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Did We Not Warn Them? 
Febrile Illness Hits Italy Via W Africa

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - We warned the world, over and over, that taking in millions of unscreened, diseased muslims and Black African 'refugees' into Western countries from the Third World that we would be risking Third World disease outbreaks in the host countries.

WE, Jeff Rense, Frosty Wooldridge and I, have been warning about the risk of Third World disease outbreaks with the influx of millions and tens of millions of refugees who were never screened for disease before being injected into the West.

Febrile Rhabdomyolysis, from West Africa to Italy, may be due to Leptospirosis which is common in West Africa.  The reactivation of Epstein Barr virus is common as a complication.

Leptospirosis is transmitted via rodents and is just as contagious in Italy or the First World as it is in Africa.

How long before the next group of refugees brings Ebola virus or Polio to Italy, the US or wherever the refugees go in the First World?

The risk is very, very real.  With the millions of new 'refugees' being brought in by Trump, the local populace has no immunity to Third World diseases (in addition to their now ravaged health care system), a Third World outbreak of Ebola or other deadly disease is expected.  Thousands of lives could easily be lost in Western nations.  

Even with a disease like Measles - which was brought to Minnesota via Somali refugees - the health care system in MN was overwhelmed and needs at least $5 million dollars immediately to help it fight Muslim & African diseases like measles, TB and so many others.

Taking in people who are really NOT refugees and placing them in the midst of Americans or Europeans is going to serve to kill off host country populations due to infectious foreign diseases.  It will also kill off the American or European culture and way of life.

The REAL refugees are the White people of South Africa who are currently being killed off, genocided due to the color of their skin.  These are real people who are in need of immediate protection.  I do not feel Muslims need to be in the West.  Are we going to take in every population which has civil war in their country?

Most of Africa fits the bill of countries facing civil war and civil strife.  If people cannot live peacefully in their own countries, then how, in the name of what is holy, are they going to assimilate and live peacefully in foreign countries where there are differences of culture and religion?  

People choose to start a civil wars and then leave their country to live in other countries where they get welfare, medical care, food and housing, etc.  If we continue this insanity, then every country around the globe will start a civil war and head for the West. No, we must redefine the word 'refugee.'   People from countries with civil war are not true refugees.  

People like White South Africans are facing genocide at the hands of the majority of black population who want to kill them due to the color of the white South Africans' skin.  That is the most deadly form of racism and the whites of South Africa are the truest kind of refugees there are.   The Blacks have stated ALL whites will be gone or dead within 5 years.  If the whites do not leave they will be KILLED.  So far, 4,000 whites have been slaughtered.  These are REAL refugees...


A ProMED-mail post
ProMED-mail is a program of the
International Society for Infectious Diseases

Date: Wed 24 May 2017
From: Dr. Steve Berger <> [edited]

Febrile rhabdomyolysis in a group of Nigerian refugees may suggest a diagnosis of leptospirosis. In fact, reactivation of Epstein-Barr virus infection, noted in some of these patients, has been reported as a complication of Weil's disease. [1]

1. Karrasch M, Herfurth K, Kläver M, et al: Severe leptospirosis complicated by Epstein-Barr virus reactivation. Infection 2015;43: 763-769.

Steve Berger MD
Tel Aviv Medical Center
Tel Aviv, Israel

[ProMED thanks Dr. Berger for his response.

The abstract of the citation from Germany in Dr. Berger's post is shown below. It is not clear that the patient had the epidemiological features of the Italian cases and it appears that the Italian cases resolved without specific antimicrobial intervention.

"Weil's disease is a severe, potentially fatal illness following Leptospira interrogans infection. The reported case of a patient suffering from acute renal failure, jaundice, thrombocytopenia, rhabdomyolysis and encephalitis syndrome highlights the clinical challenge in reference to Weil syndrome complicated by Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) reactivation.

The diagnosis of leptospirosis was performed using 4 different diagnostic methods. Sera were analyzed with an in-house IgM and IgG enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and indirect haemagglutination assay (IHA). Microscopic agglutination test (MAT) was done using 17 reference strains comprising 14 serogroups and 17 serovars. Polyvalent EBV-IgG analysis, EBV-IgG/IgM/IgA western blot analysis as well as quantitative EBV polymerase chain reaction (PCR) were performed.

Leptospira IHA showed an initial titer of 1:640 (cut-off 1:320), leptospiral IgG was negative, but IgM was positive. MAT was negative at that time for all 17 strains analyzed. One week later, leptospirosis IHA titer increased to 1:20,480. Leptospiral IgG was now positive, -IgM remained positive and urine was tested negative for leptospiral DNA. The MAT showed positive results for _L. interrogans_ serovar Bataviae, serovar Copenhageni, serovar Pyrogenes and _L. borgpetersenii_ serovar Serjoe. During follow-up examinations, both the leptospiral IgM and IgG remained positive and MAT showed positive results for _L. interrogans_ of different serovars. EBV IgA immunoblot taken at admission was positive for VCA-p18, quantitative EBV-PCR showed an EBV viral load of 28 000 copies/ml indicating acute EBV-reactivation.

Leptospirosis represents a neglected and re-emerging disease, which is difficult to diagnose since Leptospira-PCR from whole blood or urine is frequently negative in the case of early empiric antibiotic treatment. EBV-reactivation might represent a severe complication in Weil's disease, which potentially aggravates clinical manifestations of leptospirosis including hepatitis, nephritis, and rhabdomyolysis. Thus, there might be a need for peripheral blood EBV-PCR and EBV blotting in patients suffering from complicated Weil syndrome, also in terms of the choice of antimicrobial treatment.". - Mod.LL]

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