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Disconnected From Reality

By Jim Kirwan

Stealth censorship created this open grave for Americans in 1966 and it will soon be filled with the dead

That chose not to know anything

Except whatever feeds their current addictions.

It’s clear today, in story after story that without the globally uniformed thugs, no country in the world today would still be functioning at all.

In nation after nation the uniformity of the black clad outlaws, armed to the teeth, reflect the uniformity of their criminal enforcement against ordinary people everywhere that have become the blood-enemies of every so-called ‘nation-state’. Regardless of the country or the nation being reported on, the one and only constant is the Israeli training of the forces that have joined in lockstep to force all the populations into that open grave of slavery or the prisons that await those who aren’t yet being murdered by their own ‘police’.

Why has this uniformity not even been mentioned?

Several things can easily be seen in the report from Billboard on RT today, in the link above. The disconnections between the billions wasted in year after year of all the wars that accomplished absolutely nothing, except greater increases in all the criminality—wherever US troops on the ground have gone.

What happened to the vaunted “War on Drugs”? Poppy production which creates 90% of the heroin in use around the world is up in Afghanistan, along with addictions and death with no mention at all about the success of the Poppy-crop in Afghanistan that was supposedly one of the primary justifications for attacking that country in 2001?

What happened was that USI simply cut themselves in on the massive illegal profits and everything that goes with that.

There are no jobs that pay a living wage anymore: Anywhere. There are no services available for anyone with any type of problem, related to just trying to live a normal life. If the hypothetical “State of the Union” report were to be forced to report on conditions today: If the truth were told, would be that the USA is so deeply buried in the lies that we’ve been underwater now for so long that we’ve long since passed any real point of no return, in the twenty-first century.

Once upon a time there was a responsibility for leaders in any nation to level with the public; which provided a clear way forward, regardless of whatever crisis that any nation faced. There was even a time when politicians could be held responsible for whatever programs were they were pushing. All of that has vanished in the chaos that’s brought us all into the pandemonium of trying to live in a world where only the elites and their private corporations matter. All of that is so far away now that it no longer exists in the global sewer that we’ve made this world into.

Nine Days of Nothing

Baiting Chaos

Also mentioned in the RT report is the fabulous new method which the police are using to fill their own pockets, while bulking up their illegal departments; using illegal and unsupervised seizures of private property without ever having to list any charges before they can seize your car, your money or your property on “suspicion” of criminal activity. But these practices go much further than that throughout the US. Even the Just-us Department is cashing in on the prisoners throughout the criminal system to fatten illicit profits for the entire system that has no checks or balances against these official practices. These ‘practices’ are instituting criminal behavior everywhere by uniformed thugs that should be the ones in jail—not these “officers” pretending to serve the public. It’s all in the 25 min 25 sec report:

Nations used to have their own governments run by people that they could interact with. But all that died when the world began to be driven by faceless bureaucrats and political machines that dumped any responsibility to any of their public’s needs anywhere in “the West” today. Meanwhile in the East; specifically Russia and China are making new strides toward a return to world where there are responsibilities that must now be met by those in charge: This is what is threatening the end of the US dollar, and that effort is making inroads worldwide now.

The question of the hour is how long will the outlaws in the West continue to resist what they see as “the enemy in the East” that must be totally destroyed?

The one clear thing is that the current “West” cannot withstand criticism or resistance of any kind: And they’ve come to believe their own PR while denigrating all the other national interests which are growing by the hour against the dollar—and therefore against the supposed impregnable hegemony of the “Exceptional Nations” that have created nothing but “wars, wars and lots more wars” to crush the human race, wherever it once existed on this planet.

The other-question that has gone unanswered is why have the criminals that created all these illegal wars not been arrested or charged? Why have none of those that brought us into this radiated and toxic quagmire even been publicly questioned—about any of their treasons or their massive crimes against humanity worldwide?

Why has the world ceased to be functional on so many levels?

What happened to having a functional society anywhere in the West? The EU is dead: All that remains is that the formal funeral of the European Union has steadfastly refused to climb into that open grave that awaits them all? Meanwhile the United States has become a semi-living corpse that’s being picked apart piece by piece while the population continues to follow their addictions without asking any questions of any of those responsible for this $700 trillion collapse?

Meanwhile the people of the old USA just continue to stumble along as if every day is just another ordinary day in the salt-mines: Totally unaware, by choice, having become as deaf, dumb and blind as we continually accuse millions of others in so many distant nations of being. All the while failing to ever “look in the mirror” at what we have become in the ending months of 2014. We are no different than the petrified giant above, the figure turned to stone that has fallen beneath the weight of the empty castle on his back: While the dragon of rebellion burns with the fires that are needed to awaken the slumbering population—but first that fallen giant must choose to awaken or there will be no way to alter anything again…

The time has come to RISE America

Get up off your knees and stand for something if you dare

This is not about race or religion or even governments

This about your FREEDOM and your life!


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