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The Dirt Beneath the Badges

By Jim Kirwan


When left unchecked, the perversion of local police-state powers

Leads directly to the filth above & below!

The ‘police” in what’s left of Amerika are just badge-carrying members of the largest criminal-gang in U.S. history. Cops today are nothing like the men and women of yesterday who wore a badge that meant something which gave some real-protections to some of us in years gone by.

In today’s world, “The BADGE” has become noteworthy only for the number and kinds of thugs that claim to have one, not that they actually wear one any longer: But it’s the idea that they have been “officially-approved-of” which makes what they do routinely, the massive criminal-act which it has become today ­ in all the major cities in this country.

Think of it this way: Cops work near the global-nexus of all the local-power-structures. From city-halls’ and the crime-syndicates which own the politicians and the governments: From city corruptions up through the states and all the way through to the feds. Today they are directly linked through fusion-spying-practices that give local cops access to international crime and criminals of every kind, in most of the countries of the world: This is what makes the symbol above so devastatingly dangerous—because the implication of its illegal and perverse-powers are potentially true!

Just being around this kind of criminality, in the collection and distribution of illegally-acquired and highly sensitive information by the box-car-load, gives these roid-cops a totally distorted view of their supposed-jobs. They know that everyone in government is virtually criminal and as “the force” that is charged with protecting these criminals, they can and must react with fierce violence and a deadly-response whenever they feel threatened.

The “public” throughout this massive-charade has not changed their view of “cops” from what it was when their parents and grandparents formed their view of “law & order”. That was a major mistake given the unholy-alliances that have turned the courts and prisons into massive-reservoirs of “criminal-resources” for crime and criminals of all types. From perverts, rapists and murderers through criminal-masterminds that can field small armies at a moment’s notice, against anyone that might be thinking about going against “either the system” or any particular-politician that needs to be exposed for who and what they really are.

Throw in global-spying on everyone and then you can see what and who the cops-of-today really think they are. They’re NOT on our side and haven’t been since Kennedy was murdered…

Currently Amerika’s largest criminal-gang is consumed with torturing and murdering people that might offer any resistance—in the view of the uniformed roid-thugs. The fact that the police in Amerika no longer keep records of the number of people they have tortured or murdered, tells anyone that cares to look that these often ski-masked thugs totally-believe that they are clearly above the law!

What must happen, beginning now, is that civilian committees must be appointed by real people, to review and rule on every violent police encounter with the public. In recent events the “rights of the police-officers” involved in criminal actions seem to be the only consideration when “the rights of the victims of police violence” get no consideration at all. Two instances that illustrate this point:

It continues to happen this way because the government-lies about this place being “threatened with terrorist attacks” 24-7! There is no “THREAT”, except from the government and from these masked and unidentified barbarians that claim to be police—when the truth is they are nothing more than Black-shirts operating under cover of supposed “laws” that no longer exist. There is no longer a constitution: Therefore there can no longer be any Constitutional protections for the public that has been targeted by traitors that are committing genocide against Americans by the millions. (1)

You cannot begin to imagine in how many ways that the world is the opposite of what you’ve been taught to believe. You see the guy who sells drugs to willing customers, so he can feed his family as the scum of the earth: While you see the hypocrite who gives away stolen money in the name of “government” as a saint.

You see the guy who tries to avoid being robbed by the federal-thugs as a crook and a tax-cheat, but you see as “virtuous the politician who gives away the same stolen loot to people to whom it does not belong. You see the cop as a good guy when he drags a man away from his friends and family and throws him in prison for ten years for smoking a leaf. And you see anyone who defends himself from such barbaric fascism as the lowest form of life ­ a cop killer!

In reality most drug-dealers are more virtuous than any government social worker. Prostitutes have far less to be ashamed of than political whores, because they trade only with what is rightfully theirs: And only with those who want to trade with them.

The upstanding, law-abiding, tax-paying citizen who vote’s democrat or republican is far more despicable and a bigger threat to humanity than the most promiscuous lazy drug-snorting hippie ­ Why? Because the Hippie is willing to let others be free: And the ‘voter’ is not!

The damage done to society by bad-habits and loose morality is nothing, compared to the damage done to society by the self-righteous violence committed in the name of the state. You imagine yourselves to be charitable and tolerant when you are nothing of the sort. Even the Nazi’s had table-manners and proper etiquette when they weren’t killing people. Do you think you’re good people because you say “please” and “thank you”?

You think sitting in that big building on Sunday makes you noble and righteous? The difference between you and a common thief is that the thief has the honesty to commit the crime himself: While you whine for your government to do your stealing for you!

The difference between you and the street thug is that the thug is open about the violence he commits ­ while you let others forcibly control your neighbors on your behalf. You advocate theft, harassment, assault and even murder but accept no responsibility for doing so!

You Parents want all your neighbors to be robbed to pay for your kids schooling. You all vote for whichever crook promises to steal money from other people to pay for what you want. You demand that those people who engage in behaviors you don’t approve of be dragged off and locked up but feel no guilt for the countless lives your whims have destroyed!

You even call the government thugs “your representatives” and yet you never take responsibility for the evil they commit! You proudly support ‘the troops’ as they kill whomever the liars in D.C. tell them to kill and you feel ‘good’ about it! You call yourselves Christians or Jews or claim to follow some other religion, but the truth is what you call your religion is empty window-dressing. What you truly worship; the god you really bow to: What you really believe in is ‘the State’!

Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not murder, unless you can do this by way of government: Then it’s just fine isn’t it? If you call it taxation and war it stops being a sin right? After all it was only your ‘god’ that said you shouldn’t steal and murder, but the State said it was ‘okay’. It’s pretty obvious which one outranks the other in your minds. Despite all the churches, Synagogues and Mosques we see around us: This nation has one god, and only one god and that god is called government! @ 4min 26 sec. (2)


Those who supposedly wear the badge, no longer work for us or even for themselves: They are pretend-forces that are hell-bent on bringing on the end of this society and the beginning of global-domination by any and all means possible.

If we are to have any effect on this continuing evil then we have to begin to tell the truth about ourselves as well as about those creatures that have infected the globe with this cancer that can only end in flames—unless we come together as people instead of as branded-slaves: To end the nightmare before the entire thing falls into the oblivion that waits for those who still refuse to see or think or listen to the truth that is everywhere today.

Watch the other 17 minutes of the second link. Then decide if you can continue to live with the lies for even one more day!

1) Death of the Media

2) Government As God - 21min 07 sec VIDEO



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