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Declaration Day

By Jim Kirwan


Monday, February 1, 2016

The day when Oregonian's and other American's confront the government

and order the government to immediately leave Burns Oregon.

Tomorrow there is a scheduled meeting at the Courthouse that has been occupied by Federal & State armed forces who have entrenched themselves on the rooftops armed with sniper rifles and heavy weapons, which they have been using in their armed occupation of the town of Burns, since they arrived to put down an 'invasion' that was a peaceful appearance by militia, who came to discuss a tense situation surrounding the illegal Double-Jeopardy which Oregon had imposed upon the Hammond family and their ownership of their own ranch.

Media coverage chose to depict the arrival of 'outsiders' as an invasion of Burns Oregon, when in fact the only armed invading force embedded itself within local, county and state officers, backed up by the feds, the BLM and a host of mercenaries that took over the homes of government workers living in the town. That was added to by closing the school, the Courthouse, and cordoning off many streets and some roads, which eventually became checkpoints manned by heavily armed US forces. Yet all of this was blamed upon the few dozen 'outsiders' who were armed, but who did not draw their weapons at any time when they were on the Wildlife Refuge or in the surrounding towns. Meanwhile the checkpoints and the so-called meetings that were initially held, became heavy with the government's implied threats of violence: If the people decided that the government's criminal-trespass into the private properties and offices inside Burns was ever challenged, then would the people have been met with deadly force?

The numbers of those who had come to Burns to talk with the people living there, about the problems with the Hammon's Ranch and the double-jeopardy that was illegally imposed upon them, came to help. The militia came to Burns because the Hammonds' were Oregonians in need of help with the massive criminality that had been inflicted upon that family: Bundy and Finicum did not come as “outsider's but on behalf of the Constitutional infringement which this entire series of crimes was created to end life as we know it.

The Hammond's said that they did not want the help of those who came—failing to realize that this was much bigger than the crimes committed by the government against one rancher—because their cause was and still is the survival of the American Constitution and the Republic of the United States—that has been under attack since the BLM was illegally formed in 1812.

From that day to this, the constitutional standing of the BLM has never been formerly ratified: That is what has triggered this extremely public demonstration, against the government and all their thugs that have descended upon Burns Oregon at the direct request of the Governor of Oregon and the White House.

The point behind the ambush in which Robert Lavoy Finicum was assassinated, was done to intimidate the rural people and the community of Burns into surrendering their thoughts and values to the overreaching Feds: In tandem with the criminal enterprise that serves United States Incorporated, operating with the illegal injection of the UN, and supported from the Offices of USI in Washington DC.

The cold-blooded murder of Finicum, by government agents, was planned well in advance when they laid their trap ­ from which no one was to have survived. But a lot went wrong with their scheme: And despite their blatant and heavy number of bullets fired (120), only one man died. But there are still four people at the Refuge, this morning: The survivors of Tuesday's assassination will supposedly be “dealt with tomorrow”? Time will tell how that works out.

Meanwhile come tomorrow, the probably armed, will be coming to Burns for this public confrontation and to make themselves heard, loud and clear. They will not be coming to listen to government excuses or to follow more government orders. They will be coming to order the government to leave town, with the exception of those that will be charged for their individual criminal parts, which they have each played, in this illegal takeover of Burns Oregon.

For too long the government has acted as if they have the right to create illegal situations that produce violent outcomes, which they create, and then they put themselves in charge of which questions they will choose to answer from the public. But what about what happened and how it happened, even after it has been made clear that the government itself was criminally-responsible for the trap that resulted in the wanton murder Lavoy Finicum.

If America get's lucky the people tomorrow will demand the immediate arrest and prosecution of the AIC of the FBI and all local actors, officers, politicians, and mercenary-police commanders of the events that led to MURDER ONE on 1-26-16. Those not in Burns who directed this can be charged as well, that will probably all depend on how the people represent themselves tomorrow.

If the public remembers that tomorrow's confrontation is not meant to hear from the government spokespeople: The government has had a month to do that already and they've lied about everything they've been involved in since they arrived. The FBI has treated the people of Burns like brain-dead morons, on both occasions when they've purportedly called a “news-conference' that failed to answer any questions at all.

Remember these are the people that just committed MURDER ONE,



The Oregonian is a rag that published this front page image of some of those who were present at the Refuge, as if they were criminals.

If the Oregonian is a real newspaper then they must show the mug-shots of the bastards that gunned down an unarmed man on 1-26-16?

The public has the right to know who did it and

If the government is so proud of what they did, then they should

ask the Oregonian to do this public service for the surviving public:

Show the world who pulled the triggers on 1-26-16

Tomorrow those who stand up to the government should tell the government what they must do, while at the same time demanding the answers they still have not come forward with.

How many times was Lavoy Finicum shot, where are the results of the coroner's inquest? Why have there been no up-close detailed still pictures of the vehicle, and perhaps most of all why has the public not been shown the faces of those that gunned down an unarmed man in front of the whole world and then were seen to laugh about it afterwards?

Those shots that were fired on the 26th of January, will be heard around the world, but only if the people tomorrow are tough enough to demand answers and to formally arrest the criminals that will be overseeing the demonstrations.

Actually it is the right of the people to make citizen's arrests of these beyond-the-law outlaws that have been stealing the life-blood and the property of everyone in the Harney-County,Oregon for decades: Given that fact, how can anyone treat these people with respect when they need to be awaiting trial for everything they've been doing to the people that have been paying them, and their bogus taxes - for most of their adult lives?

The public's efforts tomorrow

could profit greatly from the traditional use of a bullhorn.

This is an opportunity to finally turn the wheel of life around and to bury these inherent criminals in their own lies and their own national-international deceit.

These creatures are indeed part of the criminal-cabal that's been trying to steal the world for over a hundred years ­ now it's time to ensure that those responsible pay for their crimes!

Think about this as you watch the demonstrations live ­ tomorrow?


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