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USI Strikes Again


By Jim Kirwan


From the wisdom of the ancients comes this trite phrase:

When you’re in a hole, stop digging!

This morning based on what the world recently witnessed in China; I went back to Shock & Awe: The Shekinah pre-emptive strike that we committed on March 21, 2003 against Baghdad.

The min-nukes that were used then began our totally criminal attack upon Iraq, a nation that never attacked us. The news footage from that night is identical with what recently happened in China, according to the video taken as it happened, in China.

There’s a CNN video clip that’s 7 minutes 24 sec long ­ watch it to confirm that the explosions over Baghdad in 2003 were identical with what happened in China just a few days ago. What has yet to happen now is to discover how the explosives were delivered to the scene in China, as opposed to what we did to Baghdad in 2003.

CNN: Iraq Bagdad Attack:

See also the links at the top of the article above, which can be found in the link below, from yesterday’s article: Compare the explosions seen therein with CNN’s video taken on March 21, 2003 then decide about ‘the truth’ for yourself:


The image directly above was included as a description of the size of the hole we have dug to swallow the human race, completely.

The full horror of what we’ve already done to the planet and the people of the world is undeniable, just to further the rat-race for control, as shown in the creatures scrambling on the back of evil incarnate—amid the exploding golden coins that so many are still trying to use for life-rafts; just to get back into the global-struggle for total control of this massively destructive illusion of raw power…

What will happen to the planet because of what was just done to China, is still unknown, yet what we know already makes the image above far too close to the truth to be able to continue without ending this obscenity for all time…

Regime Change in Israel and USI is a must if we are to ever actually change any of the policies that we’ve been using without interruption since the Fed was created one hundred and two years ago ­ the world must demand the changes that will overthrow the illegal powers at the helm of the current world-wide power-structure.

Maybe this time they’ve gone too far as this could easily involve China, Russia and USI in the one lethal -confrontation that we’ve theoretically been trying to avoid since the US nuked Japan in 1945.

This is not just about “digging a hole” this is about the life or death

Of the entire planet

We need to start acting as if our lives depend upon what we do now,

Because it does…


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