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Muslim Horror Desecrates
Europe - LOOK At What's Coming HERE



Can you guess the name of this dirty, crowded, over-populated European city? The answer is at the bottom of these vile, disgusting photos.   

It is Marseille, France's second largest city! Non, c'est devenu la reā  And do you know what is the second language spoken in Marseille? It's French. The first is Arabic. Give them Paradise and they will turn it to a garbage bin. France is already gone. Gaddafi once said in a speech that there was no need to invade Europe, because in 20 years Europe would be Muslim. It has been reported in the London Daily Mail (January 2014) that 50% of all babies born in the UK in 2012 and 2013 were Muslim.

Is this what we want our cities to look like in 20 years? If so, keep on supporting the Muslim refugee program.


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