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Destroying Our Secret Symbols

By Jim Kiran


In our new quest to tell only the whole truth about everything that many think of as “American-History” - The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor must be destroyed, because 'she' is definitely not Liberty”.

The sculpture is of Queen Semiramis from Babylon, the goddess of

Reptilian hybrids. The Freemasons paid for the sculpture that's always stood on the universal symbol of the sun.

The zeal to pacify these creatures who have never known much about anything, but especially nothing to do with history ­ This morning we see the latest farce carried out by those who will be the first to die once their new agenda is put into place. Of course you might need a magnifying glass to see this clearly as the paper-mache replacement is not terribly clear.

From The Blaze:

Artist Pablo Machioli and a few of his friends erected a papier-mache statue of a pregnant black woman holding her fist into the air, to stand in front of the Lee and Jackson statue. The statue is adorned with a rainbow sash, a baby on her back, and her raised fist is coated in gold glitter.

According to the
Baltimore Sun, the statue is called “Madre Luz,” or “Mother Light” in Spanish.



Baltimore Robert E. Lee Statue Replaced


Compare this pathetic episode to the literal history as described in this comprehensive and historically accurate article that was published yesterday:

Jim Quinn Rages At "Functional Illiterates Trying To Erase History"

It's fascinating how anything that the public can see with their own eyes, has to be destroyed, while the crap that's picked to replace reality is almost always something that must be protected from the people who pick up our garbage; with signs that warn any prospective trash collectors that “This is ART Do Not Destroy”

No one gets to chose his or her sex, race or place of birth ­ so why can't the planet simply include the differences and work together on a stronger more beautiful planet as well as a mutually unique way of life ­ the answer to that is easy ­ the .001% will never allow that to ever happen!

Once we get rid of anything that might remind us of what happened anywhere in our collective past, then it seems certain that no one will ever know who these newly faceless nothings were, who shall no doubt seek to replace history—not with deeds, but with tokenism and “safe spaces” for the snowflakes that will melt away when the first real firefights commence. In one of the film clips above some idiot was filmed trying to kick the recently downed-bronze sculpture with his oh-so dangerous tennis shoes ­ that seems like an appropriate comment on the current state of this entire farce.

History may be “written by the victors” but due to the degree of massive overkill committed by the Deep-State, it would seem that this time maybe the last 200 plus years of our war-crimes might re-surface before the latest crop of outlaws can escape the miles and miles of hangman's nooses that will soon be waiting for them all.

I tried to get the California Art's Commission to approve the sculpture of Isadora Duncan, to replace Alcatraz, over the closed prison in San Francisco Bay. Feinstein blocked it when she was mayor of San Francisco ­ So I shrunk the proposal and suggested the octagon between the War Memorial and the Opera House directly across Van Ness from City Hall. But the civic trolls said that the space was reserved for topics that could memorialize subjects that would “be against all wars”. This sculpture would have followed the movements of the sun ­ and would have memorialized Life, Modern Dance and Isadora, in her native city...

I created a four foot wax maquette for the sculpture and presented this to the City Arts Commission, composed of a number of pedophile-antiques that called themselves “Arts Commissioners ­ and of course the image was not suitable for Civic Center.

The Arts Commission itself became an anachronism soon after and today San Francisco is now totally owned by LBGTQ ­ no real people should ever even think about coming here -