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Democracy For The Dead

By Jim Kirwan

LBJ dug this grave with U.S. censorship & lies.

Obamanation caps that criminal effort with his global-slavery

Which he calls ‘American Exceptionalism’.

These 66-images put me on the Watchlist in 1964

Obamanation gave the world an update, in his speech to cadets yesterday at West Point, on Memorial Day. This is an imposter who has never worn a US uniform of any kind. He’s the candidate that refused to wear a token American flag on his lapel, because as he said: “I don’t want to appear to be biased.” So of all the traitors that preceded him, this puppet is the least qualified to say anything about military or American polices. He should have been shot for high treason “during a time of war” and for Crimes Against Humanity, worldwide.

At 5min 41 sec on the video: “President Obama’s message to the world “The US is the one indispensable nation on earth and must intervene wherever it can. America must always lead on the world stage. If we don’t no one else will. The United States will use military force, unilaterally if necessary, when our core interests (The Global Corporatocracy & their Bankers) demand it.”

No mention of the other 190 nations or whether they have the right to do the same. Obamanation mentioned Russia China and Iran as countries that are challenging international law. Although he spoke about the US right to use force unilaterally ­ the US presidential (imposter) admitted that not every problem has a military solution: The problem with this statement is that he gave no examples. 14min 06 sec. The traitor’s popularity ratings are at 13% approval and falling.

When you watch the rest of the link above, you cannot help but wonder why there is no discussion about the massive failures in which the US has blown over $6 trillion, which is just part of the admitted cost of two of the multiple wars we are currently fighting in, all over the planet.

No country that American Exceptionalism has touched has come away with the vaunted “Freedom & Democracy” that we once claimed to have for Americans. In fact Americans have lost all our rights and laws in inverse proportion to the direct and criminal expansion of “American Exceptionalism” around the world. No mention of that fact has ever officially been discussed. Then there’s also the glaring fact that the three nations mentioned as outlaw countries are the only nations who are headed out of the jaws of chaos, which was designed to crush every other nation in the world—and most particularly; whatever is left of the old USA. Again no mention of the abject poverty, hunger and homelessness inside this ruin that is still paying for every crime this county perpetuates worldwide…

The only gift USI and Israel continue to give to the world is the

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that have come AgAIN & AGAIN.

To utterly destroy everything that global humanity ever valued

Thru systematic applications of Conquest, War, Famine & Death

This seven foot oil sketch was done in 1974, yet it is even more true now that it ever was before. Now that Israel and the 4th Reich Jews are calling all the policy & military shots, in every war that is embedded in every US global footprint.

There needs to be a new word created that goes beyond “traitors” for these hyphenated creatures that own USI and are laying waste to the entire planet in the name of American Exceptionalism and the fake Jewish specialness of supposedly being ‘the Chosen Ones’ who “must rule” now over all the survivors of whatever is coming next.

The Four Horsemen were created in the Bible, to terrify the world of that time into total submission to a hateful and revenge filled god and the fake religion that the Vatican has clearly now shown themselves to represent. All of that must be ended now if mankind is to ever have a world that can be inhabited by real people with real lives of their own, anywhere in this universe!


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