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In The Disunited States & Beyond

From Jim Kirwan


Democide: The murder of any person or people by a government,
including genocide, politicide, and mass murder.”

Detail -The City of Angels (C) 1994

Democide will turn back all clocks to the time before there were clocks and this might begin on 11-11-13

Americans will need to become acquainted with how this term is being used, in the old USA, to totally redirect this place from what we were to the nightmare that has been designed for us to become. The concept is as stark as the juxtaposition of the stone-age in front of LA by night, above.

This was created in the shadows while most were still absorbed by all the political-minutia that no longer matters anymore: Except as it’s still being used to distract the grazing-public from the real take-down that has already begun.

For anyone who still believes that there is "a government of any kind" in the Disunited States: Watch the 5 min 03 sec video at the beginning of this which is a dramatization of an actual event. Then follow the continuance of "Murdergate" Obama Style in the article ~ which must be spread to the four corners of the universe at the speed of light because the reality at issue here is far, far worse than most people could ever imagine(1)

I wrote about this phenomena back in 2007 in a piece entitled

Rage And Outrage Are Waiting.”

Our 'troops' have been murdering unarmed people around the world for so long that most see this as just part of the inevitable price we pay for our place as the leaders of the world. No one asks if anyone, besides ourselves, wanted us to assume this role as "the self-appointed-leader of the whole-wide-world."

We have been "AT WAR" against the world since 1991, in Iraq. And we have now expanded that illegal war into our wars upon Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq again in 2003, Somalia, and now Libya: With other wars planned for Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, and a number of other nations as their own civil wars spill over into new threats against the New World Order and its Fascist policies. So far these illegal and unilaterally declared wars-on-terror" have cost us over three trillion dollars but they have also cost us the respect of the entire community of nations and earned us the hatred of billions of people the world over…” (2)

There’s also the 8min 40sec video of the whole article, for those so inclined - from ‘The Voice’. (3)

This was the case in 2007 but now six years further on we have entered an entirely new era that will be called ‘Democide’ ~ wherein everything will be coming to a radical-end but this will not necessarily be the way the plotters-envisioned this world, for themselves.

This situation has already begun in the Middle East. Think about the map of that region like a giant jigsaw-puzzle in which the shapes of the nation-states are jigsaw-puzzle pieces fixed in-place, as the story begins. This simmering nuclear volcano has been building for the last 65 years. It will erupt within the next two months and it will change the entire world—permanently—thereafter.

When we look at the actors in this global-Dance-of-Death, what can be seen is horrifying in its simplicity. The various nations that are trying to survive have gone through tremendous hoops, over and over again, just to keep the lid on civilization so that cooler heads might prevail.

The ego-addicted players in this continuing dance are not adults. They have no self-control. They exercise no rational-thinking in attaining what they see as their private-bloodlusts’ which must be reached. If they had a motto that each of them might be able to subscribe to, it would be: “Instant Gratification Takes Too Long!”

In reality their greed their arrogance and their willingness to slaughter billions of people just to reach that private goal has taken them over entirely. They have already broken every law of nature and of mankind to get where they are today—and now they want to cash-in on what they believe is “their-right-to-win-it-all!”

If they can finish killing their way to full-spectrum dominance with ease, which they see as their private “Manifest Destiny” to accompany already being “The Chosen-People” for the entire planet, then the planet will be destroyed.

Ironically most of their targets are focused on outdated technologies. Oil is something that we should have long ago moved-away from, because it’s a nineteenth-century obsolescent-technology that is no longer critical. However, since the creatures that “own” every aspect of it from the surveyors to the drilling, from the refinement to the shipping all the way thru its every application ­ they will not let go of “oil” until they have squeezed out every drop of illicit profit from that long-dead resource: Even if this requires the death of four-fifths of the world’s population.

Oil may be one common-denominator but a far more dangerous aspect of this problem are the so-called leaders of the states within this cauldron of liquefying rock & sand. Beginning with the sociopathic paranoia of Netanyahu and continuing thru the insanity of the Crown-princes in Saudi-Arabia and elsewhere ­ in case after case there is no self-restraint, no wider-world-view, nothing that would qualify any of these tyrants to lead any movement, anywhere. Yet those are the cast-members in this deadly-Masquerade that’s already-happening.

When this 65 year long war began, for the Apartheid-slave-half-state of Israel, they expected this could have all been accomplished decades ago. That did not happen because this type of power is deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to being able to asses their own strengths and weaknesses. Their arrogance and greed keeps them totally in the dark when it comes to the realities that should have put an end to this long before now.

The scene was set forty years ago when USrael had in-place all their puppet-dictators throughout the Middle-East. But because of the inferiority of those they picked to be the faux-leaders of so many fake nations—that initial batch of puppets had to be replaced with newer and ‘more-effective-leadership’. Enter the Color-Revolutions aided by Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski, backed as always by Kissinger, Rothschilds and the entire cabal of global-money-changers and plunderers. What followed was a many-fold series of disasters that became the joke which unveiled the whole charade of False-Flag Operations worldwide, not just in the old USA.

What was considered to be safely effective throughout this farce were the chains upon the actors ­ worldwide. What has happened now is that all those strained and worn-out leashes have been broken. Now instead of carefully planned and executed takeovers of every nation in this murder-plot—what exists today are nothing more than aging “leaders” who are completely out-of-control on every front.

This might sound extreme but just look at what some of them are doing. Netanyahu has totally lost his mind as he has surrendered to his personal-addictions - to the point that he is no longer able to make intelligent-decisions. He’s become a madman on the global stage and the whole world can clearly see the madness on display, each and everytime Netanyahu opens his lying mouth.

Whatever is leading Saudi-Arabia is equally conflicted. Running here and there seeking to inform the world that he’s purchased nukes from Pakistan: That he will not hesitate to use on Iran, based on nothing but his paranoiac-suspicions which he has transferred from his own nightmares onto to the leadership of Iran. This created a deadly-cocktail which will automatically turn Saudi-Arabia back into a desert-kingdom; as soon as his oil-fields begin to burn with nuclear-radiation for everyone to reap, throughout the region. Should that country decide to yield to this insanity and attack Iran which will start a nuclear war - then Bahrain, Yemen, Somalia and the whole host of minor nations, along with their larger counterparts, will go the way of Libya, once the nukes begin to fly.

These various scenarios will differ widely, but the end result will remain the same. Without leaders, there can be no solution to this madness. Without self-control or laws of any kind, there is now no-way to protect anything in this Lord-of-the-Flies scenario where all the actors are just ancient-children. Screaming uncontrollable children in old-men’s clothing who refuse to listen to reason or indeed to anyone else, as each of them seek the realization of their own private thoughts. Those “thoughts” will become global-nightmares for the world ­ when they are used against any and all opposition; either from the area or from the world that will ultimately be forced to pay the final-price - once this political-hologram becomes real and totally deadly.

All of this is more than just possible because once global-controls are shattered, as they are today, then anything can and probably will happen unless Russia China and the BRIC nations as a group can find a way to defuse this ticking time-bomb before Armageddon replaces these totally-failed polices in most of the failed states that have all become part of the new-world-disorder, to go with global-Democide.

Here, inside the shell of what was this place, the police-state is beginning to throw off all restraints, making the U.S. about 30 minutes away from all-out rebellion; as well as the entire Middle-East.

The planet has not had a lot-of-luck when it comes to dictating “order” to the world—despite having instituted the worlds most Draconian spying-system the world has ever seen!

The public needs to become completely aware

Of the actualities involved

In all of this

Before anyone out there actually begins to panic

Despite the threats all-round.

We are not-dead-yet

Just as ‘they’ are still not even close

To winning all they are demanding from the rest of us…

It’s up to us to change it or to die trying!

If anyone were to look closely into all that is visible: It’s clear that we, the planet, have become the exact opposite of “order”. That was “expected” by the Money-Changers, the filthy-global-corporations that own it all, along with the banks and the contemporary pirates who are the new robber-barons.

What was not expected is the fact that they themselves are already losing the same global-controls they have so fervently pursued!


1) Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the collectivist Killer Archetype ­ VIDEO

2) Rage And Outrage are Waiting:


4) There Are No Secrets



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