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The Deep State Just Blinked

By Jim Kirwan


We may never know what was actually behind the actions taken by the Deep State on 6-6-17. But several damaging factors have now become clear.

The U.S. obviously blinked when the three Aircraft Carriers that were stationed near North Korea were just ordered to leave their threatening positions, in order to potentially defuse the nuclear threat they were sent there to intensify.


US Aircraft Carriers Ronald Reagan, Carl Vinson Withdraw From Sea of Japan

The other, not-so-high-profile but equally damning facts that are beginning to emerge are coming from the effort to increase the role of Saudi-Arabia, in supposedly attacking Iran, which pleases Israel immensely.

Yesterday there was also this covert attack, carried out in Tehran, that was meant to show the world that the US can hit IRAN anywhere, including inside Iran. Here are two links about the same attack.

Iran's revolutionary guards slam Saudis for Tehran attacks

Iran’s parliament, Imam Khomeini's Mausoleum come under attack

Apparently the actions inside Syria are still another attempt to create the circumstances that will force more military action—just at the time that real progress toward real-agreements was approaching completion.

All of this comes at a time when Soros, who's living in a $10 million dollar mansion in New York State is approaching new goals in his war upon both the entire EU and every man woman and child in America—yet this traitor is allowed to walk freely, along with Hillary, Bill Clinton and Chelsea Hubble—who along with Obama & George Bush have all been traitors to the United States, for decades: Yet still none of them have been arrested for anything.

And because nothing has happened to any of them, Hillary is again running for office along with Obama who is still plotting the overthrow of the government just two miles from the existing White House

About the only good news is that unlike Cheney who pulled the strings on Bush Jr., the current fake Vice president Mike Pence, is definitely not Cheney, who ran the Deep-State government from secret locations for eight years, while calling the shots on blocking the U.S. military response on 911.

Cheney built his separate government ­ which he was able to staff with over 600 Deep-State-Traitors. Pence is not even a place-holder, he's just an ass pretending to be part of government.

We must put a permanent end to this totally fake government that's always been run by pedophiles and traitors since the end of WWII when these global-Outlaws first became public knowledge.

Given that Turkey & Ukraine, are still wild-cards and China may be becoming more muscular ­ not to mention Duarte & the Philippines, the world is still a long way from any real progress—all that 6-6-17 seems to have given us, is a small bit of breathing room that might not last very long.

What if we were to use this space to actually help outraged-Americans to shut down the 16,000 more illegal migrants that Trump has just injected into the nation, since he became dictator - but that might begin to look like real people might have started to care about staying alive and free from the tyranny as dictated by Hillary, Obama, and now Trump ­ who is still sucking up to the Ashkenazi Jews and Netanyahu 24-7