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Adding Denial To Decadence

By Jim Kirwan


Whenever the world looks back over the history of the planet, its clear that every time 'civilization' has fallen into 'Decadence' ­ that phase has always been preceded by the gross physical and moral degradation of each society that has fallen. In 2016 we have managed to add something new to the obscenities of the past.


This time as the war-torn world looks forward to 2017

the latest obscenity that we've created this time ­ is clearly “DENIAL”.


Looking all the way back into prehistory, we can now watch the growth of every empire move from struggle to prosperity and then the world only seems to watch as prosperity turns to greed and envy turns to the hatreds that always end in total collapse. This was true going all the way back to Ancient China, Egypt and Rome and all the way forward through Spain, England and now it's the turn of 'American-Exceptionalism' created and directed by the Kazarian-Mafia.

But because of 'technology' and the lightning speed of communication world-wide: A new component has been created, to try and conceal what's going on from those victims that have been targeted. That addition is 'the global-denial' that the current DENIAL requires: To allow the global-collapse to proceed with little notice. This is what serves the cover-up of the total degradation of societies the world over.

The most recent evidence, in the global-history, came from Post-War-Germany; when that broken nation was still reeling from the end of WWI ­ which had devolved into a level of moral-corruption and sexual-obsenities that were unmatched until that time: This 'situation' was flourishing because of the criminal Jewish-Bankers that held all nations in their sway, including-especially post-war Germany—until Hitler came along and smashed the bankers in Germany, which led to the first real challenge to the global-crimes of the global-bankers. Hitler created an economic miracle that was based on throwing out the Kazarian's and printing their own money.

That event led to a renewal of the moral and physical rebirth of the German people that reversed the cynicism and the social-decay that had marked the fall of Germany before Hitler.

Babylon in Berlin Before Hitler

The Greatest Story Never Told”

Where is the Counter Jihad?


This mini-chapter of world-history (above) clearly defines what the world needs to remember and explore anew, if we are ever going to escape from the current spiral that is leading straight into hell itself.

This is necessary because with the addition of global-Jihad, the entire world is now in the same position that the Germans found themselves as they drifted into despotism and decadence before Hitler and the German people pulled themselves out from under the slavery to the Kazarian's of the late 1930's.

Here below are a few of the most recent chapters in what passes for current 'changes', in life here, in the current-day replication of Decadent Germany before Hitler's economic and social miracle that turned Post World War I Germany around...

Jeff Rense & Tim Rifat - Social Engineering on A Massive Level

19 min VIDEO

Jeff Rense & Tim Rifat - Satanic Hollywood...Pitt-Jolie and Depp-Heard

19 min VIDEO

Jeff Rense & Tim Rifat - Evil American 'Presidential' Politics


I know the information is long, but the need-to-know, especially now,

is critically necessary; if that is, we are to overthrow these bastards once again.


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