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Defenders & Gamblers

By Jim Kirwan


The fact that the planet is coming apart is only “news” to the zombies & the robots that still believe in the global-governments.

The rest of us know what's coming

And it's fifty years overdue.

Yesterday's headline about the extent of the invasion of robotics, seemed to escape notice, in the shadows of the fallout from the collapse of the two-party system. On the other side of the 'fear-factors' there is the remaining reality that is reflected in the corporate sponsorship of “Google”.

So while the public will deny this for as long as possible, this obscenity will continue to progress at lightening speed, unless real and active steps are taken to recognize the dangers and directly deal with the overthrow of the dehumanization of people and the rise of robotics...

Because Technology truly is Punishment in disguise.”

So while the world is consumed by our continued failure to recognize

that our future has been kidnapped by the global-elite

their real agenda just keeps on rolling along.

Artificial World Becoming Reality, Reality Becoming Artificial!!!”

15min VIDEO

Part Two

The impending breakdown of the world that most still believe to be the case, is nothing but a continuing shadow that masks the actual depth of the criminality that's been at work, planet-wide for the last 50 years: Because the reality is that the battle has already been fought and the population of the planet lost...

Here's a brilliant overview of what's really been going on, “up to the minute”, except that - the key missing piece in the global-puzzle is that the entire United States Government has been dead & buried for most of the last one-hundred years..

Capitalism in Crisis With Richard Wolff ­ 26 min VIDEO

Richard Wolff in conversation with Chris Hedges provides an extremely accurate assessment of the global picture today, around the world. Yet virtually all of the high-profile commentators that continue to try and analyze these problems, always miss the FACT that governments around the world have all been criminalized to the nines ­ especially the government of U.S. Inc.

Consequently the 'institutions' cannot be looked at as if they were ever honest brokers when it comes to this last battle of global-capitalism, to maintain their grip on any political situation, regardless of the area of the world that is being continually affected. Wolff comes the closest to seeing the truth, but even he failed to understand that the ENEMY of the world has absolutely zero interest in allowing this planet to survive or succeed at anything ­ because the 'outlaws' already 'have-it-all' and they are not about to share anything with anyone who is not directly connected to them. Consequently each 'faction will continue to try and hang on to their particularly lawless positions on the global-scene no matter how much worse everything becomes.

Just listen again to how criminal the entire Clinton Cash situation has become ­ worldwide: Then try and tell anyone that Bill & Hillary should not be publicly-hung for the war-criminals they have been since they entered politics - because they are each and together responsible for war-crimes unending, along with the slaughter of millions of people world-wide ­ and no amount of grease paint can even begin to cover up the facts anymore.

This Presidential Election Must be Interrupted

In the case of the Muslim invasion of the planet ­ both Hedges & Wolff seem to want to dismiss the current invasion, of both Europe & the US, as something that's been overblown and is being used just to mask other policies ­ but it is clear that this INVASION in the USA has been going on for over 35 years, and must be turned back at its base. The over 30 million of these invaders is real and is every bit as dangerous as it sounds—just because Americans have not felt it until very recently does not make the problem into something that is just more-fodder for pseudo-political points. This is REAL, and if we do not face-it, name it and remove it we will be fighting it in every city in America by year's end.

k - And again, even in such a well-spoken article as the one above, the power of the Politically-Correct Empire is trying to prevent the global-public from focusing on how deadly and how permanent a change will be brought about, if we don't come together as separate nations to “face-it, name-it, and remove-it” ­ in every country in the World that has not yet chosen to become an Islamic Caliphate... This WAR is on and it will be a fight to the end for any nation that wants to retain their way of life, and the right to defend themselves from the hostile takeover that has been planned for the last thirty years ­ to end Civilization, as we have known it.


Chobani Yogurt Plant in Idaho

An ariel view of the I million square foot Chobani Greek Yogurt Plant off Kimberly Road in Twin Falls. The plant is the largest in the world. When the $450 million dollar facility opened in December of 2012 it caused a domino effect in large industrial investments in Southern Idaho in 2013

Chobani Layoffs 1 Factor in State Business Incentives Overhaul”

BOISE • The state announced Tuesday it will change its business incentives program after Chobani got $3.3 million to train new workers but laid off 42 temporary and permanent employees earlier this month.The Greek yogurt manufacturer moved to Twin Falls in 2012 and employs nearly 500 people.

State officials worked with the company to study what skills to teach Idaho workers for use in Chobani’s factory and other production facilities, said Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter. But after working with Chobani, state officials decided the fund should be used to help workers be more appealing to other employers.

Chobani’s $3.3 million from the workforce fund was to help train 845 new employees.

Reforms to the workforce development training fund will change how much a company can be reimbursed for training employees, among other things, said Otter and Ken Edmunds, director of the Idaho Department of Labor.,,.

k Some of the new employees are Muslims with roughly an IQ of only 80, which is why the “training” is required ­ which Americans and America is paying for.

… “Businesses still won’t be penalized if they close or leave the state shortly after receiving taxpayer-funded grants, but now they can receive a bigger reimbursement if they get high marks in six key employment areas, Edmunds said.

We can’t guarantee the success of anyone; all we can do is bet on faith,” Otter said. “I would be the first to admit personally that maybe, you know, that we were so desperate in the past that we let our faith override our wisdom. And we’re correcting on that...

Under the changes, the original eligibility criteria will remain the same, but high scores in six evaluation areas can lead to larger reimbursements. For example, companies will receive as much as $4,500 per employee if they offer academic credentials and pay higher wages in jobs requiring skills that can easily be transferred to another company. The minimum a company would receive is $2,000 per employee.”

k ­ American companies do not get such treatment, because American's with an IQ below 80 don't usually get hired. But since these kinds of criminally designed “jobs” got started, in circumstance after circumstance, these kinds of inequitable treatment are becoming the norm, given the PC rules that give preference to foreign workers over Americans.

This is the kind of crap the Democratic party is shoving down our throats, the money has already been spent, and the fix is in America, “WE” are now the wrong color, the wrong religion and the wrong applicants when we apply for “jobs” in America. “White males need not apply”

k ­ The Democrats are going down in flames, precisely because of this garbage, which has been going on uninterrupted since 1980. It's time to pay the Piper, and to punish these bastards that created this scam that has been taking hunks out of the American Work Force in particular since Bill Clinton began to ram this down the public's throat

The time to fight is here, and it's not going to stop until things Change.


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