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Now 'Democracy Now' Calls For Help With Haiti

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - I see that witch Amy Goodman of 'Democracy Now' aka Communism Now -  and who never saw a black Third Worlder she didn't want to bring to the US and give money to - now wants the US taxpayers to fork over $100 MILLION DOLLARS and to start taking in one million Haitians to the US.   Remember most of the Haitians now are infected with active Cholera and will be bringing Cholera to the US with them.

If we do give more money in aid to Haiti where will it end up?  Well, lets look at what they did with the Earthquake aid?  Most of that aid obviously did not go to building developments as most made homeless by the Earthquake are still in rag tag tents and not in homes.   The one percent of the rulers however have had their mansions and castles rebuilt and have had their cars replaced.  They have new Beemers and Mercedes on the roads.  Their bling and Rolex watches were replaced.  The people?  They are in dire condition and seem to take their plight in stride.  

Sanitation is nonexistent in Haiti for the majority which has led to a wide scaled Cholera outbreak among other diseases that they will bring.

I have heard that rafts have already set sail for Miami Fla.   

It was up to the leaders of Haiti to prepare for the Hurricane and not the burden of the US taxpayers.  Taxpayers will continue to support the refugees for this and future generations on US welfare.  This is unfair and this is what Trump wants to stop.

At some point it is up to the Haitian people to demand their leaders account for the money Haitians and other Countries provide to the Haitian government.

What will it be?  Another hand out? More wasted tax dollars?  Many of the Haitin refugees are pregnant and are the head of households.  If the Haitians do not care about their future and do not demand accountability of their leaders than maybe it is time for the US to stop enabling.  The cycle of dependability must be broken and their is no time like the present to accomplish this.

Hillary will not stop this but Trump will.  Hillary will continue to send taxpayer money to the leaders of Haiti and will take a large amount of that money for herself in her favorite bank, the Bank of Clinton in the Clinton Foundation.  Send her a message, ladies and gentlemen, and say 'No More…No Mas!'



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