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Disneyland Measles Cases
Raise Health Concerns

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - Many of the mainstream reports are blaming unvaccinated people for the outbreak.  This is untrue.  Like the Whooping Cough outbreak, people who have been vaccinated have contracted measles.

There needs to be an identification of the sequences to find the country of origin of the virus.  At this point in time, just as with flu vaccines this year, if there is a mismatch, the virus will simply evade vaccine.

I have read various articles that attack middle and upper class people blaming them for the outbreak and accusing them of not having their children vaccinated. The vaccine is not going to stop an outbreak of a disease brought to the US from a foreign country.  In fact vaccines do not protect or prevent disease. People think taking a flu shot will prevent them from getting flu.  They are usually shocked and dismayed when they get a flu shot and then get the flu afterward.  


Disneyland Neasles Cases Raise Health Concerns

State health officials say 22 confirmed California cases of measles are linked to visits to Disneyland or California Adventure Parks last month.

Four other cases in other states are tied to the same outbreak, raising the number of infected people to 26.

According to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), between Dec. 17 and Dec. 20, someone from another country visited Disneyland in Anaheim. Officials believe that person is the original person who introduced the viral disease to the outbreak.

Measles is a sometimes deadly viral disease that begins with a fever, cough, runny nose, red eyes and a red rash that starts on the face.

Health officials say many of the people who contracted measles have not been immunized.

"There must have been an international visitor who had measles during the visit," Dr. Gil Chavez with CDPH said. "And while going around the park while people were in this park came into contact with other people who were not vaccinated and subsequently became infected."

Health officials are tracking the cases and are also working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to test the strain to identify the country of origin.

In the meantime, the state health department wants to assure people that it is safe to visit Disneyland . The outbreak took place over a three-day period in December.


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