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Deconstructing The Spin


We’ve entered the bottom half of the hourglass

Which is the beginning of the end.

Solution’s can still be found by deconstructing all the lies

While tracking the realities that are still under attack.

1973: Scroll down to the end:

This story is full of “phantom-facts” being released by NATO, the White House and the UN, with no proof, no evidence and nothing but unattributed file footage from the same people that lied about the destruction of the Malaysian Flt. over Ukraine, that’s still “classified”. CNN is being forced to strip itself down because their ratings are falling through the floor—due in particular to lies like this entire story.

This “phantom-story” about Russia being the cause of it all

Is answered below in the first fourteen minutes here.

If the fighting in Ukraine is going so well for Porky and his neo-Nazis then why is no one migrating to Kiev, to join those who are supposedly winning this civil war? Why are so many of Ukraine’s army deserting? Why has the MEDIA apparently forgotten about the nearly three hundred trucks full of humanitarian aid that were first delayed for ten days, which was successful despite Kiev’s attempts to stop it?

That convoy was necessary to keep tens of thousands from starving to death: And there’s another convoy to come. It’s also worth noting that Russia has offered to support a new humanitarian corridor to allow the surrounded Kiev military-forces to surrender, if they leave behind their heavy weapons—something that Kiev has vetoed—along with any effort to call for a cease-fire that could lead to any kind of negotiated settlement anywhere in this civil war?

There are three components behind what’s being done now.

Tomorrow, on the weekend, the EU will be voting on more SANCTIONS against Russia: hence the need for these new and obscene lies, mostly coming from CNN and the UN that are not supported by any facts or videos. This goes beyond the déjà-vu that was done repeatedly in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya and the rest of the places wherever the “privileged nations” (USI & Israel) have chosen to invade.

This global-Psy-Op has a script. The players are: NATO & the Pentagon who are directing these polices. UN and USRAEL are writing the press releases for the phantom forces that are supposedly part of the phantom Russian invasion that does not exist. And the neo-Nazi’s and the Oligarch’s are in charge of the active targeting inside and outside the civil war in Ukraine.

The entire production is being “managed” by Total Media Misdirection that’s been pre-packaged in such a way that no matter what might eventually happen—anywhere: Everything that will happen will all be “Russia’s Fault”!

This entire show, during the last three days, is very much like trying to watch an ever changing Kaleidoscopic production where the simple twist of a wrist, here or there, produces an almost total-change in whatever is being viewed.

In reality what we’re all watching is the great-great-grand-daddy of the entire disinformation age, in action: To take down the planet by convincing the ‘public’ that Russia is invading Ukraine, when they cannot supply any proof of anything they continue to claim, is a Warcrime: Because in this case the disinformation could easily lead to the start of a major nuclear confrontation—and none of this “needs to happen” given that Ukraine has already failed:

When only the fake-stories get covered then the public has no way to evaluate what’s really going on: Which is of course exactly what the lying bastards who are running this phantom invasion plan on.

The world is sick of all the repetitions, the lies and the counterclaims from all sides. But rather than just walk away in disgust, the public should suffer through these accusations, word by word, line by line and condemn not just the lies and the liars: But, the global-public must hold the global institutions and the global courts responsible for all the lies by the Outlaw states in the first place—especially whenever anything is reported from or about either Ukraine or Gaza.

This was made necessary after Vietnam; because after the major media became the exclusive property of the Big-Six corporate criminals, that censored all the news since 1975: There has been no “NEWS” permitted to reach the public in the states, regardless of the so-called “stories” being reported or ignored.

While true, this fact has much greater ramifications than just the news and rumors of wars around the world. Quite literally the survival of the planet is at stake, from the Murder of the Pacific Ocean

all the way down to the occupation of the United States by Israel-trained mercenaries… and it’s always been up to us to stop this:

If we ACT on what we’ve come to know about the truth.

For instance in Ukraine, Europe’s largest producer of food for the EU, what’s at stake in tomorrow’s vote on sanctions, will involve the use or denial of GMO’s in the production of all the food for Europe. That’s why it’s so necessary to both blame Russia for everything and to allow Monsanto to capture all of the European food supply in one fell swoop!

Beyond just the crops in Europe think about the dairy herds that produce some of the finest dairy products in the world today. Those potential contracts for the GMO’s will have a direct effect upon the feed that’s used to feed the cows, which will utterly devastate that entire industry as well as the food that people can eat.

When this happened to the farmers in India and elsewhere, many of those farmers committed suicide, because their livelihoods were removed from existence. If ‘CHOICES’ are forced to disappear from EU controlled food production, whether growing food, or agriculture, then something will destroy the viability of real food for all of Europe, along with the demise of the many that have been farmers and producers for their entire lives.

The “water” in Ukraine is also under attack. The river that runs through Ukraine but which has been blocked from reaching Crimea is now filled with contaminates from the civil war. Since the attacks upon the chemical factories, which some have equated with a new Chernobyl, this problem with the viability of the water throughout Ukraine could easily become much greater if this so-called civil war is not stopped immediately.

Between Monsanto, the current water supply and the illicit corporate profits to be made from the illegal contracts that have been extorted from Ukraine by the Oligarch’s ­ there’s almost nothing left of Ukraine already. Even without the genocide that’s already killed thousands and made hundreds of thousands homeless—without any truth in any of what the globe is getting set to try to do to Russia: About the only way out of any of this are real negotiations that can’t happen as long as Porky and his piglets remain “supposedly in-charge”.

When the revolutionaries were under attack during the American Revolution riders were sent out to warn “One if by land two if by sea”. but in this case the attacks are already coming on Ukraine from everywhere! By land, sea and air, from all sides in this desperately criminal-attack to both steal Ukraine and devour the entire corpse as well. If Americans remain silent now - then we too will be to blame for this needless genocide.

As a footnote: Libya is being returned to 2011, to just before Kaddafi and the first official fall of Libya, which wiped that nation off the map of the world. If the planet doesn’t put a stop of this new insanity the world will follow the exact same path that’s now being reforged: But this time it will take the shape of a leaderless and barbaric place without borders or laws: Then that bloodied beast will move into Europe and the US, to end whatever’s left of the old world which once had much to offer people regardless of where they lived…

"Russian Invasion" Of Ukraine, Turns Out to Have Been a Translation Error


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