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Depth Of Their Depravity - American Medical
Association, Monsanto & Chemotherapy

By Frosty Wooldridge


Part 1: Americans being poisoned to death, drugs, GMO foods

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

-Soren Kierkegaard

In the past two years, eight of my friends died of different forms of cancer. One friend holds on for dear life as you read this column. Another dear friend lived because he took a different path away from the standard operating procedure of the American Medical Association. He opted away from chemotherapy and radiation. Today, he thrives because he rejected the senselessness of injecting chemicals into his body. A doctor cut cancer out of me 26 years ago. It changed how I ate, what I ate, how I exercised, how I detoxed my body, and how I looked at the world.

At this point in history, cancer leads the list in America for early deaths. Ironically, the American Cancer Society continues, “looking” for a cure, but none surfaces. In 2016, experts project 1.6 million new cancer diagnoses and 600,000 deaths.

Cancer affects one in three Americans, and soon to affect one out of every two men.

Incongruously, the American Medical Association dominates every insurance therapy in this country. It pushes three solutions: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. It does not allow alternative therapies, whatsoever. Cancer patients and their insurance agencies pay $100,000,000,000 (billion) annually in the United States.

Out of that, over half of cancer patients still die while the ones that survive the brutality of the drug—live with altered minds, destroyed livers and reoccurrence of the disease.

But none of the big pharmaceutical companies ever mention nor do they promote any research on what’s causing cancer. Whether you watch television, radio or magazine advertisements, “Big Pharma” sells every kind of chemical drug to “mask” or “crush” the symptoms facing a victim. If you suffer a headache, Aleve, Motrin or Tylenol will set your mind free. If you face stomach problems, Larry the “Cable Guy” comedian drives a jet ski through a burning hoop to solve your problems with Prilosec—a dangerous chemical that David Muir reported on Friday, April 15, 2016.

Five years ago, all top networks reported on the liver damage of Aleve, Motrin and Tylenol. Nonetheless, their advertising executives created even more compelling ads to deflect any facts or consequences. If you look at Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew and Pepsi---you think those drinks bring vitality to your body. But, once again, all major networks showed that those soda pops cause heart problems, cavities, diabetes and obesity.

Pop a Bayer aspirin daily to solve your heart disease. They never tell you that aspirin poisoning and aspirin-caused bleeding ulcers from the drug, affects tens of thousands of Americans.

As to gobbling all those poisons, the public doesn’t blink! Americans keeps inhaling those products. They pops those pills. They suffers the consequences. I personally witness mothers feeding their babies Coca-Cola via bottles while shopping in grocery stores. Schools promote Coke, Mountain Dew and Pepsi caffeine addiction by offering dispensing machines in the halls. Why? Financial gain! Students: collateral damage.

Each year, with the auspices of the Food and Drug Administration, medical doctors prescribe thousands of chemical cocktails to patients. Each year, 100,000 Americans die from adverse reactions to those drugs. Does the FDA stop the poisoning of the public? Not a chance! Why? Profit for shareholders at Bayer, BASF and other big pharmaceutical companies.

In the past week, my wife and I watched the first five episodes out of nine of Ty Bollinger’s: The Truth About Cancer—A Global Quest. As a researcher and a former Cardiac Medical Tech, my jaw dropped. My wife Sandi, an RN, sat in her chair incensed at what she heard in Episode 1 through 5 of the series. The people at Bayer, BASF and others set the benchmark for “amoral” behaviors. Immoral makes them unethical, but “amoral” means they lack a heart, soul and any concept of morality or ethics. Money—their only god.

Episode 1: The True History of Chemotherapy; The Pharmaceutical Monopoly

By watching it, you face the realization that “Big Pharma” doesn’t have any intention of curing cancer. “Walk or run for the Cure” equates to a meaningless waste of time. You will see how vaccines include mercury. You will see how genetically modified organisms in our foods do not get labeled so you and your children ingest chemicals like “Roundup” and other insidious poisons blanketing the foods we eat.

For every cancer victim, you’re invited to watch the entire series. For anyone reading this column that knows of family or friends with cancer, share the entire nine part series with them. Give them a chance to live.

The fact remains, our government won’t stop “Big Pharma” because too much money passes into the hands of many of those 535 scoundrels in Congress. In the final analysis, you, the individual citizen must take your own family’s life and health into your own hands. This series will guide you toward your highest and best health.

It means you demand Monsanto stop its GMOs being fed into our food chain. Stop glycophytes such as Roundup from being sold to the public or applied to corn, grains and produce. It means you must shop at natural food markets like Natural Grocers, Alfalfas and Whole Foods. Or, push Kroger’s, Publix, King Soopers and Safeways to offer organic food and produce. You command the marketplace with your dollars.

Millions Against Monsanto - Organic Consumers...

You need to join advocacy groups like to ensure that grocers label GMOs so you know what you’re putting into your body and your kids’ bodies.

If we allow “Big Pharma” to swindle us down the path of chemotherapy, radiation and drugs—we all pay a horrific price in our health and the health of our families.

Part 2: The atrocious eating patterns of Americans, how we generate cancers within our bodies by the synthetic foods we eat.


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