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Diseases Brought In By Obama's
Illegals, Like Ebola, 'Vanish'

From Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - I have begun to notice news articles concerning the illegals and diseases like resistant TB brought here by illegals is also going the way of Ebola.  Gone…simply vanish from the 'news'.

Chagas, TB. and many other diseases brought here by Obama's intentional deluge of illegals is becoming a non topic in the MSM.  Now that Obama gave amnesty to millions of often disease-carrying illegals - most of whom never get any health screening - the news media is suddenly not talking about these diseases.  It is just as though the crisis is magically over...all illegals are now healthy!  Never mind those 300,000 CASES of ultimately FATAL Chagas disease…including 40,000 infected pregnant women…have just disappeared.  In some reports I read that illegals who are found to be TB positive are able to get medication...if they so choose.  Choose?  If they refuse, they should be on the next raft back to wherever.  They ALL should be deported, in ANY case.

Meanwhile, US citizens now have to dig to find any information on diseases being brought into the US by illegals.  Don't look, don't find, don't talk, don't tell.  Incidentally, the influx of illegals is not over and millions more are expected to cross over the invisible border thanks to the ghoul in White House.  They know they will have amnesty and a free ride once as soon as they cross into Obama's Fantasy Land.  Fact - an endless supply of Third World infectious diseases are continuing to enter the US…and many of the infected are sitting in elementary school classrooms, right now, with your children.

Of course, those of us Americans who take ill, well, we have to pay for our own treatment.  No choice for us.  Treatment or else. Treatment or DIE.  Yes, even with treatment, many of will die of these diseases.  One day, maybe at least some Americans will realize how much Obama hates and mocks our country and has done everything he and his Bolshevik masters have decided to do too turn our country into a Third World, disease-ridden refugee camp.  Look at the following story from almost 2 year ago.  Now multiply it by ten or even 50 and maybe you'll get the picture.


Illegal Aliens Bringing 60 Percent Lethal Drug-Resistant TB to the United States

By Daniel Greenfield

They have a dream. And it just might kill you.

    A member of Congress who for more than 30 years worked as a doctor says the baggage that illegal aliens are bringing into the United States now is killing people.

    Last week it was reported that a persistent strain of tuberculosis had developed in some Los Angeles neighborhoods. Officials said as many as 4,500 people may have been exposed to the disease.

    Besides California and Florida, the states with the greatest number of multi-drug-resistant TB are Texas and New York, all having large numbers of illegal aliens within their borders. Florida was recently ranked as having the third largest illegal alien population by the Department of Homeland Security. Many illegals in Florida come from the Caribbean and other countries in the Southern Hemisphere, some of which have widespread problems with tuberculosis.

Diversity is bringing a diverse variety of plagues to the United States allowing Americans to benefit from exposure to new and exotic strains of diseases.

    The Nepalese man detained at the U.S. border carries a particularly deadly strain—XDR, “extensively drug-resistant” TB. His TB is resistant to at least eight of the 15 or so standard drugs, according to a U.S. government description of the case reviewed by the Journal. His XDR strain has been seen only once before in the U.S., in another patient of Nepalese origin, according to the government description.

    The Nepalese patient was taken into custody by the U.S. Border Patrol in late November as he tried to cross the border illegally near McAllen, Texas.

    It remains unclear whether other people in custody with the Nepalese detainee might have been infected. By the time the Border Patrol learned of his infection, other people detained with him would have been transferred elsewhere, the CBP official said. Detainees who are suspected of being ill are placed in cells by themselves.

Here’s an interesting question.

Of the thousands of illegal aliens freed by Obama as part of his sequester threat, how many were carriers?


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