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Decades Of Deception


By Jim Kirwan


Beginning with the most recent criminals that have been running the U.S. Department of Just-Us, we have Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

Holder & Lynch are cut from the exact same mold, where their criminal careers were created by serving Wall Street and the Bent-Bankers that have bankrupted the United States ­ and all of that has been known since long before Obama appointed Holder in the first instance.

In today’s Keiser Report we learn a great deal more than just the blazingly criminal facts.

In Part Two today we also learn that Trump is technically “insolvent” and that he’s been trading on the illusion of his trademarked “name” to justify his artificial claims to political ‘fame’ & ‘fortune’: Which he says is due to his ability to Make the Deals that must be completed to keep this shattered government going. But the reality is that the meltdown of the global-economy cannot be denied and remains in the wings, just behind the political flamboyance, that can’t outrun the truth of the insolvency that will come crashing down before that goal that Israel has mandated, is allowed to make it to 2016.

Looting is now “legal” on Wall Street

The public pays the fines, while the bankers and speculators go free.

‘American Lives Don’t Matter’

Keiser Report:

Bill Clinton is also the reason for all of the above, because he put the political knife into the back of every American when he ‘legalized’ the ‘deferred prosecutions’ that have been behind the fact that no white collar criminal goes to jail. Clinton is also the reason that private corporations were allowed to OWN the media outright, and the list of crimes committed against the public has become legion. Why is Hillary even being allowed to run for the presidency, given her part in all the crimes committed by ‘Slick Willy’ and his global campaign of political filth from the broken USA, to Waco, the Oklahoma City Bombing, Rwanda and Yugoslavia?

Forget “running” why aren’t both Bill and Hillary behind bars or dead for their gross complicity in creating the Duplicity and Deceptions that have massively assisted in killing this nation.

Clearly American’s know no shame when it comes to global crimes

Below is the overview of ‘Four Generations of Bush Traitors’ that have been stealing the United States since the turn of the nineteenth century; from the First World War and the creation of the Federal Reserve all the way through the Second World War and into the twenty-first century: And the American Public has still not seen fit to lynch even one of them? GWH Bush actually wondered the exact same thing out loud, but the public paid no attention to that at all.

Four Generations of Traitors & Treason

In fact the fifth generation “Bushwhacker” could be Jeb, if he’s allowed into the coming presidential race.

Dynasty of Death

It’s way past time to get serious. The only people that might make it out of this nightmare alive will be those that fight every illegal dictate issued…


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