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Deconstructing NATO
By Jim Kirwan

Before anyone can begin to ‘deconstruct’ NATO, we must first examine what NATO’s logo stands for. The Fogh of War has insisted that NATO needs a “lightening spearhead force”, which, for his own purposes Rasmussen is using one of the four spearheads that compose the official symbol of NATO.

The four points in the NATO Logo represents the four points of the global compass.

What is represented by NATO’s spearheads are the four critical points of the global world. Military, Finance, Resources & Governments.

The fact is that Ukraine is the Petrie dish that defines exactly what NATO seeks to do to the planet. They want to steal all the resources, destroy the existing societies which created those countries and send any survivors into Gulags. NATO seeks a total shift of money and power to the Oligarch’s while the populations of the planet will be destroyed as “sub-humans”...

NATO wants to bring in forces to end any resistance, in any country, that dares to resist this totalitarian takeover of the existing world. NATO is attempting to do by force, everything that the now dead laws supposedly prevented them from doing legally to date!

What just happened is that NATO declared WAR on the planet!

Yesterday NATO announced that they are taking over all the activities of the world, in any country which does not go along with their view of war, finance, national resources or governments. None of this is being done by a vote of the people anywhere: Huge sums of money are being appropriated to create another global war-machine. The money to do any of this does not now exist. It’s ‘fiat-money’ and it’s being printed illegally to prop up the failing global elite while they scramble to avoid total collapse.

For this series of crimes to continue, all the current laws against this kind of takeover of the planet, must be destroyed along with the government’s elected by the people that no longer answer to the public ­ because all government’s now belong to NATO and their masters around the world—or so NATO would have us all believe!

To obtain what’s being sought, by aggravated force, actually involves the Six-Directions of the Native American world, not just the four spear points that NATO’s logo refers to.

North South East West plus Above & Below

The above and below; represented by the Red Road and the Black Road in this sketch gives a much clearer picture of why the world is vulnerable today once you see the symbol as three dimensional not two.

With this in mind - what is being sought is compounded by what will result: When the failures occur that will show the world just how dangerous these “spear points” really are; when they’re focused

Inward, at the very center of our lives, as shown above…

This is why neither nature nor global politics can allow anything like NATO’s “lightening spearhead forces” to exist. NATO must instead be destroyed! NATO would like to use the four directions to destroy all resistance to everything they stand for. The solution to this is that the people of the planet must resist and overthrow NATO instead!

NATO stands for nothing and has only been a massive mercenary force that has been feeding off the corpse of the planet since the Berlin War went down.

If more proof is needed then just go back to the origins of the rearranged political world of 1915 ­ when all of this was planned and when a huge proportion of this global overthrow was carried out to the detriment of the world, both then and now.

The Jews want a Third World War!

The Jews want a third world war. Why? They are the destroyers ­ it’s all they know how to do ­ and they like it. They have destroyed everything they’ve touched. There is no exception to this rule.

They took over Russia in 1917: total destruction of society and of millions of Russians, followed by Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Byelorussians, Azerbaijanis, Georgians, Tajiks, Moldavians, Kirghiz, Lithuanians, Turkmens, Armenians, Latvians, Estonians and Abkhazians. Then came the East Europeans. Then Jewish Communism was foisted on North Korea, North Vietnam and China, Laos and Cambodia ­ by the Americans.

In between these political nightmares, America put Palestine under Jewish Terror.

In some sort of karma or cosmic justice, America itself is now descending into Jewish Terror, the sort that America put all those peoples under for almost a hundred years. This is how Jews say ‘Thank you’ for American help.”

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CFR is the seat of all evil

Harry S. Truman was the American President who picked up this cudgel from the ancient Zionists and added the CFR and Israel to his list of crimes against America that he began when he created the totally illegal CFR. The Council on Foreign Relations took over the “duties” of the congress from the day they began to operate: Thanks to Dirty Harry!

It’s time to confront these historical crimes against the world and end it all by terminating NATO now ­ before they can begin their systematic destruction of what’s left of this war torn planet…


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