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The Devil's Share

 By Jim Kirwan


From the back of The Deck in the U.S, House of Cards

Detail from


The State of the Nation 1966

This continuous War on us is Hell

But with the advent of Syria that's become a re-run of Libya,

It's time that we finally figure out what details really mean.

Truth is that it's USI that's been behind every death in every country

that we've allowed them to attack since Korea.

The truth's been there all the time: But too many here were “too busy consuming” to bother to notice that there was a WAR upon the WORLD ­ much less 'how we were involved in any of it'!

So here we are: Eye-ball deep in torture, rape and plunder with death and gore on every side, while the evil house of cards continues to have its way with us. How much longer will it be before we get “THE DEVIL'S SHARE”?

Few will ever stand against this tyranny. Most will watch as the Constitution and the Republic are thrown into our Bonfire of the Vanities ­ which is about to explode during the up-coming political-conventions that will make the 1968 Democratic convention look like a walk in Central Park.

The details and the Image above are what has come from that Chicago Convention in 1968, which marked the end of this country and all of our supposed free speech. It's been 50 years since these images were done, and everything has only gotten worse with every passing minute ­ since 1966 passed into global-history...


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