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Defeating Thought Crime

By Jim Kirwan


'At the Ballot Box'


Given: The United States has been living a global lie since we first began to claim 'American Exceptionalism' and “Manifest Destiny”.

Hypocrisy, Global-Deception and High Treason have remained “in-charge” throughout our so-called history, and all of that has come to a head now in the colossal-farce of the 2016 election process in United States Incorporated.

The private corporations, in this instance under the illegal-forces behind both major political parties, have nothing to do with so-called public elections: Instead these 'outlaws' are now being brought to heel by the overwhelming public outcry against everything that we have blindly accepted as fact, since the end of WWII.

This is what we have 'accepted' from the beginning of the New Millennium

If we allow this election to be stolen, like every election before this one, then everything will meet the same fate as the first image above.

This rebellion will not be bloodless, but it will free the world

from this parasite that must be terminated.

What the public can now clearly see is that 'The Political-Rules' behind every U.S. election have always been twisted: Forcing every ballot outcome to serve corporate sponsors over the will of the general public. What yesterday's clear vote suggests is threatening to the Outlaws that have for over fifty years controlled every public selection supposedly arrived at by “the Ballot-Box”.

USI has controlled every facet of this society since 1913 when they created the 'Federal Reserve' and the printing of all “U. S. money”. Since that time USI has “changed all the rules of everything” in the middle of every game they have designed—and elections have never been exempt from this shell-game. This is especially apt whenever any “outcome” might threatened whatever criminal plot is at stake. And 'electing the wrong person' to “the office of the presidency”- simply cannot be allowed by these international-criminals in the 2016 selection process.

However this time around things have gone too far for the traitors to intervene at this late date with yet another paper-rule, to give themselves the criminal-edge they must have, to keep every American imprisoned. This is the reason for the 'changing of the rules', because the populace has finally figured out that everything in America is Rigged and always has been, at least since November 22 of 1963. The recent Trump sweep yesterday has made this crystal-clear.

The Definition of Insanity

This version of insanity was used during “the Inquisition” in the 1500's, that did not officially end until the Catholic Church declared it, in 1964.

The definition of “Insanity”means “to do the same things' over and over again while expecting a different outcome: That has been the clear definition of USI policy since the end of WWII. To add insult to injury USI and its previous administrators, have broken every promise they have made whether that has been to any of the treaties we have signed with anyone or any nation, beginning with the native Americans ­ all the way through all U.S. Laws that were passed to keep America or its people free from global tyranny.

Now we've gone much further in the illegal attack and assassination of LaVoy Finicum in Oregon and the attack on the Bundy Ranch in 2014 by US mercenaries in Nevada—both of which were criminal actions against the Constitution, which comes up for its illegal-trial in early September. Throughout all this time the American public has yet to rebel against any of these TREACHEROUS CRIMES ­ or they haven't until this election season that's about to prove itself to be another “shot heard round the world” that will not be ignored.

More than half the American public has finally seen just how criminal everything is. Only this time, we can actually intervene and arrest the corporate criminals that are hell-bent on blocking the legitimate-votes of every American that has the right to have his or her vote counted; without having their votes willfully changed by 'party apparatchiks'. The US Elections are not supposed to be counted in Israel by Communist CZARS. Once these facts become known the public might well find the testosterone to finally overthrow the machine ­ at the ballot-box.

No official political-party has the right to set up any political party rules that deny the right of any citizen to vote for the candidate of his or her choice.

The “parties” are supposed to have remained inside the bounds set up by the U.S. Constitution ­ for the legal and lawful elections that were created to change the government every four years ­ but with all the members of the 535 Club, the Supreme Court and the White House all opposed to the public, as they are now: No such election can ever be allowed to be legitimately held by this criminal cabal ­ that is what must change this time!

If this doesn't happen then the rebellion might well begin to make itself known in the streets and cities across the nation.


There really are LIMITS on just how much criminality can be tolerated. Finally it is this fake government that's now being forced to face realty, prison and possibly death for trying to steal this country outright.


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