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Crimea Leads the Way

By Jim Kirwan

Challenges in the Nuclear Age

This is Election Day in Crimea

As rebellions begin to spread around the world

In 1991 corporate-speak replaced the word ‘problems’ with the misnomer they called ‘challenges’. But today is the beginning of the reintroduction of the word “problems” and the end of the “disingenuous challenges” that are trying to steal the future of humanity for the next 4.5 million years.

The true costs to the planet and to the populations worldwide; due to torture, weapons and war-making, along with the near total destruction of integrity and basic human survival are too vast to even begin to measure.

We trust the chemical companies. There are currently seven million chemical substances in the world. 100,000 are on the market, yet only a small fraction are known to be absolutely safe.”

Yesterday I stumbled on the quote above that I was about to investigate for an article: Someone still ought to look into this, but this video below, swept away that thought almost completely because of the scale of the much larger global-nuclear nightmare.

Here‘s the earth shattering video on the nuclear contamination of the planet, which ought to go viral. It’s a 1hour 20 minute film called:

Radiation poisoning/worldwide nuclear waste crisis’

The first hour of the video delves into the history and European experiences with nuclear contamination. But the last twenty minutes of the video is an update on the depth of this problem globally and the literal devastation that it’s brought to the entire world. The story of the questionable chemicals, above, if true pales by comparison to DU and to the massive global problems associated with disposal or storage of worldwide nuclear wastes, neither of which can ever be attainable.

The USSA and our problems with radiation, nuclear waste and the realities that we live with every day, have generally not-been touched. From Alaska, where the people are demanding monitoring and reporting of the fallout from Fukushima:

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Mar. 10, 2014 (h/t Anonymous tip): Council to ask for more radiation testing [...] [Fairbanks city] council will consider a resolution tonight that calls on the federal government and United Nations to do more radiation testing in Alaska waters. It asserts that health risks related to nuclear meltdown have been vastly understated [...]” (1)

To San Francisco and the cover-up of the Farallon Islands nuclear dump sites around San Francisco and the Bay!

"According to the U.S. Geological Survey, between 1946 and 1970 "more than 47,800 drums and other containers of low-level radioactive waste were dumped onto the ocean floor west of San Francisco." Only thirty miles from the Golden Gate Bridge it is both the first and largest offshore nuclear waste dump in the U.S. When the radioactive waste barrels floated to the surface of the water, the soldiers shot holes in them to help them sink."

In fact there are nuclear sites all around the USSA, and don’t forget Carlsbad, New Mexico: that supposedly safe repository that’s in the process of spiraling totally out of control:

Beyond what has become obvious around the world with nuclear waste and contamination: Humanity itself has become the real waste-by-product which was produced by the unchecked nuclear age.

For the last thirteen years people have been writing about how there have not been any real costs to the bankers, the warmongers or the policy-makers throughout the illegal governments of today. And supposedly there have been no real costs to those who created this nightmare. Because no charges have been sufficiently leveled against the corporate-pirates who did this with the silent approval of most of us to this point. But nature cannot be denied: That’s why real-costs are finally beginning to appear against the corporations and industries that have leveled their lust for profits against the rights of the human race to continue to exist: Every action always creates real consequences. It’s an indisputable law of nature that cannot be put off forever and they cannot be denied.

This is why GE is actually in danger of being driven into bankruptcy over their part in the disaster in Fukushima: Because finally there’s a huge class action lawsuit. This should trigger many more such lawsuits the world over, in so many places, where death and profits have been trumping our damaged-lives for decades…

Many never believed the promises, made unofficially to us all; by the old-world-order being carried out by the new-world-order when they said that the population of this planet must be reduced by seven-eighths, in order for their New World Order to properly exist. But when you look into the nuclear-weapons and the nuclear waste’s they produce it’s easy to see why these Outlaws made that prediction…

What’s Ahead for Humanity?

It appears that the planet is close to becoming totally contaminated, through the food supplies and the chains of life around the earth which make living here possible. Given these facts the surviving population will need to adjust to living much different lives than they have traditionally become accustomed to. That whole new world they’ve brought us will not be half as interesting as the one we let them destroy—but if anyone is going to survive, then real changes have to made or it’s over!

Torture, weapons, corporate and government lies and deceptions are joined at the hip with war-making. This freak of illicit-profits has reduced the planet to sub-human conditions; combined with the near total desecration of integrity and the ability of people the world over to live as the human-beings we were born to be.

The people of Crimea are leading the way by rejecting their government’s demand that has nothing to do with the right of the people to be who they are and live as they choose to live. And, this fact is beginning to be reflected across the global spectrum where barbaric government controls have gone unchallenged for far, far too long…

Australians have poured onto the streets of major cities across the country to protest against policies of the federal government of Prime Minister Tony Abbott.”

And there’s good news from Syria as well

The Syrian army has taken full control of the southwestern town of Yabroud, the last major stronghold of foreign-backed militants near the Lebanese border.

Syrian forces carried out mop-up operations pushing back the militants from the strategic town in the mountainous region of Qalamoun.

In their latest drive to clear more areas of militants, the Syrian troops managed to enter the eastern districts of Yabroud on Saturday. The town is located north of the capital, Damascus.

The takeover of Yabroud will cut supply lines of the foreign-sponsored militants. The advance is considered a major gain for the Syrian army, which has been engaged in a fierce battle against foreign-backed militants for three years.”

This was a heavy-kick in the gut to Israel & USI that have been trying for three years to steal Syria for Israel & the USSA… (2)

Real Freedom is never easy, but apparently, thanks to all the hell raised by the global-criminals in the last three years in particular: It’s beginning to appear that real FREEDOM might finally be coming globally-contagious! Only time will tell…

1) “No Safe Levels of Radiation… Constitutes Grave Risks”

2) Yabroud Under full control of the Syrian Army



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