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Deepwater Horizon’s Legacy

By Jim Kirwan


Deepwater Horizon

Addendum to: “Business is the Real Enemy!”

The world has moved on from the Deepwater Horizon disaster, yet the ramifications of this colossal-example of ‘B’ness’ gone insane is only just now becoming clear. This was told in a 2011 documentary called “The Big Fix”. The video is free on Netflix.

Portions of the film bear out the literal connections between global-forces; in collusion with criminal-governments and private-corporate syndicates that are still running the vast majority of the top-flight criminal-businesses around the world.

The film examines in detail what happened at the time Deepwater exploded and through “the clean-up-that-wasn’t” to the aftermath that in reality only hints at the true extent of how much has really been lost. What happened then continues to be felt far, far away from the Gulf of Mexico because of the same “special-interests” that will continue to affect the entire planet for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Origins of the Company that became BP

Today’s BP originated in Iran. The Brits found oil in Iran and created the Anglo-Persian Oil Company to develop the find. A deal was struck between the Oil Company & the Iranian-Monarchy which guaranteed the Oil Company all of Iran’s oil. Shortly after that the British government bought 51% of the oil company. That was the first time Iran was openly screwed by the West.

Winston Churchill added the government of England’s weight to that deal by switching British warships from coal to oil, at a time when the British warships literally ruled the oceans of the world. Their ships of that day were fueled 100% by Iranian oil.

In 1952 Iran’s current-problems with the West changed gears. Iran’s democratically elected Prime Minister Mosedec nationalized Iran’s oil and shut out the Brits. So Churchill asked Eisenhower to overthrow Mosedec, on behalf of England’s “interests”. MI-6 & the CIA worked together to complete the act-of-war. In the 1950’s the world was not paying a lot of attention to the Mideast and besides this involved our ally England versus a bunch of Arabs, as far as the world knew. Thus this crime quietly produced a new and captive state owned mostly by America. The pivotal-events of 1952 forced BP to look elsewhere for oil.

But it was also a massive breakthrough for “Global-B’ness”. This ownership-deal was so large that no one was going to let “illegalities” slow them down. That was the second time the West nakedly-attacked Iran. That time we overthrew their elected-leader in favor of our puppet: The Shah of Iran.

The Shah’s reign lasted until 1979 when he was overthrown by the

Islamic Revolution that ended direct influence of the West over Iran. Meanwhile BP, under western leadership, continued to grow into the behemoth that it is today. That’s why Obama continues to protect BP from financial-disaster in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon event. Once you understand that BP is the primary-US military-oil-supplier for the war-machine it’s easy to understand why Obama does not want that fact known by Americans!

By the 1960’s BP had the reputation of taking on the riskiest ventures. It also earned them the worst safety record in the industry.” (1)

It was this earned “record” that eventually forced the name change from British Petroleum to “Beyond Petroleum.” By the time of the Deepwater Disaster the public in America called BP, “Beyond Payments”!

The key to mega-profits for BP and other criminal-corporations rested on slashing costs by cutting safety measures and ignoring even common-sense practices that could have given them even more profits—had they adhered to the requirements for safe operations. They chose instead to roll the dice to make evermore on every venture they entered into.

The irony was that if they had spent the money to safeguard their projects it would have cost them far less than they ended up having to spend, to cover-up their crimes on a world-wide scale.

This is the standard pattern (SOP) that greed and arrogance produce every time it’s used, anywhere on the planet.

Deepwater Horizon on Day of the Explosion

According to the Christian Science Monitor on the day of the explosion: A team of engineers that had been flown to the rig to perform a series of critical tests were ordered by BP to “skip the test”. Instead BP threw a party aboard the Deepwater Horizon to celebrate the rigs’ flawless safety record’. The engineers were air-lifted off the rig.

Twelve hours later the safety alarms and shut-down-systems that could have saved lives and possibly altered history ­ had been manually disabled so the rig could drill faster.” (1)

We live in a world that is supposedly run by a sane set of rules for our societies. This is recognized and applauded by religions, politicians, global-leaders and in general most of the people who are living in the community of nations. This set of rules is widely applauded, but this is only the acknowledged set of rules.

There is an entirely “other set of lawless-rules” which apply to everyone whenever or wherever anyone seeks to earn a living.

These two sets of “rules” have nothing to do with each other. It has almost always been this way: And it’s not mentioned anywhere by those that live by the CODE of CONDUCT that rules every major business, every major corporation and almost every government on the planet.

These questions were part of what I set out to discover for myself when I was still barely more than a child. I saw most of the corruptions up close. The crooked politicians, murderers, thieves, bootleggers, prostitutes, twisted cops, rapists, pornographers, corrupt judges and the shameless lawyers that bent every rule to any angle, so long as the course they ended up defending yielded the maximum profit that could be ‘gotten-away-with” according to the rules of that day & time.

Extortion, blackmail and every kind of crime became legal once Bush junior did as he was told.

When Bush stole the White House on 12-12-2000 everything changed. That was true because what really happened was that the quiet-corruption of the previous 42 years was catapulted onto center stage. The LAWLESS-CORRUPTION in every aspect of life took over from the so-called “quietly-decent and god-fearing creatures” who could not explain the reasons behind this imperial need - for the diametrically-opposed rules concerning the living of any life in particular.

Now it no longer needs to be explained, because we’re living it all - each and every day as traitors to our deeper selves. We sell out to the slave-masters every time we remain silent. Too many of us have “forgotten who we were” to the point that most cannot remember any longer ­ whatever purposes that we once held dear.

What has been done to the world now has been captured for the moment by what continues to happen in Fukushima. But the massive death and destruction of the life that we allowed BP to do to the Gulf-of-Mexico and to the oceans of the world in 2006 has been forgotten.

Find a way to see the film in the link below and wonder at the scale of the lasting damage which the people who produced the film have shown the world.

The scale of the Deepwater Horizon’s murder of the oceans and the life of the sea’s has remained unnoticed because again the LAWLESS code has been invoked to sustain the massive and illegal profits that the disaster made-possible which has outweighed, once again, the forces of life love and prosperity for the world—so that the criminal elite can continue their rape, pillage and plunder of the planet!

How can we know that?

It’s very simple. The reason societies make laws is to curtail the lawlessness of individuals, corporations and governments!

When societies utterly fail to stop anyone from doing whatever they do now—nothing happens because no one ever gets arrested!

Everything starts with ARRESTING criminals

We all know who they are! What is less clear is why they aren’t dead or in jail. That’s because we have remained silent and intimidated by those that have chosen the life of Outlaws over life-itself. Too many of us can’t seem to find the courage to stand up to the garbage that continues to run this morbid-masquerade which has become the society that will end in 2013!

1) The Big Fix from Netflix



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