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Dismal Kushner/Greenblatt Meeting with Abbas

By Stephen Lendman

Washington and Israel reject Palestinian conflict resolution. The so-called peace process is the greatest hoax in modern times - along with phony US war on terror.

Pretending otherwise fools no one familiar with decades of occupation harshness Israel has no intention of ending. Nor will it cease expanding illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

The only resolution of endless conflict both countries will accept is unconditional Palestinian surrender to their demands, another Palestinian Versailles like Oslo, nothing less.

According to Haaretz and the Arabic Al-Hayat broadsheet, talks between Trump’s (Zionist) son-in-law Jared Kushner and his (Zionist) Middle East envoy Jonathan Greenblatt were “tense.”

Both Trump administration officials were furious over Abbas’ refusal to condemn an attack in Jerusalem causing one death last week, along with declining to meet with his (Zionist) ambassador to Israel David Freedom over his unapologetic support for expanding illegal settlements.

Talks went nowhere because of unacceptable demands made, sounding like a script Netanyahu handed Kushner and Greenblatt, according to a senior Palestinian official present.

“They sounded like Netanyahu’s advisors and not like fair arbiters, he said. “They started presenting Netanyahu’s issues, and then we asked to hear from them clear stances regarding the core issues of the conflict.”

They refused to address illegal settlement construction and other core issues vital to Palestinians.

A White House readout of the disastrous meeting tried putting a brave face on utter failure, saying:

Kushner and Greenblatt, along with US consul general in Jerusalem Donald Blome, “met…in Ramallah with President Mahmoud Abbas…and his senior advisors.”

The readout lied claiming both sides “had a productive meeting and reaffirmed their commitment to advancing President Trump’s goal of a genuine and lasting peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians that enhances stability in the region.”

If their meeting was a Broadway show, it would have closed after one dismal performance, critics unanimously giving it a resounding thumbs down.

Trump earlier claiming “(w)e wil get (a) deal done” was hollow bombast. Peace talks are dead-on-arrival each time initiated because Washington and Israel reject resolution equitable to both sides.

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