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The Depth of ‘Legal Criminality’


Jim Kirwan


That’s Taken Over the World

Under LBJ we were given ‘The Great Society’.

The global build-up of hundreds of thousands of landless people that have been forced to leave their homes and countries, since Israel and US Inc. have decided to destroy the world has now reached epidemic proportions.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria, Somalia, Algeria and most of Africa have all become reflections of this new global-legacy that was built upon the new Scorched Earth policies that continue around the planet unabated: As if what has been recently activated was not enough they’re going back to Kosovo, and Ukraine with the same policies that started this global-problem that was created by the United Nations, NATO, and dozens of mercenary armies that initially led the way under Reagan and then Bush One, followed by Clinton ­ that made this global free-fire zone into the global-replacement for ‘Peace Prosperity and Democracy’, worldwide…

Along with the murder of Public Education

And all of this was protected from the centuries of ancient truth,

By The Handbook of Human Ownership

The Price of Prosperity’

Hell it’s no wonder that so few understood what has always been at stake throughout all the centuries of our imprisonment. In the US the link that has always held our chains in place has been that “Dollar-Sign” that connects every human to every other human: Symbolized by the “U” over the “S” that stands for the fake U.S. dollars that are finally about to reach the end of their artificial reign. Many people have tried, each in their own ways to provide ways for the public to deconstruct the graphic crimes inside the Handbook of Human Ownership ­ but for most people the subject was just too abstract: Here was a project I worked on for over thirty years, to attempt to do just that:

Given the fake-promises from all our declared ‘WARS’ upon everything that only increased our dependence upon the fascist state, whenever and wherever it pretended to ‘serve the American public with ‘free-stolen-money’ from a hijacked-Treasury that promised endless bounty but delivered only lifelong slavery…

Our Golden Calf”

The ‘Handbook of Human Ownership provides the counter-point to the one clear path to how exactly we each became enslaved,

Depending upon which aspect of this global-tyranny

That we each grew up believing in.

This book should be REQUIRED READING, for anyone seeking to graduate from any high school anywhere in the world.

Because if the precepts described in this one hour 33minues and a few sec. VIDEO could be absorbed,

There would be a total reversal of what has happened to us all,

But of course that’s far easier said than done.

Today I became 76 years old and I really didn’t expect

To get this far.

But here we are, all of us are now another day older, but if you take the time to watch the enclosed video, maybe it will alter the future enough;

To let you finally begin to deal with the realities of our collective past.

What have you got to lose?


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