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Demystify The Syrian Vote!

By Jim Kirwan


Congress needs to set a date, within a week, to hold a joint session for all 535 members of Congress. One hour total needs to be set aside for arguments to be publicly presented by each side of the issue, to present the evidence for and against the Syrian War, to the American People…

Filibusters will not be allowed in this public forum.

This entire proceeding must be broadcast LIVE and open to live coverage by international news cameras. No commercials will be part of this public service, because the public owns the airwaves and this is a service that will either confirm or deny all future use of the airwaves for the current-propaganda outlets. Live feed from the network cameras will be furnished directly to Independent Internet media, without censorship.

The vote should be up or down, YES or NO. All members will be required to vote which will show the American people who is for us and who is for Israel. This is not a matter of national security; this is a matter of finding out who is an American and who the traitors are. There shall be no exceptions to this one time event and the entire congress will be required to be there or step down immediately from the supposed office which that member held. Congress has been ducking the public for the last twenty years on every topic that comes before them.

This nationwide public forum of a joint session of the congress must be held ASAP, because the secret war on Syria is about to begin. The Russian Delegation which is coming to Washington to talk with members of the congress should also be present to observe how the US Congress works; even if it will be the only time in the last 50 years that Congress has finally confronted the public and shown every constituent exactly how each of them voted, on this world-splitting issue.

This will be a voice vote only by each member of the congress. As they will be individually called upon to answer either

YES or NO!

A YES vote for the War is a YES VOTE for ISRAEL.

A No VOTE Against the Illegal war-crime,

Is a VOTE for Humanity & for the USA!

We are finally going to solve the problem

Of who actually owns this country.

It is our right to demand that these proceedings

Be broadcast to the world

Therefore the Congress is on notice

To comply or face charges in addition to the loss of office.



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