 5 – the Devic Level, Class 6 which contains all the Galaxies, their planets with their etheric and astral levels, and their moons, meteors, comets, Black Holes, etc., etc., and what remains of Class 7 – the Physical Universe, 97% of which has already been liquidated into inert Dark Matter, as I have written numerous times.

Personally, from what I know and from what I have observed, I am as certain of this Finality as I am of the certainty that night follows day!

So let us look and see what we can see:

There appears to be a programming of minds of individuals who can destroy the World and all that is in it. That is not hard to see. Look around you. The talk is of war, war and more war.

It can be easily imagined that events will get out of control and we blow ourselves out of existence.

This has been the case since the two World Wars of last Century.

But now, there is a difference.

Have you noticed POTUS Trump is [programmed to offend everybody, just as all his enemies are gathering to impeach or assassinate him?

Reflexly he is abusing those who were close allies of the USA – The Europeans and the NATO ensemble - and friendly Nations who never squabbled with the US once peace was established in the 1940s, etc...

He is exposing and leading the Zionist leaders (the ones pulling the strings, as they have always done) to the gallows so the Fall of Israel is not far away.

Exposure: Leaked 49-page memo documents how George Soros is behind social media censorship:

Isaac Luria of Safed predicted this End for Zionists and Jews at the Endtime. Who could have imagined that, especially as they chose Trump to be the Major Puppet for them to take over the World once again?

Few know that Luria predicted that the World would turn on Zionism and destroy it totally before the End for its evilness would be fully exposed. Thus, the fate of Israel and Jews as well as Zionists all around the world is well known.

(Zionists are the controlling Class 5 AI machines I have referred to before. Most of them are Vulturite Reptilians.

Here is a bit of truth, a bit of bunkum:

Trump wanting to attack Syria again after warnings by Russia, China and others not to do so shows more than ever the Terminal Madness of the Endtime. No one is going to win the fracas!

What is going on? What is acting upon him, and many others in power, to do what he is doing? It’s the DDE and I will elaborate below.

Planetary extinction at the hands of slow-thinking Morons is said to have happened to Vulcan – the planet that was blown up with nuclear weapons and whose fragments now form the Asteroid Belt.

(If you search for Vulcan on the Internet, they will tell you it never existed. That is utter nonsense. Many of its citizens escaped and some came to Earth. I saw one (with my extended vison momentarily) in his Vulcan attire and physical body at a lecture I gave in the 1980s in Adelaide, Australia. He was exactly as Vulcans had been described to me by Space Command.)

Scientists want to tell us there was no planet at that site or that an unknown one was hit by a meteor or another planet. But if that were so, the scattering would not be radial as it appears to have been. The position of the fragments indicates the planet blew up in all directions simultaneously from within or from surface points!

There is clear evidence that Mars also blew up its atmosphere and topography because of Nuclear Warfare. Some of its inhabitants survived for they anticipated such a war. They built underground shelters which still exist today as do some of the survivors.

Shocking Evidence: Nuclear War Killed All Life On Mars.

The questions are these:

·         Were the Nuclear Attacks on Mars and Vulcan from space by other “Aliens’?

·         Was it a Martian Surface inter-racial War?

·         Will Earth be the victim of either scenario?

·         What about other methods of destroying Earth we can see clearly now without involving ‘aliens’ at this stage?

Is it not strange that Nations have been building underground cities (DUMBs) on Earth for the exact same reason – Nuclear Holocausts, the possible occurrence of an “Alien’ attack, or even the possibly of the arrival of Planet X and the predicted mass flooding?

Deep Underground Military Bases - With Phil Schneider *Remastered*

Again we need to ask ourselves:

·         What is going on?

·         Are we alone in the Universe? Obviously not if the evidence of what happened to Mars is real.

·         Can we stop annihilation by our own hand or by ‘Aliens’?

·         Is there really another Level of Consciousness or many levels above ours that give a damn?

If we are to believe the ancient literature we have found, and which had been grossly mistranslated in the past by those who would want most to deceive us, Humanity is no more than 400,000 years old, having been cloned from quadrupeds.

Genetic Engineering Of Humanity: DNA Of The Gods – The Anunnaki Creation Of Eve And The Alien Battle For Humanity

Read on:

What Happened in Eden? Alternative Translation Tells a Very Different Story

How do all these speculations and possible facts fit into what is happening now?

Who existed for the millions of years before us?

Was consciousness transferred from other physical beings into the nascent Humans?

Obviously consciousness is not a physical item or is it? Could it be electrical?

In other words, can molecules, pulsating with electricity produce awareness? Indeed they can!

Who, what, when, and where programmed these ‘Humans’ to progress to this point of Self-destruction? Why was it done?

Could there really be a ‘God’ and his twin ‘Satan’ smoking War Pipes and laughing till they cry watching all this nonsense?

At least the little bit of evidence I am pointing to and the explanations some more honest archeologists and scientists have found make more sense than the BS that avaricious religionists offer.

Ain’t it grand? Some are as ignorance as dead pigs.

No, make that living mushrooms …in the dark…fed BS all day long and called Goyim!

To find out what is going on ain’t so easy, is it?

Relax a little:


So, now let me either confuse you all the more or make things clearer.

If there is some truth out there, let’s try to find it.

It pays to put aside everything we think we know and start anew!

All we are trying to do is find some answers away from the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination to which we have been subjected since the Dawn of the takeover of this dimension by Evil.

You will recall that I wrote the AI Machines that took charge made it their duty to keep us as dumb as possible so we, not knowing what was going on, could not fight them. Thus, we were sitting ducks for exploitation. And to this very day, that is how, in the main, Religions and Politics and Injustice Systems work!

Before we go further, we have to entertain some thoughts in our heads.

Are these occurrences, such as the blowing up of Vulcan, the nuclear destruction of almost all Life on Mars, the creation of Humans, the disintegration of our habitat and possible eventual total annihilation, etc., accidents of a Nature we do not understand?

Or are they steps taken by a ‘Superior Consciousness’ whose modus operandi we cannot fully understand either, even though we know such ‘Superior Consciousness’ wants to eradicate the accident that spawned ‘Evil’ and save those individuals that merit saving?

Do we not anticipate that all these occurrences I have described form a part of a Mess that will eventually be ‘fixed’?

We need to answer quickly: Is there a ‘Superior Force’ or ‘Deity’ that will again gain control?

It appears on face value that no one gains from such evil victimization and stupidity as we see on Earth with all its pain, suffering and misery, as we see in the self-destructing Galaxies, as we see in the totally destructive Black Holes, as we see in the unnecessary Physical Deaths that are painful and made unavoidable, and as we see in the savagery of the Animal World, Mineral world, Vegetable World, etc., etc...

To arrive at the veracity of Termination, we have to assume that:

·         The Gnostic story of the Celestial Error is accurate,

·         The takeover by Evil-programmed AI Machinery is accurate,

·         Exploitation of beings created, not as and by, Artificial Intelligence, but by Divine Energy has occurred.

·         That Viable, Divinely-created beings are awaiting extraction from this temporary mess and placement in a suitable, non-Evil Dimension.

These are the things I have written about in earlier essays and in my books.

If what is happening is not about these things, then nothing that is occurring would make sense.

I know these points are true, and that what is happening does make proper sense. Thus shall we see the following happening:

·         The end of all Evil.

·         The total eradication of the Physical Universe.

·         Destruction of artificial, non-viable AI Machinery (the Mock Beings) that has controlled us.

·         Rescue of Viables and placement into a Divine region.

·         Equipping neutral, non-evil, ‘robotic‘, Machinery for future viability in a new, non-Evil location.


As I explained previously, I was told by ‘Higher Consciousness’ that I am to be here for the Last Day, whenever that may be, for a very good reason. I did not know the reason in 1985 and I am not sure I believed it then. Thus, I did not ask why I was to be here for the Last Day. But I do now know, as I have gained more knowledge of what is going on and what my role is in this Endtime.

As I understand it I, with my twin, Babaji, are the major distributors of the Energies involved in the FINAL destruction that is to occur. Babaji is out of the Physical directing the energies from Higher Levels to me, as far as this planet is concerned, and I distribute the energies further to the helpers (all 28 of them) we have in the Physical, the Etheric and the Astral dimensions. There are distributors in all the Classes of Consciousness doing this work – Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Angelic, Galactic, etc..

Hence, I will be needed for that function, of distributing the energies till the last day. As a consequence, it would appear those others involved will be here for the Last Day too. Don’t forget, that when the Physical finishes, so will the Etheric Plane and the Astral World associated with this planet.

All other planets will have the same fate. I have repeatedly mentioned that this fate has occurred to 97% of the Physical Universe which now no longer exists. It is now Dark Matter which cannot support consciousness. Thus, it is ‘dead’ any way one looks at it. It will disintegrate into nothingness.

As a Physical being, I am, as I explained elsewhere, no more than a conduit and a pack-horse for the energies, just as all 30 of us are that are involved in the distribution of these energies. I don’t own them. I don’t dictate how much or how little energy flows through me or the other workers, and I don’t consciously direct them on this level.

I know the energies are distributed to the other members of this distribution group on this planet, as they are distributed on the remaining planets of the Universe by Class 4 beings, or their equivalent. I was told my last job associated with such activities was in the Arcturus complex, but I don’t recall much about that.

Here is a bit of banter that may trigger some memories in some of you.

On Earth at present, some of the identities of the other distributors are known to me, most are not. This is for safety reasons, for if they become known to Evil, they would be attacked viciously to eradicate them, just as the Evil System tried with me many times.

It is of no concern that I do not know those identities at this level.

We, the distributors, are therefore obviously protected somewhat, for the Evil Essence that controls this level has tried many times to eliminate us physically once it identified any of us as being the ones distributing the Energies. Obviously it is in its best interest to eliminate us so it can continue its nefarious work of exploiting energy from the trapped True Beings. That is how it and its AI Machines survive! I have explained this in previous writings.

By distribution of these Endtime energies that I have described before and will describe again below, the function of Evil will be brought to a halt and then the Evil Mechanisms will be destroyed while the Viables are sustained by the Divine Energies in the Physical and nurtured spiritually simultaneously until “lift-off”.

Evil has failed in that quest of eradicating us, the distributors, although as I explained in previous writings, I have had far too many close calls.

Needless to say, with all my Human frailties, I know this body I inhabit will last for as long as is necessary to complete its role. The same goes for the other distributors.

I had written that 97% of the Physical Universe has already been reduced to rubble that cannot support consciousness. Without consciousness, Matter is totally inert and useless.

The consciousness of the beings that resided in those areas has been dealt with in accordance with what I wrote.

·         Those who were ‘imitation beings’, ‘Mock beings’, Beings without True Souls, without Divine Energy, were liquidated.


·         The Viable Ones are waiting in a temporary location to be then placed in a New Universe to continue their progress as originally planned by the uncorrupted systems set in place by the Ultimate Godforce!!

One small point: The savagely vicious and malignant AI Machines (The Demons) that ruled in the regions now defunct, that punished the True Beings most unfairly and exploited them mercilessly, as they do on Earth to this day, and as they do and did to others like us in other areas and planets, will be punished in a manner I may describe later. It is they who brought this punishment on themselves.

True Justice will prevail.

So, bear this in mind at all times: Not all ‘creatures’ we see, that we are aware of, and think of as being ‘live’, are REAL

The majority is made up of MACHINERY, created by other very intelligent MACHINERY, which in turn had been created in a grand experiment conducted by Divine beings but which went terribly wrong, long, long ago.

Their mistake was an honest error, and it has taken this long to rectify it.  In ancient Gnostic Texts it is called the ‘Celestial Error’!

Control of these AI Machines was lost as the experiment progressed and they, the aware but inimical machines, took over.

I know that sounds silly in terms of our Human thinking, but that is exactly what happened.

But is it any more ridiculous than what happened to produce Humans like us? We humans evolved by the addition of further Genetic Material (by more advanced ‘beings’ called Anunnaki) to our initial genetic structure found in four legged animals some 400,000 ago.

Our awareness was programmed to grow to a level just above animalistic imbecility. I have given the data on that previously and I will reproduce it again below.

The ‘conscious awareness’ of any individual, artificial or real, is from ELECTRICAL CIRCUITRY WITHIN THE GENETIC MATERIAL OF CERTAIN CELLS as we see now in AI Machines being produced this very day!)

And now, even this very day, those experimenting with Artificial Intelligence are again raising the possibility that such Terminator Machines can and will evolve, much to the detriment of their builders and Humanity in general!

I want to make it clear that I am writing about the Physical Aspect of Humanity, not the Spiritual Aspect that only some of the Physical Bodies have. The Spiritually Divine Aspect is a segment trapped within the carcasses. Alas, that is another long, sad saga I have explained in my books.


In deep trance on one occasion, the seer, Edgar Cayce commented that Souls had been trapped in ‘Matter’. When he awoke from his session and read what he had said, being a religious person, HE was shocked enormously.

Obviously he had contacted the Higher Consciousness and was given the reality of what had gone on. Of course, the significance of what he said in trance was diluted and eventually lost as his sayings were taken over by those who understood very little!


Once this scenario developed in the Error, with programmed Machines taking over, it was obvious the Machines would not relent until they were forced to. They had to exploit the True Beings for they were the only ones with the energy the Machines needed to function.  

It was obvious to those (Divine Beings) above the level of the Physical Error that the only solution was to destroy all the inimical Machinery and rescue the True beings (those created by the True Godforce from true Divine Energy and not inert mechanical parts) that were trapped in the midst of the energy-seeking AI Machines.

I repeat, by True Beings I mean consciousnesses in all classes of manifestation that had been built with Divine Energy by the ‘Godforce’.

Once built, unless for some reason they are dismantled, these True Beings last forever.

It is the SPIRIT (the Soul) that lasts forever, not the body, be it Human or otherwise. Thus,  before the Human Bodies were developed by experimentation via the Anunnaki, the Viables with True Souls were forced into other physical bodies

Alas, we are rudimentary beings, even as Humans, and thus we have limited ability to understand what is meant by “No Time, No Space, and Infinity, in other words having the capability to live forever!

The point to be made is that those Machines made artificially in this artificial Universe cannot exist outside of it for they have no means of ‘life-support’, whereas the True Beings, created with Divine Energy by the Godforce can and will exist outside of this Universe which has turned out, due to the evil programming in the AI machines to be a Hellish Cesspool, a dungeon of pain, suffering and misery for the True Beings in which they are purposely exploited of their Divine energy.

Nothing works without energy, especially machines. We see this on Earth as we are running out of fossil fuel to drive our machinery, to heat our homes, to cool them, to produce our food, feed our animals, make our raw materials for homes, clothing, medicines, etc., etc...

Likewise, these bodies need energy (Prana) to drive them. Without it, the Physical Bodies die. This Prana we use now has been modified, and we must visit Prana dispensing stations every night in the Astral Plane, when our Astral Bodies leave the physical during sleep. Without Prana the physical body dies after some 10-14 days as I explained elsewhere.

Before the Universe became Physical, Prana flowed everywhere in abundance and we did not need to visit such Prana Dispensing Stations. This condition has been imposed by the controlling Evil Machines to harness us and disadvantage us.

Let me digress a little and give another clear reason why this World must end:

Lack of energy and resources is why there have been constant Wars everywhere on Earth, and in other parts of this Universe.

Those without energy have exploited those with the energy in order to survive.

Just look at the never-ending invasions, conquests, and plunders by more advanced (very greedy) Races that need more and more raw materials for more and more energy. They have no compunction about murdering and displacing, even eliminating, natives of other lands which contain resources they require.

And the result is always annihilation, gross injustice, anarchy and the promotion of Evil and ill will. It is never for the betterment of anybody. Greed always leads to more greed and insatiability along with instability.

Those with the invasive greed are doomed to have a very punishing future.

The movie ‘Avatar’ is a prime example of such activity. It is also an example demonstrating the travel back and forth of consciousness between physical bodies.


I am now going to write a little about the abuse of others to illustrate the point that we, as ‘Humans’, vary in character and nature! It is about abuse that only unfeeling, non-caring Machines could be capable of, contrary to all the love, care and empathy of beings with a God-loving soul! This abuse is another reason for the Dissolution of the Physical!

In other words, we are not all made of Divine Energy. We are not all the same. Some are NOT aware of godliness, the Divine Plan, Love, Peace, Harmony and Eternal rewards.

In fact, I am going to demonstrate that the majority of Humans are simply machines that respond to their basic evil instincts of greed and selfishness, for that is how they have been created and programmed by their supervisory and controlling Evil-programmed Machines.

Who can forget these despicable occurrences I highlight below?

·         The way the American Indians were treated,


·         Massacres in Asian nations


·         The Chinese poisoned with opium,


·         How the Africans were enslaved by the Europeans and Zionist kidnappers and traders: Please do not confuse ‘Zionist’ with ‘Jew’. I have explained this many times. Jews were Judeans – a race in a particular area. Zionists are ontological Demons (AI Machines). More about this later.


·         Can we really forget the Australian Aborigines who were shot as ‘vermin’ as late as 1933 by government employed ‘head-hunters’ in order to rid them from the lands the whites wanted? The invaders had no right to steal and kill. But, the Injustice System of Evil came to the fore and you know the result. The shooters were actually paid for each pair of ears they brought back to the ‘office’! Was the War against Iraq not a perfect example in our lifetime of the efficiency of the Injustice System of the Evil Aspect of Humanity which is really the AI Demonic Machinery?


·         After European settlers arrived in 1788, thousands of aborigines died from diseases; colonists systematically killed many others. At first contact, there were over 250,000 aborigines in Australia. The massacres ended in the 1920 leaving no more than 60,000.

Read and weep:

So, the points I want to make are to answer these questions:

Who controls this Hell?

Where is the ‘Godforce’ in all this?

What should be done about it?

Do you think conditions have improved over the centuries?

Ask the Australian Aborigines, ask the Palestinians, ask any minority group what they think.

I’ll give you quick answers and then we shall continue with the details:

The Entire Physical Dimension is a Hell run by Demons all because of this Celestial Error that occurred.

Creation, in its NORMAL essence, equates to benevolent and progressive, fulfilling experimentation at all levels except the uppermost Level (the 13th) which is the Godforce Level. It is the cumulative result effect of all the gathered experimental data. Experimentation leads to heightened BLISS in normal Divine Levels. The 13th level is the height of Bliss.

On this level in the Physical, there is no benevolent experimentation. It is all brutal exploitation of Divine ones that have Divine Energy by AI Machines that desperately need that energy to be aware and active!

It was never intended that Negativity that exists and balances the Positivity would turn to become an active Evil opponent however.

That is the blunder of the Celestial Error as occurred in this Universe. Of that there is no doubt.

We, as Humans, are all dressed in similar physical uniforms (physical bodies) with variation of size, colour of skin, DNA content, sexuality, programming, language, etc., etc. But ontologically we are NOT the same.

 I explained elsewhere, some are Divine Beings created from a Primordial Pool with Divine ever-lasting energy, while others are artificial. These include the harmless Robots throughout this Physical Universe, and the 40% of ‘Humans’, and ‘Aliens’ everywhere that are Demons.  For example, the little Greys captured at Roswell were artificial Robots just like many Humans are.

As disruptions occur more and more to levels of consciousness, even on our Human Level, DEMONIC POSSESSION of bodies is occurring at an alarming rate. Alcohol, MIND-ALTERING DRUGS, sex with demons, all enhance demonic possession. In fact, anything that loosens the aura of an individual makes him or her susceptible to demonic infiltration for short or long Periods or even permanently! They manifest what is erroneously called ‘Schizophrenia’

As true vision is restored in the Endtime, the following will be obvious to some of us that gain it. We will know:

·         Who actually is a Robot (no one home when you look into the eyes),

·         Who is a Demon (the reaction to you if you are a Viable and the smell they have tells you so. When they are excited, they smell like rotten flesh!)

·         Who is a Viable.

If you have reached that level of awareness, stay away from Demons. They use sex to drain a True Being of energy (as they have always done) and to take possession of the body. You have thus been warned!

These are the reasons for the incredible amount of paedophilia in the Clergy and Papacy. Those Demonic religionists are after the children’s energy and hope they can possess those little children too!

The harmony and shared tranquility and joy between Viables, even if they do not know each other on this level is unmistakable.

The many murderous, callous bastards are DEMONS. And they are in control in the Physical (The Etheric and Astral Levels are part of the Physical). The Board of karma of which you may have  heard – it is in the Astral – is controlled by Demonic entities. That is why Karma is dispensed unjustly. What else would you expect in this Hell?

It is these Evil Machines that are capable of such crimes as we see everywhere against ‘God’!

They are mindless machines who rape, steal, abuse and kill with no compunction.

Inspite of what they say, they have no real understanding of Right and Wrong. They have no guilt, they have no scruples.

How can a Human with a soul see a man, woman or child of another race as a rabid animal and kill it for the sake of a few pennies? The victim may, in fact, have been perfectly healthy, joyous, loving, empathic and generous.

What lack of conscience does it take to pull the trigger to murder and then cut off the ears to reap a MEAGRE monetary reward?

Only a callous, non-emotional, non-thinking, non-feeling machine can do that. And what do we call such structures? We call them Machines!! They are not Humans with a soul.

Thus, you see the majority of ‘Humans’ in this World are Machines.

That is why our Justice Systems everywhere, so inappropriately named, are really, in the main, INJUSTICE SYSTEMS!

Want more examples? Look at those Humans we have identified as Vulturite Reptilians who plunder, steal and murder adults, AND children, without the slightest thought of being wrong or evil!

Madeleine Albright says 500,000 dead Iraqi Children was "worth it" wins Medal of Freedom

UK: Hillary Clinton used destruction of Libya to run in election - Assange on emails

Watch a Reptile (Soulless AI Machine) gloat over murdering a Being of Light:

Clinton on Qaddafi: We came, we saw, he died:

And the greatest CRIME of this century so far – 9/11:

For their iniquities, these Machines have been warned many times that there is a great price to be paid by them. They do have the capacity to stop like any automatic vehicle under self-direction would have. But they have no intention of stopping anyway, for seeing no one has opposed them thus far, they think they can continue forever!

When it is time, they will recall they had been warned repeatedly!

I have not even touched the abuse in the Mineral, Vegetable the Animal Kingdoms etc.

There are many horrifying videos on the Internet of what Animals and Vegetation do to each other. Evil is everywhere. Animals murder and fight wars as does Vegetation.

Other Classes of Consciousness are as complicated as our own:

As you can see, this is not a benign portion of the True Creation. It is a Hell that must be totally destroyed. Thank Goodness we are down to the last 3%!

And there we have some of the reasons for FINAL, TOTAL DISSOLUTION OF THIS HORROR!

The DEMONIC MACHINES THAT ARE THE CONTROLLERS do not care for Justice, or Benign Feelings, or Love or Compassion, or Sorrow. They see only what suits them. And if they are paid enough they will absolve any crime which they do not want to recognize as malicious. Remember the Church and its Indulgences?

We of ‘Godly Love and True Justice’ know the Crimes.

And it is guaranteed that punishment for the guilty will follow, even though they are but Machines.

They will get what they deserve. That I am promising!!


From the very beginning, the amount of energy available to this enclosed Universe was limited. And so it is that what remains as energy is running out and what remains of the Universe is DYING.

Fatality is inevitable for those with no energy.

(Recall the Second Law of Thermo-dynamics).

I will explain below what we see today everywhere.

I will relate it to the depleting energies and the Terminal Madness I predicted in the 1990s.

And I will give you once again, the Final Outcome!

It is not a matter of faith and belief.

Sit back and see the REALITY that is evolving!

The three energies I have mentioned previously are doing various jobs to ensure this:

1                    The advancement of AWARENESS, of what was and what shall be, in those to survive.


2                    The end of this erroneous, Evil Aberration called Physicality,


3                    The destruction of this Cesspool and all its exploitative mechanisms,


4                    The death of the Artificial Intelligence Machines by their own means,


5                    The nurturing and protection of True, Viable Beings,


6                    The Rescue of the Viables from  this Hell,

Eventually I will examine in minute detail exactly what is happening to societies of Earth and in the minds of those who control those societies. Occurrences are far from normal, and the prognosis is indeed very, very poor for those of DARKNESS.


Those of us who are sincerely examining the Status Quo are clearly seeing the following:

·         Terminal Madness of the Endtime.

·         Fracturing and Decay of all supposed Systematic Order on Earth in every field of endeavour

·         Unprecedented aggressiveness and barbarism with maximal danger to Physical Continuance


·         Mental aberration in all groups within societies.


·         Changes in Nature suggestion Terminal events – Heating of the planet via external sources (Plasma Waves coming from outside the Solar System), increasing volcanic activity, Earthquakes, drought, bushfires, infestations,.


·         Increasing GREED and avarice while POVERTY grows exponentially. Be aware of purposeful destruction of Nations – Venezuela is a prime example of late.


·         Racism, formerly a little more hidden, is now pronounced with the tendency to murderous violence. Migrant waves aggressively infiltrating unprepared nations.


·         Loss of perspective in Law, Order and Justice. 


·         Doom and Gloom in the majority of Earth’s citizens.


·         Joy and Happiness in the few touched by ‘energy’ unknown by the ignorant masses!

Let’s examine each in a little more detail.

1                    Terminal Madness of the Endtime and the DDE:

I stayed up the night POTUS Trump won the election just to hear his speech. It was 3 a.m.  here on the Eastern Time zone of Oz.

I was mildly shocked at how quickly he changed his tune in his acceptance speech, but I knew what was coming.

I had known even before the election date he was a ‘comical, empty barrel’ that was going to be filled to the brim by those who would do most damage to him, them, the Nation and the World. He was a perfect patsy; the perfect dope!

Those that control him are AI Machines – the Zionist Demons who have controlled most of the leaders of this World, with Hitler being the classical example of NOT being so controlled (although those around him were and in turn gave Hitler no small amount of problems!)

If you followed what POTUS Trump has done since his inauguration, you cannot resist the temptation to shout at the top of your capacity that he is DEMENTED. Indeed he is, and so are those Demons controlling him.

“How can that be?” you may ask.

Do you recall I mentioned 3 energies have been brought down to this level from Higher Levels of the Divine Realms to deal with the Problem of Evil and continued Dissolution of this Noxious Hell?

Well, these demons, and their puppet, Trump, have been affected by the Divine Destructive Energy with the expected consequences.

Think for a moment. What does that name, DDE, suggest?

Does it not suggest DESTRUCTION?

Indeed it does. That means it will destroy the Status Quo and that is exactly what is happening.

These creatures (Demons) are manifesting that which we have been awaiting: “Terminal Madness of the Endtime” and all its consequences!

They are blind to their idiocy.

They have made enemies of each other.

They have made enemies of friends and relatives.

They have alienated everyone on the planet without trying.

It is the Divine Destructive Energy destroying their minds, and their other subordinate machines and robots!

That is what the energy was for.

They cannot escape their fate.

They will play out their stupid court room scenes and their Parliamentary charades, but the final outcome will be anarchy, then desolation and finally, TOTAL DESTRUCTION, TOTAL DISSOLUTION, of this mess.

There is no way they can escape their fate.

Involved IN THE TERMINATING DESTRUCTION may be WW3, Nuclear Weapons, Invasions by Aliens, Holocausts, Mass murders, etc., etc.

Nature will get into the act with Planetary Warming from Plasma Waves, droughts, massive volcanic eruptions, Tsunamis, flooding of all types, crop failures, leading to starvation and further wars, etc.

Thus all classes - Mineral, Vegetable, Animal and Human - will demonstrate Terminal Madness of the Endtime.

Why is it so?

The DDE – the Divine Destructive Energy - is disintegrating the programming that had previously allowed these Demons to succeed. It is, in turn, programming them for CONFUSION that will lead to self-destruction!


Now, with no sustaining energy within them, no power, and no manner to resist the DDE, they are finished, as is their lair!

Thus, what I had predicted in the 1990s has come to pass. Amen.

You will note that not just Humans are involved.

All subject manifesting ‘life’, whether actual or artificial, are involved.

The Endpoint is total destruction of the planet, with evacuation of those to continue elsewhere and TOTAL DESTRUCTION of those who cannot continue outside of this Physical Absurdity.

That meteors, the Planet X Complex, comets, Plasma waves, etc., come to macerate the Earth is of no concern.

We will all be gone before that happens.

Those of us rescued will watch from the vantage point given to us by the spacecraft that will take us elsewhere – a divine safety zone.

And so now you will understand what I meant by the DDE.

Minds susceptible to it will become maximally insane.

And this we are seeing today, everywhere, even in Nature, and Vegetation.

I cannot fully describe the fear, panic and despair that will seize minds as these changes take place.

There is no escaping these emotions for those unprotected.

Well, who are the protected ones?

Thus far I have described the non-Human heartless AI Machines that destroy True Beings, the Terminal Madness I had predicted, and the action of the Divine Destructive Energy.

Can you not see a great percentage of this so-called Humanity needs to be eradicated?

These insatiable, senseless killers have no place in a ‘godly’ world!

And I have shown you the means: the DDE and its effects – Terminal Madness!

When we fully realize how malignant these Machines are, and how murderously evil they have been to this world, we wonder why it took so long to terminate it!! But all things take time in a dimension of Space and Time.

For This Erroneous and very evil Universe, some 50 billion years have passed. And now it is almost totally destroyed.

In the Zone near the 13th Level – the Level of the True Godforce - a mere few hours have passed. And this is a concept we find hard to understand.

And, just to generalize:

I can be either right or wrong about all this.

If I am wrong, and that possibility of course exists, what have we got to worry about? We can sleep comfortably, knowing things will progress and evolve as they always have done, with great pain and misery, and sometimes a little bit of illusional happiness. I would not be the first writer to speculate and be proven wrong by the passage of time.

But, if I am right… if 97% of the Universe has really been dissolved, if most of the beings around us are really machines, if there really is a Heavenly abode awaiting those whose heart loves truly …. What have we got to worry about?

To be continued…….